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    Keshash got a reaction from elislavkat in [41.19] Runners have difficulty attacking   
    As title says, runner zombies can't hit you most of the time, especially if they are in groups. In 1v1, they manage to hit you about 50% of the time, if you stand still. In groups, they almost never hit you. Shamblers work for me fine. I turned on debug in the video just to make sure godmode was not turned on. If you enter a car, they dont ever attack it, just follow. All sandbox settings are like Apocalypse, except for runners on and infection off. See video for demonstration:
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    Keshash got a reaction from ZonaryQuasar in Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread   
    6. It'd be nice to have some loot drop from destroyed walls, similar to doors.
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    Keshash got a reaction from link8dragon in Combat Renovations   
    Interesting. Are such translations planned for any other languages?
  4. Spiffo
    Keshash got a reaction from EUDOXIO in Combat Renovations   
    Interesting. Are such translations planned for any other languages?
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    Keshash got a reaction from PapayaKing in Combat Renovations   
    Interesting. Are such translations planned for any other languages?
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    Keshash got a reaction from Geras in Combat Renovations   
    Interesting. Are such translations planned for any other languages?
  7. Spiffo
    Keshash got a reaction from MadDan2013 in Combat Renovations   
    Interesting. Are such translations planned for any other languages?
  8. penisham
    Keshash reacted to Magic Mark in Beeverdoid   
    Neat idea to add survival-style upgrades, but if you want some consistency with the realism in the game there are changes you immediately need to make to those designs.
    Yeah, sure, if this was a blanket no-realism game, if you are willing to throw realism out of the window or at the very least heavily penalize the driving ability for the vehicles, those are fine.
    Let's get the immediate objective issues out of the way first, followed by what I think would work very well.
    -Cow catchers and other "plow" modifications on cars - good way to make sure you bend your frame as soon as you hit something. None of these are designed to hit anything above a low speed either. Not an efficient survival option. This is often why most real attempts at actual waste land machines aim for ground clearance, not decreasing it. I don't think you guys will be implementing full body-on-chassis rebuilds to make this work, but it should be pointed out.
    Oh, and let's not forget that you will clip that (and bend your frame) and tear it off on any bump where the ground clearance of the car would already be challenged. Running over a corpse is especially inefficient with that, even worse off than the car would have already been. This would only really affect things positively on heavy, high-torque vehicles (big rigs, where these upgrades can actually be seen used in a real context) and implemented for moving larger objects at lower speed (and not running through zed).
    -You can't cover the wheel that turns with a flat piece of metal as that prevents your wheels from turning outward. This is why you would only see those half-fender covers on older cars on the rear wheels exclusively.
    -Window coverings: Yeah, with what you showed for the 'high end' modification, reduce visibility to roughly 10% overall. Too over the top otherwise. You should consider an alternative that is much more sparse, that still has visibility issues overall.
    -Making the body heavy should make your handling noteably more sluggish and your vehicle slower over all. A variant of that upgrade that uses metal bars could also work well.
    -Welding a mask onto your car? Never open your hood again. If you are looking to reinforce those by welding sheets onto it, you should consider localizing it to the individual parts and make maintenance take longer for having to navigate that.
    -Roof rack is fine (but should add weight as a fair trade-off)
    -Brush guards are fine, but that design could apply more to reduce the loss of speed when driving through smaller trees and zed than negating damage.
    -With all of the auto parts and aftermarkets in the US, you should really consider upgrades for the interior of the vehicle as well as under the hood. You should acknowledge that performance aftermarket exhausts often do no such thing for reducing noise. Appropriate aftermarket parts (i.e. brush gaurds for trucks) should also be rare finds that look much more professional than shoddy weld-work.
    -Consider roof lights
    Other than that, really happy to see this coming in!
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    Keshash reacted to halkaze in RELEASED: WEATHER TEST BUILD   
    I don't know if this is on purpose.
    1. Even though I turn on the light, I can't see it at all. (cloud intensity = 1, at night).
    2.When fog occurs at night, it will be able to see dark places.
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    Keshash reacted to MadDan2013 in Hiding in cars.   
    Not sure if this is intended but I personally don't feel it should work this way.
    Number One: Zombies recognize you're in a car regardless if you've chased them off. If they're near a car you're in, they won't pass it by.
    Number Two: They know when you switch seats and exactly the seat you're in. For example, switching from the driver seat to back left passenger seat, they all move to that location. In big hordes, this doesn't matter, but in small groups, it ruins the immersion of "dumb zombies".
    Number Three: These cause an issue of not being able to sleep in any car that's near small groups, so you need to get a car that works, drive to a safe location, which is most likely a safehouse and might as well sleep there for a better quality of sleep. Thus making sleeping in cars practically useless if you get caught out at night.
    Suggestion: Add the possibility of "hiding" in the car in the context menu which decreases your chances of being seen. Also allow the possibility of small groups bypassing the car, especially when you're hiding, no radio is on, the car isn't started and basically no noise is coming from the car.
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    Keshash reacted to nasKo in On the Move   
    Evening all! Last week’s vehicles release felt like it went well. The release version was fairly stable, people are enjoying having transport in the game and we’ve seen a huge boost in player numbers – which has in-turn revealed plenty of bugs for us to squash over the next few weeks in patches. Many thanks for all your reports, and please keep them coming!
    There are clearly a lot of people returning to the game and wanting to get their friends involved on co-op, so we’ve also decided to put the game on sale from tomorrow for a few days with 40% off. (If people find this helpful we’ll probably do so again whenever bigger features get into the main game.)
    We’ve been running an IWBUMS patching some of the more serious issues – but due to the expanded number of people currently playing MP we don’t want to mix it into the fairly stable release build without giving it its due testing.
    As such, if you fancy grabbing some free PZ codes for participation, then keep your eyes on the forum over the next few days / week and we will likely be running some impromptu community IWBUMS megatests for those on the beta channel.
    UPDATE: In addition we have just updated 39.67.2. In amongst many and varied other things, currently in the patch we have:
    A fix for the disabled VOIP bug, double doors imbued with physics and fixes to zombie positions on the client. Fixes for players riding shotgun in MP being teleported to elsewhere on the map by preventing drivers from entering areas of the map that haven’t been loaded in their passengers’ game. An increased the spawn rate of mechanic tools in car trunks, lowered player panic when inside vehicles and increased knockback when you’re ramming zeds. A new Car Battery Charger item. This can be used to charge your car battery if you have electricity around you (generator included). Fixes we are still working on include disappearing keys in MP when someone else removes the key from the ignition, occasional vertical parking splurges (!) and a few cases of MP invisible zombies. If people notice any particular replication steps for any of the above then we’d love to hear them in our bug report section on the forum.
    We’ve got a few complete, and almost complete, things that were a bit logjammed while we polished vehicles that we’re hoping to drop into testing over the coming weeks, mainly the new MP chatbox and Turbo’s ‘virtual climate’ weather and seasons upgrade.
    In the past week Turbo’s worked out ways to show fog/precipitation from inside buildings, but our larger and taller buildings (mall, prison etc) need some extra thought, as do outside balconies – although this does look pleasingly Exorcist-y even with the visual bug. Here’s a quick video of the fog system as nature intended it though…

    Meanwhile, over with our friends at T.E.A. the animation build push continues. One aspect of this is that Zac, who is working on the new dev and modding tool AnimZed, has built a nifty clothing and outfit editor into it – from which both ourselves and modders will be able to easily hook up new models and textures to items, and create new looks for zeds and survivors alike.
    If you didn’t see some of these looks in our vid the other week you can check it out here. The updated tool within AnimZed looks a bit like this currently, although the bottom of the left hand column did raise some eyebrows…
    This tool work is probably going to be followed up with another utility that shows in-game items vs the visual items. At the moment we/TEA/modders have to check an item’s name, then lookup how it appears in-game separately and it would be very handy to have it done in an automated fashion.
    Elsewhere Gareth has been tweaking/polishing shaders for body masks, and Bitbaboon Mark has been blending, simplifying and ironing out kinks so that our animator Martin can jump in and get used to the new suite of tools available to him and polish up his work in-game. So hopefully we’ll have a bit more to show/discuss next week.
    Thanks so much for all your continuing feedback and bug reports on the vehicles everyone. Please keep it coming!
    This week’s station wagon from Julio. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too.
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    Keshash reacted to Silverfox in Seriously? No Non-Player Character Survivors in Single player mode?   
    I remember way back when, when NPCs were in. They were little more than zombies with shotguns. To be honest, I was GLAD when they were removed because they had a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later. The first time you break into a house and have your face blown off by an NPC is cool and all, but the 4th or 5th time is annoying. And if they weren't hyper aggressive, they stood around getting eaten.

    If NPCs never come back, i'm cool with that. Honestly, I'd like them to come back, and if they're even half as good as TIS says they will be, i'll be happy. But i bought the game to survive the zombie hordes. I've had fun every time I've played in the last 7 years, and I certainly don't think TIS owes me anything after all this time. I bought the game knowing it was in development, and i knew what that meant.

    I have a feeling that a lot of people who are solely focusing on NPCs are those bored with the game, and intentionally forgetting everything the game has, because its not new anymore. They get angry because they're bored with the game - but that's not TIS's fault... no game will hold your attention for years and years, that's just life.

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    Keshash got a reaction from Legoland99 in Death Cab for Zombie   
    Wow. Punk with a guitar, Zorro with a chainsaw, bride with a shotgun. This is awesome. And that glorious mustachio man!
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    Keshash reacted to You've Got Red On You in Monkey Bizness   
    My thoughts exactly, 
    It's a shame TIS can no longer openly talk about this stuff through fear of being blasted about missing deadlines, but I've heard "Mark is plugging away at the animations" so many times now that it's effectively meaningless.  They've expanded the group again but that just means it'll take another week to introduce them to the code (Which, alright yeah there is no alternative to that and the payoff will arrive. I do understand).
    Vehicles are great, a much needed addition. However the Animation video that was posted in 2016 seemed smooth, then vehicles took precedence and well in the long run I can see how it's going to save a headache. 
    I don't really know what I'm trying to say here really? Don't misunderstand me here, this is not a rant or a complaint because you guys have pushed through tonnes of online crap and still refuse to be beat down which I can only admire you for. It's just the vagueness of the information doesn't really give us much to hope for now, it's been the same feeling now since late 2016 at least.
    If I was hyped for vehicles then I guess I'd be fine, Animations where the meat that I was hoping for though and they're constantly mentioned but I never feel like I'm any closer to understanding what's going on. Mondays were the hype days and now Thursdays, it's a rush of "Maybe, Maybe it'll just release in a single update. They might be saving it for a special date". I remember when you guys cracked the saving conundrum and tagged it on as a little add-on or surprise addition even though you said it wasn't ready. 
    The hype comes from the love of the game you've made, as annoying and frustrating as it is to have these people nagging at you, the majority of this is because the game you've created is the best 'True zombie survival sandbox' out there. You took the Zombie genre on when it was (and still is) over saturated to high hell and have made it last and kept it fresh.
    It's a slow development cycle, you know it and we do. Waiting for 7 days and then getting same same info over and over again just starts to chip away at that... passion.
    It's late here, UK bound like Lemmy and Binky (and the other few) so I hope this comes across in the right way since I'm getting drowsy (The moodlet says so...)
    Thanks again for the information. 
  15. Pie
    Keshash reacted to Shinjitsu noDeshi in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3   
    You sound bitter. Would you like a hug?
  16. pillow
    Keshash reacted to Flukey in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3   
    I play in a window actually so it's not a big deal to switch.
    I only use POS and only because I got lost a few times. I use exactly what Official SPIFFO server is using. I wanted to experience this game as pure/original as I could. Curious that SPIFFO is using POS too.. seems to be promoting the online map. Hmm...
    No I won't call you crazy because it might be coined as aggressive and I don't need the tag team on me more than they are.
  17. pillow
    Keshash reacted to Flukey in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3   
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    Keshash reacted to EnigmaGrey in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3   
    People who don't want to ruin their experience by using outside resources.
  19. Pie
    Keshash got a reaction from Icy Motto in "Keep one bullet for yourself"-new way to commit suicide   
    17th video called 'Last Resort' in that playlist, to be precise.
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    Keshash got a reaction from DramaSetter in Exercising   
    Hello, zomboiders!
    So, while this animation work is going on I suggest to add ability to train yourself in the game. For example, push-ups and catch-ups on the bar.
    As I've heard, Strength and Fitness degrades over time, but what if you are stuck on the rooftop with horde of zeds waiting outside? Right, you do push-ups. Even if you own katana and have cool dreadlocks, you still need to do push-ups (we can clearly see that in the end of 3rd season).
    I offer to add something like this:
    1 Push-up gives you 3 point in strength and 1.5 in fitness.
    1 catch up on the bar gives you 6 points in strength and 3 in fitness, 
    but requires horizontal bar and it's alot more exerting.
    And, if average Joe does <insert here the number of push-ups that average Joe can do>, he receives moderate exertion moodle. If he does 1.5x push-ups, he receives high exertion moodle. And if he does 2x push-ups,he recieves highest exertion moodle. Same goes for catch-ups. 
    It can be an another option to do something for long winter nights, when you don't want to sleep.  I understand that it looks kinda grindy, but if someone wants to grind, he will grind anyway. It just adds more freedom for player.
    Sorry, if I said something wrong. We, khajiits don't learn English in the Elsweyr.
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    Keshash got a reaction from DramaSetter in Make it harder to diagnose zombie-illness. Hypochondriac by default   
    You're right, but doesn't one already knows that, since he was in the fight? It's obvious, when someone stabs you in the stomach or a zombie grabs and bites a hand. 
    And I'd kinda liked to see more types of wounds in PZ. I liked it in Rimworld, but that sounds like a copying, which is no good... It was done good there: cuts, bruises, cracks. Even weapon that made the injury was described there (Which could make some pretty cool detective stories, though). It would also be interesting and logical to see some losses. I know, that amputation and other are planned, but all "parts" in PZ are major: legs, arms etc. Zombie could still bite off finger or an ear. I sound obsessed with Rimworld, aren't I?
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    Keshash got a reaction from DramaSetter in Make it harder to diagnose zombie-illness. Hypochondriac by default   
    Zombification is one of the most important things in the game. But it's so obvious, that sometimes ruins itself. When you see 2 main symptoms - Anxiety and Queasy -  you know what it is (Except for newbies, that don't read wiki), and you know that you can't save your character. I suggest a few things:
    Hypochondriac by default
    Hypochondriac is one of my favourite traits in the game. it adds to the gameplay so much.
    What do most players do without this trait when they get a scratch and see the symptoms - kill everything that you can, you'll die anyway. What does player with Hypochondriac? Waits, maybe it's not true zombification! It gives you a chance.  
    I would rather pay points to not be Hypochondriac, than get points for being him.
    One of the main signs of zombification is anxiety. It's logical, that character fears for his life, but why he does that only when illness kicks in? I'd be anxious in that situation from the moment of scratch. So, I suggest to add (lowest) anxiety moodle even if you're not ill.
    I suggest to add diseases to the medical tab, near the wounds.
    Similar to "Hand: scratch", something like "Whole body: Queasy". I have 2 ideas how to deal with it. 
    1) Click on the queasy (Similar to bandaging), select (Diagnose). Sure, unskilled one wouldn't determine right away, so, maybe, make it depend it character's medical skill?
    No skill or a little bit of skill - something like "I can't say..." or just a low chance of finding out truth.
    Some skill - mediocre chance.
    Doctor+ - maybe good old 95%?
    That would also give you a reason to team up with people and level up medical skill.
    2) Write symptoms directly. Like "Queasy: coughing, vomiting, high body temperature". It would be more interesting for the player, but easier too. You could still find combos in wiki and remember them, but it sounds kinda fun.
    What do you think about it? Is it hard to implement?
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    Keshash reacted to Icy Motto in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3   
    I will work on giving the map design errors right now, hoping I finish today.
    EDIT:Ok, phew! Holy mother of error finding and editing work. It took me 6 hours (including editing) to find all errors in suburban area Riverside. (since there isn't really any errors outside of the Riverside suburbs) I literally looked into every. single. detail. on each building and looked mostly for the wrong placement of light switches/unnecesary extra lightswitches and/or symmetrical-ity of the fences in certain areas since those were the main issues. I had already mentioned before that I would do this, but I just haven't had the time until today.
    Even though I did find game breaking  map design errors like missing walls, visibility glitches, doors placed wrong, and no light switches in areas around homes AT ALL. (Mostly in the Riverside gated community homes) It's the first time I ever do something as big as this in terms of helping the devs out, and finding errors for Riverside was excrutiating to me. 
    I probably won't do something like this again but I'll see depending on how the community and devs respond to this error report. I took my time to help, and I hope it was worth it. Even though I know most of this is minor but I still think it needs some attention.
     Thank you for your time, below I've included all errors I found marked in the PZ Map by me and pictures I took in-game of the issues. I might have to comment more times in order to place extra pictures. (sorry about that)
    Sorry for the spam in advance. Blame the 4MB limit on uploading pics
    IMPORTANT- There are issues that I will only specify in text below this notation since they are easily findable if you where to search for this issue in-game. Since I can't upload more than 4MB of pictures.
    -No lightswitch/lights at the Riverside Spiffos kitchen.
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    Keshash reacted to Icy Motto in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3   
    Follow up:
    IMPORTANT- There are issues that I will only specify in text below this notation since they are easily findable if you where to search for this issue in-game. Since I can't upload more than 4MB of pictures.
    -No lightswitch/lights at the Riverside Spiffos kitchen.
    -Entrance doors at the Charms R Us icecream shop are placed wrong.
    I still have more...... sorry again.
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    Keshash reacted to Icy Motto in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3   
    Follow up:
    IMPORTANT- There are issues that I will only specify in text below this notation since they are easily findable if you where to search for this issue in-game. Since I can't upload more than 4MB of pictures.
    -No lightswitch/lights at the Riverside Spiffos kitchen.
    -Entrance doors at the Charms R Us icecream shop are placed wrong.

    I made a whole bunch of marking in the gated community area in Riverside, it's really broken. Also sorry about the many pictures, I've had to make 3 comments now. But that's all I got. Thanks for your time. I hope the devs notice the errors.
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