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  1. I get what your saying, I obviously don't think something like my post should be top priority, maybe after all is said and done
  2. the thing is that there is already changes like that with the current clothing system, I've been able to pull up my hood on a hoodie, or flip a cap backwards, basically the same thing, but it would be with sleeves of clothing
  3. Now I'm sure this has been suggested before, but I have a suggestion As the animations are new and just now coming to IWBUMS I don't expect anything like this to be added at all anytime soon. But here it goes rolling up sleeves, for the longer sleeved clothing or even for the short sleeved ones it would be nice to have an option to roll up the sleeves, maybe for the longer sleeved clothing it rolls up just to your forearm, giving it less protection and overall less cold protection, but be able to somewhat keep the other types of bite protection, and for short sleeves you roll it upto you
  4. NOW HERE ARE THE RULES - Someone will start with a meme - Then someone rates the meme!!!111!!!! - A LOT like my forum game "Rate the person above you" - OKAY LETS BEGIN - PEPE NOW RAAATE Dead memes, old memes, dying memes, pepe memes are ALLOWED
  5. Tybug0rz

    Rosewood Residents

    First... (D-did I win?)
  6. Tybug0rz

    Waking the Zeds

    W0w, I love dis, it's a 10/10 would love again much love wuld kill love again much love
  7. Tybug0rz

    Hello ladies

    First (Stop me, I dare you)
  8. I..? Wh-..? *Brain dies* I- can only recall one time doing this sort of thing, and I fixed it before anything big happened good sir. Right now I'm as confused as confused can be.
  9. UR A EXTRA TOOLS!!! Joking. | Well, I like it idk about anyone else.
  10. UR A "COLD" MEDALWORKING!!! Only jokiiing, | PROFIT, This seems really cool, I love the idea m8, it's gr8 but the title is a bit click b8 m8 i h8 that, I mean m8 w8... m8 why did you h8?
  11. UR A MEDALWORKING AND FURNACES Jokin' | Cool. I liek it.
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