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  1. Clearly he was stabbed in his sleep, this is just how these things go and we must accept that.
  2. MEMES [Game]

    NOW HERE ARE THE RULES - Someone will start with a meme - Then someone rates the meme!!!111!!!! - A LOT like my forum game "Rate the person above you" - OKAY LETS BEGIN - PEPE NOW RAAATE Dead memes, old memes, dying memes, pepe memes are ALLOWED
  3. Rosewood Residents

    First... (D-did I win?)
  4. Waking the Zeds

    W0w, I love dis, it's a 10/10 would love again much love wuld kill love again much love
  5. Hello ladies

    First (Stop me, I dare you)
  6. I..? Wh-..? *Brain dies* I- can only recall one time doing this sort of thing, and I fixed it before anything big happened good sir. Right now I'm as confused as confused can be.
  7. Extra tools

    UR A EXTRA TOOLS!!! Joking. | Well, I like it idk about anyone else.
  8. "Cold" metalworking

    UR A "COLD" MEDALWORKING!!! Only jokiiing, | PROFIT, This seems really cool, I love the idea m8, it's gr8 but the title is a bit click b8 m8 i h8 that, I mean m8 w8... m8 why did you h8?
  9. Metalworking and furnaces

    UR A MEDALWORKING AND FURNACES Jokin' | Cool. I liek it.
  10. Storytime

    I love being weird, unless there are children or doppelsoldner drug friends hanging around my house. However this doesn't prevent them from noticing the strange things that try butt chocolate. I'm a curious hadephobic pagan who buys people from Japanese traffic-rings freedom, that is kinda hagiophobic with that, but what a wonderful cute dog operates time-zones, specifically votes for Tybug0rz cause,

    Or I can just start the actual zombie apocalypse and now it's a never-ending game but ya know if you don't like that idea it's cool, whatever. Peesh also UR A IWBUMS AWAY!!!, That's what you get for removing my first comment on that one mondoid @nasKo, don't think I forgot...