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    Footmuffin reacted to Ayrton Orio in Map of Normandy, France   
    Hello everybody,
      I have been a big fan of project zomboid for quite a while now and since the beginning I have been fantasizing about a PZ in a European environment. I tried to create a small part of the coastline near Cherbourg. It's my first map on PZ.   Eventually I would like to cover the whole area around Cherbourg with the nuclear power plant in the West (La Haie) and the more rural and fishing area in the East. But that's something that will be possible only when the creative mod is avaiale as the region covered is too big for manual editing.   I had several objectives while creating this map: - Fun roads. I have been very impressed by the vehicle update and it is clear that vehicles will become an essential part of the gameplay. But in the current maps, roads are straight, and not very varied, so I tried to bring the spirit of small French roads, with many branches. Also I have reproduced the "boccage" structure of the fields so when you drive around you can't necessarily see inside the crop fields which I think gives incentive to stop from the car and have a look around by feet.   - Interesting coastline. I went for a "lande"-ish coastline as it is hard to give a sense of elevation. For now it looks very empty but I'm planning to make new vegetation for this specifically.   I'm planning on adding new tiles also, the goals is to use the vanilla tileset as much as possible but I have started making a new tileset.   I'm also planning, but for much later, to make boats. I already have one or two models that are close to completion. (sail yacht and motor yacht) I guess it should be doable to create one out of the template from the vehicle. (big assumption, I could be very wrong)   I had a few questions for people used to mod maps:   - Is it possible to apply a vegetation biome using WorldEd? For now I have only pine trees, which are not really adequate for my environment. I would like to have fruit trees and such. Is it something I have to do manually? - I had seen a while ago a video where you could see a developer scatter vegetation on the fly, is it something that exists within tilezed or it's a future feature of the creative mod? - Is there a centralized DB with all .tmx building created by the comumnity? I wish to consult and contribute! - Is there any "populate" tool in Tilezed that I should know about before getting started? Like for roads for instance? - Do you have any piece of advice for me? Remarks, suggestions...?   TLDR: I'm making a new map based on Normandy, France   Thank you for reading

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    Footmuffin reacted to lemmy101 in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15   
    May have forgotten version number, who knows. Too late to change now. Will reupload later.
    Fixed new custom map loader not overriding vanilla cells. Map updated to include room defs on flat roof/canopy squares to eliminate ugy blacked out overhangs in new rendering system Removed deprecated tile culling code -- this was removing anything that tried to render between the player and the camera in a small radius around the player. This was a catch all for overhangs and canopies that should all now be hidden more cleanly. Improved the logic that hides the upper levels of buildings when player is not indoors (no room def in the square) and the building might obscure our view of them -- should hide the building when you're behind it but also when you're under a canopy the belongs to it Fixed blood splatters rendering on hidden upper floors of buildings Player-built walls should become transparent just like pre-built ones do when they are obscuring play Player-built floors should become hidden just like pre-built ones Improved visibility when peeking through windows. Walls should become transparent to fully reveal rooms. Improved "window peeking" to include doors with glass. Peeking through doors and windows should be blocked by blinds and curtains CTRL key no longer gets trapped by the inventory and fails to work in combat Items that can't be made frozen by freezers would often be spawned ‘frozen’ in freezers, and then would never melt. Unfreezable items no longer spawn frozen in freezers. Salmon no longer shows nutritional information without the nutritionist trait. Crafting recipes using logs now give XP for carpentry – just as with planks. A notched plank created using a log, for example, now gives XP – just as it would with a plank. Rice can now be transferred to bowls – previously cooked rice wouldn't let you transfer without adding another ingredient. Fixed reading books not ending when last page was read. Turning oven on or off from oven setting panel is now synced with inventory bar. Several missing movable items are now movable. Thanks Svarog. Many general Map bugs fixed. MP: Server Saving message now appears as a central Spiffo image notification.  
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    Footmuffin got a reaction from Migoxiss in Survivors Mod   
    yeah! press either + or - on a number pad if your keyboard has it.
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    Footmuffin reacted to Fuji in General Creativity   
    Kind of a low quality render, I didn't feel like sitting around for 6 hours.
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    Footmuffin got a reaction from xXxFANCYCAPYBARA36xXx in General Creativity   
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    Footmuffin reacted to xXxFANCYCAPYBARA36xXx in General Creativity   
    heres my second sky its early morning
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    Footmuffin reacted to xXxFANCYCAPYBARA36xXx in General Creativity   
    i got a graphics tablet for 50 bucks off amazon im really liking it i used to draw with mouse for years and now i can finally do stuff ive never been able to do before
    i never handdrew skies like these with my mouse, im e x t r e m e l y happy with it what you think?
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    Footmuffin reacted to BayCon in How Will Vehicles Change Your Playstyle?   
    With the public release of the Vehicles tech test build, I've become pretty excited about the near future of Zomboid. I was staring at the game map thinking about new places to play and how the vehicles will affect my playstyle... when I came across the mall. Then I started thinking:
    What if I pulled up to the mall in MP with a squad of peeps and had them on an assembly line carting things to our squad of cars?
    Cars attract an unholy amount of zombies from even just a little bit of movement, what if I had one of my squad mates run to the other side of the mall and fire off a gun to make looting easier?
    Oh my god, the hallways in the mall are wide as crap... What if I broke 4 walls into one side of the mall with a sledgehammer and actually pulled the car in and had squad members ducking into stores and throwing things in the trunk? There are a lot of zombies around the mall, so how fun would that be to be desperately filling the trunk of the car before it's too late, and then making a daring near-death escape with all of the loot? 
    So much fun to be had in just this one area. How do you think Vehicles will change your playstyle? What new experiences do you think you will have? I'm interested in knowing.
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    Footmuffin got a reaction from xXxFANCYCAPYBARA36xXx in Under the Hood   
    wink nudge wink wink
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    Footmuffin reacted to nasKo in Here In My Car   
    Hey everyone! Welcome to Mondoid. This week, and we’ll cut straight to the chase with some video goodness! (Remember: work in progress, some bugs visible! More work in implementation and visuals to come!)

    So, what are we looking at? Physics-enhanced vehicles in Project Zomboid, both online and off, and some hefty improvements on map streaming and object processing to handle it all. You enter a car with ‘E’, control with WSAD and have various vehicley-options open to you through a radial menu when you’re in the driver’s seat.
    We’ve had the vehicles branch on the boil for a while (alongside the usual anims branch, standard build branches and a few others) but this year’s work in melding of EP’s car physics and framework with General Arcade’s special sauce has seen great things occurring. Progress has been good this past week too (as you can hopefully tell from comparing this video with one recorded five or six days ago) and we’re really excited about how the vehicles look and feel to drive. There have already been tests in multiplayer that went very well, with the new map streaming changes working niftily and boding well for future optimization.
    So what’s still to be done amidst the general bug fixing? Well, in amongst others and the tidying up of zombie collision visuals – the following:
    Firstly, and most importantly, we need to make sure that we’re not introducing a new breed of indestructo-tanks to Project Zomboid. We have to make sure that survival times aren’t hugely extended by cars, and that their use carries as many negatives as positives for the players. Also we need to figure out a good balance between zombie squashing fun and the realism Zomboid tends toward, avoiding the vehicles being too OP and sturdy against groups of zombies, while still providing the satisfaction of mowing down zombies in bigger vehicles. There’s an issue to resolve with how cars are drawn into the scene, sometimes resulting in weird draw sorting bugs with ground grass or zombies drawn in front of the car when they should be blocked by it. This is due to the fact that currently 3D models are drawn at the same time as the tile they are ‘stood’ on. This doesn’t cater for larger 3D objects very well, so we’ll need to think on how to handle this and make sure they all occlude each other correctly. The current sounds of the vehicles are 100% placeholder, and we’ll be working on these before release. More cars! This video is fairly packed with ‘speciality’ vehicles, and Martin is currently in the process of making more vehicles to provide more variety and/or Kentucky normality. Balancing: Each vehicle type needs balancing not only on their rarity, but in terms of handling, top speed, and all the other factors to make them feel different to drive. Right now, apart from their size and wheel positions, they are all functionally identical. Wrecks and pile-ups: At the moment all cars spawn in parked locations, neatly parked in car parks or outside homes. We need to add wrecks, abandoned vehicles, pile ups and other more apocalyptic set ups of cars while also keeping in-touch with what Will’s set up in the PZ lore. OTHER STUFF
    RingoD has patched up the faults in the TIS-curated community map Bedford Falls that were introduced through the 2x revolution. It should now be fully playable and can return to general PZ MP server use. Download here. Turbo has updated his modding and dev tool ItemZed, along with some fresh easier-to-read instructions that explain how you too can play around with recipes, items, looting locations and lots lots more. Mapper Cardenaglo’s crazy/awesome Gaia is out in its first form. Do check it out! This week’s image is by us. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is now open for chat and hijinks too. A general overview of the content of PZ builds past, in testing and upcoming can be found here

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    Footmuffin reacted to RobertJohnson in V for Victor (and Vehicles)   
    Thanks a lot everyone
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    Footmuffin got a reaction from xXxFANCYCAPYBARA36xXx in V for Victor (and Vehicles)   
    awwww!!!! this is so cute!! i just popped in but congratulations RJ!! the game development n cars stuff is good news too but!! your baby is adorable!! good luck!! i thought a day old was supposed to still be in the screaming sanguine alien phase.
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    Footmuffin reacted to Capt_Paradox in Animations will one day be released hype thread.   
    All I have to say is "Animated Sprites" when that day comes (also an event manager for campaigns) I will bow down to our undead overlords.
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    Footmuffin reacted to nasKo in V for Victor (and Vehicles)   
    Hello everyone! Welcome to this week’s Mondoid. It’ll be a relatively short one this week, yet we got some cool things in the pipe to show non-the-less.
    A big milestone today as vehicles officially went into closed testing, which is a big step toward getting them out there to you all. They aren’t completely finished yet–There will undoubtedly be bugs to fix reported by our testers, and at the moment there is only a test model, a blue pickup-truck with an oddly placed wheel on the bumper, in the game. The cool vehicle models Martin has been pumping out still need to be implemented, and on a cosmetic level some additional work needs doing on the lighting to make them appear less uniformly lit and a bit more metallic in appearance, we may bump up their size a little too, but they are getting close and all the heavy lifting has been done.
    Feedback so far shows that the streaming seems to work extremely well, and the vehicles controls and handles surprisingly well considering the isometric perspective. You use a radial menu to start the car, rolling down windows, turn on the heater, change seats, or play with the car radio.  It’s also extremely fun running over zombies–as you can imagine!
    We’ll save on the videos until we get more cars implemented and feel an IWBUMS is more imminent (also, as cool as it looks already it’s a bit odd to see neighbourhoods of blue pickup trucks!) but here are a few pics to whet your appetite.

    Thanks again to General Arcade for their amazing and tireless work getting the system working over the net, and getting through the remaining technical roadblocks that complicated and delayed their completion, and of course to EasyPickins who put a monumental amount of work into the vehicles prior to that, alongside his day to day work on PZ updates.
    RJ has spawned
    That’s right, always a productive one, our very own Romain has gone and co-created a tiny person, whom he has dubbed Victor, who was born literally yesterday. He is very cute, and as per his contract with TIS we have given RJ two weeks to get him up to speed on java so he can be put to work in the TIS code mines. Here is a picture of him alongside the Eternal Leader Spiffo:

    Will, usual Mondoid writer, father and sentimental one of the bunch is away at GDC advancing the cause of The Indie Stone in the U.S, but if he was here I’m sure it’d he’d say much more eloquently that we’re ecstatically happy for RJ, Celine and their new son, it’s wonderful to see the Zomboid family grow, and we wish Victor every future success against the zombie hordes.
    That’ll be all for this week, see you all next week after we see how the closed testing goes!
    This week’s image is by us. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is now open for chat and hijinks too. A general overview of the content of PZ builds past, in testing and upcoming can be found here.
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    Footmuffin reacted to AlexHupsch in Mods I'm dying to see.   
    The whole umbrella category of zombie variation really interests me. I was just about to post two ideas I had on that:
    1. I'd love to see more models used, i.e. child and overweight zombies.  Or have body parts be able to come off, like arms and legs.
    2. I've also been thinking about sound mods, especially for crying, laughing, and screaming/yelling zombies. I find the idea that reanimated corpses would have weird behavioral tics from randomly firing existing neural pathways super creepy. 
    When it comes to the zombie apocalypse, nothing could be more terrifying than being chased by a bunch of laughing and/or crying child zombies. Or having an overweight corpse barreling at you full speed.
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    Footmuffin reacted to Project Eternal Alpha in Mods I'm dying to see.   
    Add specific more aggresive zombies.
    There should be a small chance for spawning an abnormal, very aggresive zombie which is faster and is able to easly get through a fence for example.
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    Footmuffin got a reaction from AlexHupsch in Mods I'm dying to see.   
    i have an idea for point two! @lucy the axe

    quick time events to make the zombie do what it would normally do. little highlighted tile you have to click when the zombie hears or sees or smells something, and a selected "walk-to" path you choose every interval, maybe eight seconds to fifteen seconds. encourage people to go back to playing humans, or lazily shamble to a lead.
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    Footmuffin reacted to Livio Persemprio in Options to change measurement labels   
    Agreed, but as far as i'm aware the weight system is its own thing based on a mix of actual weight and how cumbersome an item is (don't quote me on that though)
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    Footmuffin reacted to EnigmaGrey in Options to change measurement labels   
    This. There's no units of measure for the game's magical version of weight.
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    Footmuffin got a reaction from lucy the axe in Mods I'm dying to see.   
    i have an idea for point two! @lucy the axe

    quick time events to make the zombie do what it would normally do. little highlighted tile you have to click when the zombie hears or sees or smells something, and a selected "walk-to" path you choose every interval, maybe eight seconds to fifteen seconds. encourage people to go back to playing humans, or lazily shamble to a lead.
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    Footmuffin reacted to RobertJohnson in RELEASED: Build 36.4   
    Build 36.4:
    Added SteamID to PVP's log Added DisplayName column in whitelist table in the database Now dump the server's console into users/YOU/zomboid/server-console.txt Added more zones to Rosewood and March Ridge for respawn/forage Switched dll compiller to VS 2013 + rebuild all dll's (should no more require VCredist 2015 to work) Items can now use the RequireInHandOrInventory properties (list, separated by /) For now used only on Cigarettes which will require either a lighhter or matches Added multi sprite objects to movables (max 4x4 grid) Multi Sprite Movables: Some multi sprite movables can appear as a single item and are added to inventory like the other movables (for example a 2 tile painting) Most multi sprite movables however need to be broken down into parts. For example beds and big cabinets etc. They require a tool and when performing a 'pick up' action the object is broken down into several heavy parts, one part for each tile, which are spawned on ground. The parts are named "Object name 1/2" etc. Electrician will now start with create various radios recipes Added tooltip on various Radios "Equip as primary or secondary item to operate radio." Added a tradingUI for MP: Right click a player, select "Trade" to open the new window. Drag & drop items from your main inventory to your offer, once you're done click "Seal Offer" When both player sealed their offer, you can click "Finalize Deal" Added watering can to items that can be on ground & filled with rain water Add a break sound when failing to fix an item Added a mini scoreboard in the admin panel: Little UI showing all players connected (self updating), right click any player to bring a context menu to either teleport to him, teleport him to you, make him invisible or enable godmode [MODDERS] You can now override recipes, just make a new recipe with the same name than the one you want to override and add a Override:true. [MODDERS] Added an "Obsolete:true" property to recipes, using this will make them not in game Added an item editor for admins in MP: Right click an item (not a stack of item!) and click "Edit Item" to access the new UI. You can modify various properties like color, name, damage, range, hunger reduction, etc... Large furniture placing now checks tiles on floor for parts, however atleast 1 part must be in inventory. Radio items can be dropped on floor as item (when draggin them into container panel) Added description to every server options for the ServerOptionsUI Improve the "Invite Friends UI": added colors to friend's status, better sorting: online first, then busy/away, then offline, also added a name filtering. Added a disclaimer on main screen to show what's new in the version (will be mostly used for public branch, but adding it here so translators can translate it to be ready for public)  
    Removed nightmares when sleeping in MP Lowered water dispenser waterAmount from 400 to 250 Added nutrition values on home made bread dough Made walk to timed actions still work for Fast Forward x1 Decreased time needed for food to create compost in the composter Lowered the berries calories (mostly from 70 to 20) Lowered the mushroom calories Increase *3 rabbit nutrition values Various increase in trapping animals nutrition Lower the health regen when sleeping if you're starving. Reduced the health loss done by starving.  
    [Bug Fix]
    Fixed MaxAccountPerUser server option not working correctly Removed moderators being able to alter the database in the dbviewer Fixed bug with display name and factions Players in faction will now have the updated list of players in their faction Fixed a bug in the zone export making all the new zone non appears (need a new game) Can now sterilize water mug using fire/oven Boredom will increase way slower if you're reading (can still get bored after a while) Changed movable item icons to reflect the actual object rather then category icons Changed movable items can no longer be dropped on floors (other containers still possible) Changed dragging movable item to world now activates the movable cursor for that item Fixed tents not using the new sleeping code (didn't check if you were tired, etc.) Crafted radios won't have battery inside it Walk to action will be stopped if you fast forward (avoid anti-colision bug) Fixed game crashing with option 'nosound' Added missing "break sound" on some items Another attempt to fix the non-stop ringing alarm clock Fixed stuck mute volume bug for radio/tv's after chunk unload/reload Fixed antique oven not working after move Fixed bug that broke dismantling Fixed certain cartboxes that werent being able to be placed on floor. Fixed not being able to sleep with a controller Fixed not being able to interact with player's made item with a controller (painting, barricading...) Fixed not being able to interact with multi stage item with a controller Fixed various bug on safehouses: Being able to transfer a safehouse to someone who owns a safehouse Owner wasn't taking in the "last time visited" calcul Fixed composter respawning items You now can't add frozen food to your evolved recipe Fixed recipes using wrong Alarm Clock/Digital Watch Fixed "SleepAllowed" server options not working for sleeping in tent Fixed being able to upgrade wall without having the required materials Fixed "Fruit Salad" being "Salad". Fixed "Add" ingredient for evolved recipe being "From" Fixed creating a new character keeping your previous traits for free. Fixed translation errors in UI_EN.txt  
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    Footmuffin reacted to blindcoder in Obey gravity, it's the law!   
    This mod lets structures come crashing down when their support structures are removed. All structures must have a wall in a 5x5 area below or get destroyed.
    Also prevents players from building floors more than 3 tiles away from any wall.
    Be aware that any player (and zombie) that is below a crashing structure will get hurt, maybe even killed...

    Mod preview image by Onkeen. Thanks!
    I'm still working on the details and effects of this, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to reply!
    This is what happens when you remove enough supporting structures:

    This is the new maximum distance to build floors:

    And this is what happens when you stand below a single floortile crashing down on you:

    And finally, download the mod here:
    From the workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=836161359
    From github: https://github.com/blind-coder/pz-bcGravity/releases
    Requires bcUtils: https://github.com/blind-coder/pz-bcUtils/releases
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    Footmuffin got a reaction from grammarsalad in Body decals for tattoos or body type.   
    So the incoming clothing and bites+blood system has different layers for types of clothing or bite + blood marks for injuries, right?
    It'd be fantastic for character differentiation to see an expansion on it that corresponds with what kind of body type or tattoos the survivor has. So, maybe a character creation table for a couple body tattoos the same way you might customize a shirt (or however it gets chosen,) or sleeve tattoos if they're a really tough gal/guy.
    also! If a survivor has the overweight or underweight traits, they could get noticeably softer looking skin, and maybe contour shadows under their tummy or chest to simulate a belly if they're fat, or shadows to look leaner or frailer if they're thin. Chubby survivors wouldn't have the little rib marks n stuff, thin survivors would have them about as prominent as regular. I think this would really emphasize character differentiation with that same neat little level of detail that has always really charmed me and lots of others with the game.
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    Footmuffin got a reaction from TheWraithPlayer in More skins, with more tones, tattoos, fat, tanlines, mod, etc.   
    I think it would be fantastic if zomboid had some more skins for differentiating survivors, especially skins with mid skin tones, farmer's tans, tattoos, noticeable scars, fat, or even jewelry on their faces or fingers! It would be a blessing for character design and MP/NPCs/RP, and would fit really gracefully in the clothing overhaul.
    Honestly, more games need stuff like this and I think this would actually suit the "everyday person" feel of zomboid since a lot of people have these attributes, and because the game revolves around roleplay.
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    Footmuffin got a reaction from xXxFANCYCAPYBARA36xXx in Body decals for tattoos or body type.   
    I think that's the most functional application of this entire idea. I really, really hope they can introduce that some day!
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