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  1. Hey, im currently studying and searching on how to put new traits on the game (have little to no time for this at the moment) and i had an idea: What about Psychologic Disorders? You know, like ADHD, or narcholepsy, it would be a fun challenge to survive and manege this things. irl i have ADHD, and i cant do anything without my meds, focusing its hard, and my memory its slipery, like butter, it would be fun to put some of this on the game, so i think the way to do that it would be with traits. Custom traits, like depression (on the game already i think) it would give you some flaws and trait points, depending on the one you chose. Imagine, you pick Narcholepsy, and you are running from a horde, but you forgot to take your med, you climb i fence and sudenly, you blacked out, its over Or you got ADHD, and you are crafting something, but you forgot to take your Ritalin, so, you cant finish the stuff your are making. Somethings like that. So, i would like to team up with somebody, to make this happen, idk... we could learn together! Anyway, thanks for listening/reading. If you make this, give me credits at least, please (HybridJoe on steam)
  2. Thanks a lot Arsenal! I was trying to do that mod for some time! i guess ill let this typo of thing for professionals
  3. Hi, So i was playing with my burglar yesterday and i came across a barricaded door, i wanted to enter that said door but i didnt have a hammer, only a CROWBAR, which i could use it to take the planks of something irl but i could'nt for some reason in the game. And then i had an idea: Let make a mod! I was looking trough out the files trying to find the expecific file or line to make a .lua script and add the function to the crowbar in game, but i could'nt. So i was wondering if someone out there can tell me how the hell can i do that? A simple as add a function to something is making my head hurt, im not too familiar with lua or java, but i have SOME xp in programming. So please, help me. I just need to add the ability to unbarricade stuff with a crowbar and nothing more Thanks and sorry if my english is a bit broken, its not my first language! (allready read some tutorials i found but i coud'nt find the how to add function to itens like this) (also, thanks again )
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