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  1. how about fence made from cars?
  2. lordixi

    In-Game Mappage

    First thing i think about when I watched video. It's right idea.
  3. lordixi

    Smash n' Grab

    At last! It was the first thing I tried when I start playing PZ more than two years ago.
  4. turbotutone, Batsphinx, I think this can be solution with less blood. Take translation files "RadioData_0_*.txt" from all official translators (LeoIvanov for russian) and put in them comments about gender of speaker, beginning/ending of a dialog and maybe another helping information regarding to this Batsphinx's post above.
  5. turbotutone, Batsphinx, I have got a problems during translation. In plain "RadioData_0_*.txt" not always clear: 1. when dialog starts and when dialog ends? 2. who talk: man or woman? In russian language there is difference. If man <saw> something we write: "видел". If woman <saw> something we write "видела". So it's very hard to make right translation. I've tried to join "RadioData_0_*.txt" + "RadioData.xml" but message id in them are differ. I need an instrument to solve this problems: file with this information, or program tool, or somthing other.
  6. at last! how long I've been waiting for this! a thousand thanks to you!!!
  7. first screenshots and information I saw on pirate site, then watch on youtube, then download and try pirate version, then buy.
  8. Not in my case. Because I always answer him: "No. Your young eyes will suffer from computer. Let's better <read "Wizars of Oz" / play into "Bruce Lee and Karim Abdul Jabbar" / build a car from constructor / go to a child-town near the house / go to a fishing / ...and so on>".
  9. I'm another "old" man - 32. And I have a 4 years old son, which sometimes says: "Dad, let's play the game where woman kills zombiz!".
  10. turbotutone, some suggestions and thoughts: 1) Sickle must loose condition when used. 2) Another recipe for sickle: (Nail x 2) + Hammer (keep) + Kitchen Knife + Sturdy Stick. It will be something like this or this. This sickle must be harder than sickle with duct tape. 3) In real life I use Shovel to remove bushes because of it's roots. 4) In real life removed bushes can be used as fuel to a fire.
  11. Answer (news from 02/05/2014): Activists, who raised the flag of Germany over the building of the FSB in Kaliningrad, were arrested. Yes, 2 helicopters down. Rumors says that even three. Yes, about 50 people were dead in fire in Odessa after nationalists from "Right Sector" torched the building by Molotov Cocktails. All review in english here and especially (!) here. Survivors from this building were jailed as arsonist but already free. Also there is dead in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. Aricane, Cdr.Keen. Did you read news about Ukraine from December 2013 till February 2014? Your messages says "no". Just compare old and present news: 30/11/2013 The United States condemns the use of force against demonstrators in Ukraine 20/02/2014 U.S. condemns violence in Ukraine in the most decisive form ...but... 02/05/2014 Obama and Merkel supprorts Kiev's doing In December 2013 - February 2014 there were armed protest Middle Ukraine (Kiev) and Western Ukraine (pro-european and pro-u.s. rebels), there were illegal occupying of state buildings. In 22-25 February 2014 there were armed coup. President escaped from the country, it was an attempt to assassinate president and then junta declare themselves as government. Now people in Southern-Eastern Ukraine protests against junta and their nationalistic radicals (if you want to know what is Ukrainian radicals - see video with english subtitles in spoiler). Aricane, in your case in example with Denmark the right will be: if in Denmark there were an armed coup and pro-Soviet-Russia forces declare themselves as government, and only after this regions of Denmark started arming themselves and protests against new "government". Is it right to call the people, who protests against the illegal nazi-like government, terrorists?
  12. Little update about OSZE observers. 1. Yesterday Putin on sad that he hope that these inspectors will be relesed soon. 2. Yesterday Churkin in UN sad that Russia tries to convince rebels to release observers. (don't post links because both of them is youtube's video in russian.) 3. Ponomarev (leader of SE Ukraine rebels in Slavyansk) said the there is a progress in the negotiations for the release of the OSCE inspectors Other news.
  13. Official comment from self declared "Donezk Republic". http://eriklobakh.livejournal.com/1773531.html Here translation by "google translate" (sorry, but it's hard to translate it by myself as I'm not free english speaker): ("DNR" means "Donezk Republic") If speak short: 1. OSZE announce only civilian observers, but these one was military observers. 2. Their work at Slavjansk are illegal and contradicts to "Vienna Document 2011 on confidence and security". 3. Their work most seems like spying (not spying, but "most seems like spying"). For example, they had maps with protestants position, but without Ukrainian military positions; they were inspect where is no military forces of Ukraine; and they lied about the purpose of their visit during detention. Also watch confirmation of it on german here: http://tvthek.orf.at/program/ZIB-24/1225/ZIB-24/7837001/Gespraech-mit-Claus-Neukirch-von-der-OSZE/7837005 Another part of Ukraine is pro-Russian but they don't wants to join Russia. They says that they solve this conflict by themselves without Russian help. Also Putin clearly sad in April press-conference that budget of Russia had reserve about $245 billions for 2014 year. Crimea will take about $100 billions (it without bridge in Kerchenski strait). So if Russia takes SE Ukraine, it's economic will goes down. The position of EU and US is that there is only South-Eastern Ukraine rebels (separatists). The position of Russia is that there is Western-Central Ukraine rebels and South-Eastern Ukraine rebels. And Russia speaks only with this position. 1. Lavrov sad, that Geneve convention must be performed by rebels on both sides. As Western-Central Ukraine was first in occupying buildings, so Western-Central Ukraine must be first in leaving building. And especially "Right Sector" radicals must be disarmed. 2. Also Lavrov sad, that present self-declared Ukrainian government must perform Geneve convention ny itself to stop this conflict meaning that other countries must not interfere to the internal affairs of the Ukraine. 3. Official "Donezk Republic" (saw it on youtube) sad, that they will free buildings, after pro-Kiev will begin to do the same. Same about illegal weapons. 4. In SE Ukraine people understands, that if they would leave buildings first and lay down weapons, Kiev wouldn't do the same and none of their request would be performed. It will be only mass arrest. That's why if Russia would ask only SE Ukraine to leaving buildings, SE Ukraine will not obey. p.s. How was EU and US tried to convince the rebels to leave the buildings in January-February 2014?
  14. Agree. It must be peace, respecting, security and freedom, but only if this freedom is not all-permissiveness. Some news from "hot spot" Slavayansk and more. First and (especially! must see!) second are in english.
  15. In Eastern Ukraine, in Kiev and maybe even in Western Ukraine in near future (Zakarpatski region. There is information that they want to decare Republic. But it will be pro-Hungarian, not pro-Russian). It's unofficial Russian position from my point of view (I'm not Putin, not Lavrov and not Churkin) p.s. Sorry. Need to go home so I can continue discussion only tomorrow.
  16. In Crimea was no mass armed protests and no shooting on APCs and helicopters. Like this: And it's still now.
  17. Ukraine will welcome elections in any case. They have no choice. Russia not. Firstly, it will be not easy to believe in results of this elections because of mass armed people. And secondly, it will be not truly elections, if citizens of some Ukrainian reigns will not participate in elections. Position of Russia is: Stop shooting, remove all illegal weapons (both SE Ukraine and Kiev), leave all illegally occupied buildings (both SE Ukraine and Kiev, not Crimea). Referendum about federalization, solve the problem of second state language (russian), constitution reform and only then President Elections.
  18. Battle near Slavyansk begins. 2 or 3 dead. Many APCs, two helicopters. Engineers check for mines. Communications are down. http://novorossia.su/node/587 and Russia 24 TV
  19. Results from Geneva in english. Signed by U.S., EU, Ukraine and Russia. https://twitter.com/MID_RF/status/456840455519350784/photo/1
  20. If someone disbelieve in legitimity of Yanukovich: At present time there was no new-elections, no resignation, no procedure of impeachment. Yanukovich not dead and can exercise his powers. So Yanukovich is still legitimate president of Ukraine. Some news fro pro-russian (*.ru), pro-ukrainian (*.ua), youtube and my thought about it. LeoIvanov, would you please translate it in english? Today I will not have time for it. p.s. I will update news in this post until 17:00 GMT+6 p.p.s. Sorry for less news. This is because I "zombify" myself by todays Putin's Live Stream.
  21. Can you post proof link on news message about this, please? Don't heard about something like it. some news fro pro-russian (*.ru), pro-ukrainian (*.ua), youtube and my thought about it.
  22. 123Imirish, you talk about this? Feel the difference: "Irish charity cancel a trip of hearts transplants" and "Pro-russian rebels stops cars with hearts transplants to prevent its moving into Kharkiv". Only in second case I would agree with you that childrens might die due to pro-russian rebels. But now - it's CCI's desision. for Cdr.Keen Pro russian forces do not let to enter United Nation observers when Kiev invite them to Crimea. But when Crimea invite international observers to referendum - no one came. May be if they film Crimea border and military positions without permission. But i don't heard about even injured. No one need a war. Nor East Ukraine, nor Russia. Why Kiev don't let referendum about federalization? If people want to decide, why not give em this possibility? Of course, now Kiev speaks that they will let referendum, but no one believe em and fear em. 81% of crimea people wants to be in Russia (see results of referendum). about legality of referendum i sad above if someone interested - fresh news from Russia-Ukraine an my thoughts:
  23. When you gift people with their homes, it's not ok. It's slavery. As our media reports about last weekends: two dead. One from Kiev-side (special military group Alfa), and one from civil people - fisherman which wear military like uniform (it's popular in winter fishing in Russia to wear military like uniform for example). Some injured.
  24. 1) Crimea was a part of Russia, but in 1954 was gifted by Khrushchev to Ukraine. So, it's now many people in Crimea, who was burn in Russia (before 1954), but live in Ukraine (1954-2014). And in 1954 nobody asked russian people of Crimea, whether they want to be gifted. 2) From 1991 to 2014 Crimea was autonomous republic of Ukraine. Not ordinary region. They even had an own constitution. 3) Crimea citizens declare independence. 4) Crimea citizens make referendum. 5) and only after this Russia agree to include Crimea to Russian Federation. Russia didn't take anything. It was mutual consent between two independent countries. 1) If it were plenty of Russian troops, why nobody protested against them and didn't revolt like in Kiev? 2) Crimea invited the international observers - nobody arrived. Why? 3) Why now there is no protests against Russia in Crimea? It's not easy to close mouth with rifles to 2 million people (population of Crimea). ..and same "shit" did France in... 2009 (!) with Mayotte islands. Where were United Nations and European Union in 2009? Why nobody compares Sarkozy to Hitler?
  25. Suggestion: digital clock takes power from the Battery. It will be more realistic and it will be another purpose for the Battery (in present PZ it exists only for Flashlight).
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