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  1. Oh well guess Ismael may be one of the pickle hosting staff. Hope this does get resolved soon. but @RobertJohnson the situation is as follows: a few weeks ago or sometime last month around the 30th I asked if PickleHosting could possibly get a Project Zomboid server set up for my group to play on, they mentioned that some of their streamers were asking about PZ as well. So they replied to my ticket saying they need to see what they can do and would keep me posted, they figured part of it out; but they just couldn't get the last bit of I guess connections set up to work along with the Project Zomboid server set up. SOOO I posted a thread back over on Steam in your support area and didn't seam to get any replies {or I forgot to subscribe to my thread and didn't get to see replies pop up for me}, so I Notice a reply to my ticket and ended up posting for help here in hopes to get someone from your dev team to hopefully work along side them to get it all sorted out.
  2. Alright so I tried asking for help with this back on your steam forums about 1-3 weeks ago, never got a single reply. I requested a server from Pickle Hosting, they have others who also wanted it as well. After I requested it, they decided to start working on trying to get a console or such set up for TCAdmin, they were having major issues with it from what I was told. They couldn't get the settings "printed" to TCAdmin making it hard to try to run the server from there. They were going to try to get in contact with you, but I offered to do that myself to help the process along. I've been busy past few weeks waiting for a reply from both you and them. If you can get in contact with them to help them out that would be great, because The Indie Stone combined with Pickle Hosting being able to host could bring even more to PZ. So in all truth if you can reply to this and possibly provide some input on helping with this whole set up, it would be very much appreciated, since I am rolling with a group who has been waiting for us to get a new server back up, since our last one got torn apart by a couple of people.
  3. Dracathio

    Hydrocraft Mod

    too much to read, so I'll ask the question myself. Is there a way to place wooden crates and Trunks so they are physical items instead of stuff I throw into my inventory or drop on floor to store things in them.
  4. Hair mod doesn't work, you can make your character as if it has the new hair color, but once you spawn in it goes to the default color it's closest too. The other mods no clue I only cared about hair color. Which is something developers should have somewhat cared about but apparently didn't think about thee ginger's when making their game.
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