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  1. Hey, IDK if this is the best place to post bugs/suggestions, but the Machete should be able to remove "bushes" from the erosion, right now I can only delete them with a Kitchen Knife, but I think I should be able to do it with your mod weapons/tools too.
  2. Hey! Can you list all the mods that you included? because there are items that i can't get any recipe with them, or anything to do with them, like a paint can and a brush. Great compilation btw.
  3. I'm working on it, but I'm encountering severe problems with the reload system and am stumped for now. I posted a thread in the mods help section about it. Aw, ok, i have no idea of modding actually, but i hope that you can fix it.
  4. frenchiveruti


    Oh my god this is awesome, you should totally ask to mathasgaming to make a review/spolight about your mod!
  5. Yeah, well, technically mod pile isn't fully allowed to be using all the mods that uses (because of copyright restrictions of the original modder)
  6. Great! I would help a lot to your mod post to add some nice graphical recipes, but for now is lovely as it is.
  7. Just came to say that your mod is great, and very well balanced too.
  8. Wow, this is great, really. What differs from your original suggestion?
  9. It looks greaa, can you consider adding DryTowels to the Mod Compilation? Thanks!
  10. Great! I'll start working on the spanish translate when i get some time
  11. I hate downloading the last version a day ago and then i have the newer one at the next hour
  12. Can't remember the site that you place an image for profiles and gets updated in every site....

  13. Hey guys, i came here to ask only one thing. Actually we have the multiplayer split-screen system, so i was wandering if sometime in the future of the game, the actual meta-game will allow to make multiplayer - online games, for example in LAN or over the internet. Keep up the great work!
  14. Ok i really love how this game has been growing a lot since i discover it, it's amazing the huge amount of stuff added and the lots of changes in gameplay and compatibility that has been made, congrats to the whole team. Also congrats to you for joining the team!
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