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  1. Hi, I love the atmosphere and immersion in this game, but eating sounds are completely unbearable for me (I have misophonia, google it) So my problem: How to play this fantastic game, but avoid the eating sounds? (I'm not interesting in trying the "deaf"-trait just yet.) My first thought: Mod the sound away! Replace the sound file! After researching a fair bit on how to mod sounds, I realize that there is now no (simple) way to find the sound file I'm going to replace, due to the FMOD/.bank file system. I'm not even sure single sounds can be replaced, even if I somehow managed to open the .bank files. Not to mention, is it even legal? Skipping this, for now.. My second thought: Get into the code! Intercept the sound somehow! After looking at this for a little while, I realize I would rather just stop playing the game. I know how to code, but getting myself deep enough into someone elses code, a whole game structure, a whole new system, just to mute a sound that I don't even know if can be muted... It's something I just won't even attempt unless I know it can be done. Putting this in the "maybe later"-box. Questions: - Can single sounds be replaced/muted/removed? (specifically all eating sounds) - What would be the best course of action to achieve such a thing? - Any coding hints that may give me a jump start? (maybe an event) Thanks for you understanding.
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