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  2. this is kinda why I love whole country / island maps when theyre surrounded by water you can have em be all more realistic without having the player eventually end infront of a black line unable to walk by i wish you the greatest biggest possible luck and fun on this as it does however sound like a huge task but that one dude managed to create an entire huge part of manhattan so its totally not impossible
  3. Check out a free game on steam called No More Room in Hell, it has a pretty much 1:1 recreation of the NOTLD House you can get some references from if you want
  4. Balancing, I know it doesnt really make sense but if anyone could just immediately move those around with just their bare hands, multiplayer would be a clusterfuck and every single building would be completely empty and void of furniture or stuff to loot
  5. P U T T H E S E I N T O T H E G A M E A S A P
  6. Good sounds play a huge role in athmosphere, check out The Long Dark for example and compare playing it without sounds vs playing it with sound or something like that, just the added lil details like leaves being heavily torn around by blizzards or hearing those hanging metal objects clunking around in the distance while crushing through deep snow are unbelievably athmospheric and awesome. Another game I really liked sounds wise was this multiplayer vietnam war game thats coming out soon, the guns in it just sound so damn good each single shot sounds like a beautiful melody thats just pleasant and replayable its not realistic but it sounds amazing and that also made a huge difference in the gameplay videos and immersion A hissing sound with illegible voice in the background sounds really cool although im not sure about musical tracks (licensing + cost money) and melodies (thats probably just personal opinion) I kinda like how its just text, you can just sing along to it when youre really bored it leaves a lil to the imagination which doesnt hurt every now and then Greatmazing ideas though Id like to see some of this ingame
  7. hey real quick id like to say im not like a trump fan when i said "Hes not all that bad" i mean that people are starting to take every single motion he makes and i dont wanna look like i supported anything degoratory he ever said about minorities and women, but people are literally saying hes a 2nd hitler or worse than hitler and im just worried that people are demonizing him out of proportions but i dont support him as a person and dont agree with all the bad stuff he said and did and plans / planned to do sorry for making this politics stuff but i dont want people reading that chat thinking i wear make america great again caps to work and such NOWWW that thats off my chest and we got that whole thing solved lets get back to the clockwork tile magnet zombies which I experienced in redboid * im playing again and ill see about dropping conspicious to see if zombies will still act like that TURNS OUT its the server settings, I had the exact same experience without conspicious as i had with it
  8. Hm guess thats it after all then and I just got really pissed about it sorry for the mean stuff i said there then I guess I just came in after a bad day and caught the wrong convo at the wrong time But im still pretty sure that stuff like that was said on a different server then and I mixed them up, but totally didnt mean to make you or dead pixels look bad i just personally dislike any kind of politics or whatever brought up in games but thats 100% me personally i probably look like a huge cunt now
  9. I remember way more than that and im sure it wasnt in december but around like august or october were like multiple sentences, targeted not only towards americans pretty sure they went off about another country too what i remember 120% crystal clear is that it was far more insulting than that, cause it had me tilted for quite a while and im pretty sure it wasnt you either
  10. I know for sure it was a server with dead and pixel in its name, very very sure. i dont quite remember the names although paulredeker does ring a bell now that i think of it but i still dont feel like that was him, i just remember the horrible stuff he said and he had (ADMIN) in his name
  11. didnt see those, well guess it was him then after all although im still not 100% sure cause i recall that there were 2 admins in the chat
  12. I dont think it was the trait though, im 95.6% certain its a glitch because the zombies didnt follow me, but they followed my exact position the second theyd all start moving and at that point theyd ignore everything else and just migrate over to the tile I was at, theyre not following me either, its like some kinda "highest priority waypoint" is set for them at the tile i was at considering most of them even ignore me when i sprint RIGHT past them and just keep moving. And thats at random intervals, it just happens out of nowhere when I'd sneak past others from a 2 yard distance they would just have all zombies in half of west point walk over there. I never said you were xenophobic and racist? I was trying to say that I played on some Pixel server (Deadly Pixels i think im bad at remembering these names sorry) and I was playing with a friend and we just found tons of broken forks and butter knives all over the floor, to be fair that was fairly quick judging by me I guess cause we just looked into 3 buildings finding virtually nothing in any containers and Thats when in the chat some admin was talking about something along the lines of *hazy memory* "trump is the embodiment of the typical fat lazy and useless american, I cant wait to see that shithole burn down in his presidency" someone was responding about how it would effect the rest of the world and he just went something like "i dont care about south america or whatever they can just rot with em" idk though but he may just have hated the entire world or something. Whatever it was, I didnt wanna play on a server with an admin saying that kinda stuff in public chat especially not as a partially north and south american myself so we left it maybe we just had some bad luck with the first 3 buildings, its not that we found NOTHING like I said but I was trying to say it as in nothing useful (food and self defense) it was all just stuff like stacked soup bowls and rotten food I noticed that the indie stone developers usually get a shit ton of hate by a lot of people but I dont think they should stop good things because of that theyre still kicking with this game after all and providing amazing content despite all the people hating on the development times and calling them incompetent, they should just focus on all the people who love their content and love them and this game im not saying they should stop listening to any constructive criticism but some people do just flat out attack and insult them without providing ANY criticism at all and they should just forget about them and not let em break their hearts these devs have fire in their soul but sometimes it feels like they havent build up a big shield seperating their emotions and personal feelings vs outright hate and bad intentions I guess i need sleep
  13. Pretty sure I read somewhere here that the infection enters the bloodstream and goes through the entire body in a matter of seconds, as soon as youre bit basically all your blood is tainted and so are you
  14. That sounds like in Left 4 Death or whatever its called the zombies sometimes run infront of me while others drag me back so i cant run away, its so evil its probably growing a moustache+goatee combination and wears labcoats in the living room.