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  1. thats pretty cawlsome for being your first maps i liked the thing u did with the roof that must have taken a lot of time and / or effort
  2. rotten bread doesnt kill you tho you may get some hefty diarrhea but it sure doesnt drop you dead in a matter of days, at least not a slice or two
  3. They got a few new members and have been making some good progress, optimistically thinking it could be like only 6 more months til they maybe release a closed / password test beta like IWBUMS
  4. amazing dialogue, damien darkside
  5. Like nearly every single picture you see of boarded up places its usually ALWAYS a plywood board or two instead of being nice and clean wooden planks and also I was in the midwest all my life and all of the abandoned places there got windows covered in plywood etc I ALWAYS WANTED PLYWOOD IN THIS GAME!!!
  6. never really thought about this but now you mention it, hordes do look a lil weird when every 10th zombie sports purple or green clothes and a lot of them just look kinda off im not sure but the hordes in the new animation update preview videos looked a lot better, they had black and blue jeans instead of those randomized colors.
  7. There IS a limit so please fix whatever you made before starting your map cause trying to put any >8 floor building into the map will crash your tool immediately and as far is i know not save any big changes you made in the process
  8. i swear to god thats a house from the last stand: dead zone the floorplans layout etc remind me a ton of it atleast. your custom tiles are awesome and i love your furnishing
  9. sorry for double post i want my game to have some really low poly 3d human characters on a procedurally generated 2d space so i been learning some blender and made this it took me a few tries because i didnt find good tutorials on making characters with reference images especially not low poly ones now i need to rig it and look into making a male version and do that uv stuff with both i think nightfall
  10. the first one is mesmerizing, i love how the shadow of it is a square cage but the actual model is a complex sphere
  11. 2.76b

  12. build 37

    sorry i meant to say, i hope you dont abandon this and if more books and such come out in the game it would be awesome if you lewdyfied them immediately aswell
  13. i just finished like 12 building replicas from a small town in indiana called "hope", im taking a different approach now and dumping the generic houses for more fleshed out and personal ones to the area theyre in (partly cause i released my previous usa map houses and since other people can use em now for their maps mine wouldnt be fully original anymore) so i got this planned out at the moment INDIANA Smalltown HOPE City INDIANAPOLIS MICHIGAN City DETROIT EAST COAST MOUNTAIN STATES State COLORADO Gated Community HIGHLAND RANCH City DENVER Smalltown SOUTH PARK? State UTAH City SALT LAKE CITY State WYOMING Jackson? WEST COAST State WASHINGTON City SEATTLE Smalltown State CALIFORNIA City LOS ANGELES Smalltown no idea yet, gotta look for one cities will have smaller versions of their skylines, and all the big buildings will be unfurnished at least for the first release if i ever release this map. as you can see, there arent a whole lot of locations. this map is way too ambitious to include tons of location with different regional and personal housing, so i reduced the mini USA to a few states for example, the entire midwest will basically be indiana (thats me pissed to everyone excluding indiana from the midwest in every game and such ever, my maps gonna be big and cool and not include any of the mainstream midwest states HAH) so it will be indiana, with indianapolis and hope and maybe roanoke, and the rest will be farmland with a few farm buildings scattered around. im including a bit of michigan because of my best friend whos from michigan and ill see about including a bit of his small town in it but it wont see detroit, atleast not in the first release either. i will likely not be including new york and boston and such, atleast not for first release. i wanna get the map out before / shortly after the animations update. if new york and boston and all those will make it in theyll be heavily downsized versions, with a lil skyline and a few big buildings. thats it for now.
  14. build 37

  15. thats commendable game location preparedness