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    ChaliceOvCorruption reacted to Dooflockey in New ways of learning things   
    Just what the title says. I don't personally think you should learn new recipes from leveling your skills. I think the efficacy of the things you make should be tied to your skill level. But you should learn new recipes from every few pages in a book, or reading a textbook/magazine. Maybe once NPCs are implemented you could ask them to teach you things or you could teach them things (idk how deep the npc system will be, but if you can make relationships, you could have a mentor/student for certain skills whose options changed depending on your standing with them. this would also add major major incentive to keep those NPCs alive). Maybe you could find or create blueprints to alleviate some of the learning process. What do you guys think of the current "learning" system?
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    ChaliceOvCorruption reacted to sharkstertheshark in Being driven to psychosis by being surrounded.   
    Being surrounded isnt brutal enough. Food and water will run out if you dont get out, sure. But what if you are in a nearly secure building and you just hear "uhhhh" and "oooohh" and pounding on the nearby walls twenty four seven and the sleep deprivation it would cause would drive most people to become psychotic in a relatively short amount of time when also contribute that there are either walking corpses in the tens to thousands outside your safehouse. Things like ear plugs and headphones could combat this mechanic.
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