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  1. I would like an opinion on something I've been mulling over for a couple of days. Do you think I should switch to standard isometric streets or should I stick with the curvy streets I have made so far? Curvy streets mean that making street markings and maybe curbs are a no-go. But I would like to try to map out my city pretty closely, and it seems like there aren't too many maps with curvy streets in them.
  2. Hey folks, I'm going to be trying out mapping my city for PZ. I've got a drawing tablet on order to help me try to draw some of the diagonal and weird streets and also once I start drawing dirt and grass splotches. My question is what order do you experienced mappers do things to make it easier for you? I've got color swatches in Photoshop Elements 6.0 for all the PZ tiles and I've got the reference picture from google maps overlayed and transparent while I trace over the streets. Unfortunately I think that with my Photoshop there's no way to turn off antialiasing for any line sha
  3. Hey, is there a mod that buffs log walls so that they aren't worse than normal wooden walls at high carpentry levels? Or could someone make it for me? I think that it's unbalanced for the log wall, which is made of 4 logs (12 planks = 4 normal walls) to be less resilient than the normal walls. Maybe an overall health boost too? I've read somewhere that the walls have equal health at carpentry 4 and then past that the normal walls are tougher... correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you
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