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  1. True. However, I do not have a copy of Windows.
  2. Alright, will the build 41 that adds controller support be just Windows then? I'm excited to use a controller with PZ soon!
  3. @Stas from general arcade is macOS support planned? Has this changed since the thread was started? I am willing to test gamepad support on macOS.
  4. MrHopscotch

    Steam Controller support

    Project Zomboid should have Steam Controller support. That way it could more easily be used by people who want to play the game with the Steam Controller. That way it could show up with a "controller" icon instead of a keyboard in Big Picture and the process of supporting the Steam Controller will improve gamepad support in general.
  5. MrHopscotch

    Scaling isn't properly supported on Windows

    My display resolution is 2880x1800 with 200% scaling. Project Zomboid is running windowed at 1280x720. It should appear twice as big as it does but it appears to not be doing any scaling. Here is a screenshot with the Windows display settings and the Project Zomboid display settings.
  6. For update notes, when you switch between them the scroll position is not reset. To reproduce, open the update notes, then switch to another set of update notes from the drop down, then scroll to the bottom. Go back to the previous update notes and the scroll position will change for that one.
  7. Controller support is nice but there should be one entry that should say Xbox controller. Windows has an API for this.
  8. Display scaling is completely broken on Windows. My machine is a retina MBP. The screenshot is when I plug my computer into a 720p projector. The game text and menus are insanely small.
  9. MrHopscotch

    The dedicated server fails to start on macOS

    Here is how you fix it: StartServer.command The command cd "$(dirname "$0")" sets the current directory to be the folder of the dedicated server. The class path needs java/trove-3.0.3.jar added to it. Those are the two changes the script needed. The other change is that libsteam_api.dylib needs to be moved into the natives folder instead of being at the root level. After modifying the script and moving that dynamic library, the server was able to start.
  10. You can't launch the dedicated server from the Steam Tools menu on macOS. This is the error you get:
  11. MrHopscotch

    Cloud Saves

    I agree, Steam Cloud support would be an awesome feature. It would prevent data loss for people who switch computers often. It would allow you to play the same save on multiple computers.
  12. When opening StartServer.command: Error: Could not find or load main class