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  1. No, I'm pretty sure that when you create a character there is nothing you can possibly do to change any of their borderline physical appearances. I honestly think as a little side thing they could do is enable you to change your hair style and beard length, and maybe if you find hair dye that for whatever reason you could change your hair color. (Edit: also your english is just fine)
  2. And this is from someone who has been getting headaches every day for the past year and a half from extreme sleep deprivation for two and a half years straight. I know how headaches work pretty well.
  3. I had an idea, which has also probably been thought of over time, multiple times. Possibility, headaches. If you're someone who has the traits Restless Sleeper and Sleepyhead, you could be much more prone to get a headache in game and over time from doing a lot of actions, being overheated and such, and just stressing out your body. The headaches could severely impact accuracy and visibility, and action times for doing certain things. It could also weaken you, and bring in the painkillers to have more use than just after injuries. The headaches could be onset by things such as having not any sleep for a while, you get a headache after going to sleep after before not having any sleep (such as reaching Very Tired moodle) and keeping up a long streak of doing that same thing makes you just have longer and worsening headaches. As the real world goes, there's also no way to really speed up the process of the headaches to go away, because well headaches are headaches, besides the painkillers/any specific medicine they may want to add to make it more of a disadvantage. The normal headaches can be very minor, being near equivalent to the lowest moodle for being tired, slight impairment. You could see the possibility of new traits being added which may affect the headaches, the severity and the quantity of them.
  4. I'm a Floridian and the best I've got is my bow and a strong pellet gun. Can I even call myself a Floridian? eh well of course I can that'd just be stupid, since I don't own a weapon I can't be called something? Where's the logic there? There is none! I honestly don't get the entire reason for owning such weaponry, not against guns or rooting for them while shooting a rifle outside but all you really need is at least 2-3 and you'll be set for defense. (Yes, I do know that guns are also bought for recreational use.)
  5. In Florida, well, guns are mostly common. Especially inside those more rural areas where you can easily find the typical hunting people and whatnot, I know someone who has uh 9mm Carbine A .45 A .38 Special An AR15 A double barreled and a single-shot shotgun Two 22. rifles A .308 rifle, and a few more others that I forgot. I wonder what the exact count is here, for guns.
  6. Maybe with the vegetable brain dead trait, you won't be looked at by zombies at all. It'll just be more like usual elderly life, but less annoyed. They'd probably be happier. You're also forgetting that it'd be crucial for the zombies to also throw insults back at them! Saying how they soak up money for healthcare, and that they should be dead or are going to die soon so they should just let the zombies eat them. "Mah liver ain't so good from my past, my brain is goin and I have no muscles! The hell you zombies want me for?!"
  7. Well I mean they won't know how to use a blender, or how to use a straw. This is where the NPC personal caretakers would come into place, of course! Don't forget, if you find a computer, a toy game in a drawer, a phone, or most technologies, you'll also yell out something like "Damn kids and their new technologies! Back in my day we sent letters! Or we shot cans outside with our 22.!" And when you stumble upon another elder, you just talk about how you miss having coffee at 5 am in the morning waking up at 4 and freely riding your golf cart on the streets.
  8. Maybe a new backdraw from it is that if you don't find dentures you can only eat soft foods, like watermelon and whatnot. Why not go all the way for realism, and add in some back injuries for carrying about two pounds of equipment? You can't swing a weapon, you can't run, can't climb into houses and whatnot, and you also need a personal caretaker in order to go outside to garden for food. You can't forget that you also need glasses and an old vocabulary of words and insults that most people don't get! Maybe with the addition of TVs and radios we could have a knitting channel and possibly a classical music radio station added, too. For realism!
  9. Maybe they can add a retirement home and have the occupation as Elderly instead and you start there. Maybe when you get the mobility scooter you can be a bad arse and customize it to have streaking flames on the sides of it and spikes on the wheels and everything, make a mobility scooter tank. I mean even if you add 200 something pounds (Because your SO ELDERLY body weights like 10) it's still going to go as slow as it normal does, really slow. "Build Spiked Walking Cane"
  10. IWBUMS 34.66: Added new Elderly Trait which lowers endurance, strength, weight, carry weight, and a few other behind the scenes actions, however gives you a starting cane and replaces the default Q shouts with things corresponding to your location The front of your starting house, when outside, if you press Q you will see "Get off my damn lawn!" "These zombies these days, they have not a shred of respect for their elders!" (Trait stacks with Hard of Hearing, Short Sighted and Underweight with Prone to Illness)
  11. And having nothing gives you like four items to carry, and the usual carry weight. They should also there add if you're carrying anything else like a weapon to weigh more because you have other stuff
  12. Maybe they could add a thing where the different types of clothing you wear give you small bonuses to carry weight and reduction in your simple inventory. Make it so that vests (default for women, not sure what it is) and sweaters give you the least, and different other types and wearing things like maybe raincoats give you more and more.
  13. Well, the punching and hitting with the bat would probably be too complicated, plus, in real life it'd be slightly useless. Think about attacking someone with a baseball bat, and instead of holding with both hands, instead just swinging your right, with the bat, at them, then just punching them. It'd be way less effective, and probably bad for you hand of course.
  14. Well, maybe even then so, you can choose with your profession (I am ALWAYS a doctor, self-roleplay reasons and I want my medical skills high) that you want the professions clothing or to have normal clothing, maybe for me having the profession clothing on will choose where I spawn. Maybe with the special clothes, I (If this is too direct just to get medical supplies, maybe have a chance) will spawn at a medical place like a clinic, practitioner's office, or hospital (maybe Pharmahug) and with normal clothing I just spawn in the usual boring house.
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