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  1. Well, I wouldn't have thought that would fix it, but it would appear to be resolved. I have absolutely no idea why that fixed it. Thanks!
  2. ... no? I left 'local IP' blank, and just tried my Hamachi IP, my external IPv4 and 'localhost'. Also, it's a bit off topic, but meh: I was going to ask on Steam, but I suppose here's as good a place as any. I was wondering about the Redboid server; I saw your name come up on /r/Redboid, indeed you seem quite established around there (that makes you something of an expert on the topic, imo). What I meant to ask specifically was, I suppose, would you recommend the server? I guess yours can't help but be a slightly biased opinion, but then again I am looking for reasons to give the server a try, not reasons not to. Lol. I stumbled upon it a couple weeks ago and thought it looked interesting, especially as it seems to have some well-established guilds on the server as well as its own modpack (something one generally doesn't bother setting up unless the server is faring comparatively well).
  3. It's as soon as I walk to the edge of the direct vicinity of where I load in when I connect. A friend I play with has no such issue (I am the host).
  4. Well, I figured I might as well test it, so I ran the server, connected, then disabled all 'Active Protection' features of Avast (which I think is the function which scans all incoming network traffic), and still had the issue.
  5. Hmm, I'll give it a shot. Thanks. Edit: Turns out I am already using 'gaming mode'. I hate overzealous antivirus programs... *grumble* I tried setting both the server and client paths as 'exclusions' in Avast (meaning they won't be scanned), and it had no (discernible) effect. Not sure if this setting affects the scanning of the actual program files when the program is started, or whether it affects network traffic too. Given the lack of effect, I presume it doesn't alter the way Avast scans network traffic (does internal 'network' traffic still count, though? i.e. hosting off the same machine as your client?).
  6. Since the server runs through the cmd line, how can I get AVAST to be less excessive with its checks? Not sure if you can get AVAST to loosen up on particular ports. Security is less of an issue (though the phrase 'better safe than sorry' does apply), since it's a private server with a trusted group of friends.
  7. @EnigmaGrey AVAST. And I doubt it's an AV problem, although if it's checking all data passing through, I suppose it could theoretically be an issue.
  8. Hopefully there's some fix for this. Well... almost certainly. Also, gotta love the coincidence; your name is Ironfist56, and on Steam, my handle is 'Kill3rCat the Ironfist'. Hello there, fellow Ironfist! xD
  9. Strange. Are you using the old server hosting rubbish in "steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid", or under "steamapps\common\Project Zomboid Dedicated Server"? Also, have you forwarded all of the ports you need to? If I remember correctly, you need to forward: - 16261-(16261+playercount) - 8766-8767 (not sure about this one, but apparently I have it forwarded under 'PZ')
  10. Well, the title's pretty self-explanatory. If you want more detail, here's the situation: A friend and I wanted to play PZ together, so I set up a server. When playing on the server, he is fine, but I find the egdes of the immediate area are very slow to load, and I often have to fight off small hordes of zombies (or more commonly, run like @#%$) for about 30 seconds before the black chunks load in and I can continue my journey. I am not affected by this issue in SP. This has been bugging me for a couple days, and I meticulously perused this lovely little forum for hours on end looking for a solution. I've done all the obvious things: - Tried both 64-bit and 32-bit server and game clients. - Allocated 4GB of RAM to the server (of my 16GB total) - Tried connecting via Hamachi and localhost. - (Edit: Also tried running as administrator. Steam is also running as admin.) I am also certain that it's not an issue with disk speeds, because well... SSD. Please, save me!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Solved; thanks to EnigmaGrey and to all others who commented here for your help. The solution: Well, turns out it was as simple as adding '' to the 'local IP' field in the server browser.
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