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  1. Think we can collaborate a map of NSW? It'd be an intense project and we'd have to get a few more people on board, but just imagine how sweet it'd be to set up in your own house in PZ and have the entire state to explore. :D

    1. Gman


      Maybe even expand into other states in the long run, each seperate mod being a different state.

  2. Heya, I'm currently in the midst of creating a massive map of the Gold Coast in AU and there are dozens of public pools along with almost every house in most areas containing a private pool, so just wondering if there's any easy way of creating a pool (doesn't have to be usable) in WorldEd/BuildingEd etc.? Thanks in advance guys!
  3. Awesome, thanks for the answer. I wasn't sure if 1 tile was ~1m, but that makes it much easier. Also means my maps going to be far too many cells, but that's the fun.
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