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  1. Has the player-made building rooftop visibility been fixed in 38.8?
  2. Hi just a quick question regarding the old sound file location and custom soundtracks, since project zomboid integrated fmod that is when all the modified soundtracks stopped and they now run off the bank files mentioned, my question is what is the possibility of making the old sound file location active again and we can use that as way to put out our own custom music in rather than temper with the bank files themselves and just have an option in the music library in game called custom, which runs off the old soundtrack location? I really did enjoye having resident evil and silent hill soundtracks play during some of the in game events on zomboid , I like the soundtrack composed by Zack but I do enjoy having the ability to change music files and replace them with my own choosing, I feel it gets me immersed faster, unless that would somehow conflict with fmod?
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