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  1. Gennadios

    Mind Mod

    Thanks for the update! This was my first and favorite Mod back in the day, and it's nice to have a way to fix windows before the character meets the crazy carpentry skills requirements. I'm sad that the grilled cheese sandwich option is missing. It saved quite a few characters.
  2. In terms of few zombies in the wilderness, I had an idea on the topic for a while but never brought it up 'cause I'm not usually active on the boards, but; I *severely* dislike the way the game hamstrings itself in the long term with initial infection/first week/six months later scenario selection. I always thought the game should organically progress, with the game starting out with high densities of zomboids in the populated areas, and then have the density map equalize over time to model zombies migrating in all directions. Basically, over time zombie density in popu
  3. Ooops, I did a derp. The post was meant for a different thread. Good info though, I was trying to install my non-workshop mods in the Zomboid directory in the Steam folder. It should probably be removed.
  4. Just a kindly reminder, Gasoline goes bad in 3-6 months. Even if gas becomes pumpable after power shutoff in the best case it'll last twice as long as it'll take to lose electricity. There are fuel stabilizers, but they don't get added to gas station reserves, which means the player would have to pump and then add the stabilizer to the supply they have on hand.
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