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  1. Loot Respawn

    Thank you for the info, it helped a lot with my understanding of how it all works.
  2. Loot Respawn

    How does loot respawn work, does it require the ini setting to be matched to the sandbox setting and does it make all containers respawn loot or just a select few per cell.
  3. How to find your Ping

    Is there a way to find your ping in a MP server while in game, I haven't been able to find any way to.
  4. Sleeping in Multiplayer

    So why does it say can sleep anytime when you hover over the SleepAllowed if you require the moodle? isn't that misleading.
  5. Sleeping in Multiplayer

    I don't have it when I try to sleep, I thought by having the sleepallowed but not needed it would let you sleep whenever like it says in the description.
  6. Sleeping in Multiplayer

    I just set up a server for my friends and turned on the sleepallowed option, yet whenever I try to sleep the option is red and says you aren't tired enough, am I mission something or is the option broken.
  7. Vorpal Weapons - complete rewrite of Heroic Weapons

    Is it just me or is the damage very underwhelming now, full Blade Accuracy and a full damage bar on weapon and still takes 5 hits to kill a zombie.
  8. Only 8 servers

    It turned out to be that he had the -nosteam launch parameter so we found and corrected it.
  9. Multiplayer Maps

    I rented a server from Gameservers and for the life of me can't get maps to work, is there a step by step guide I can find? or can someone walk me through it, I've done the map= mod= workshop id, putting it in the media/maps folder and even overwrote the entire base map with updated lots and still nothing.
  10. Adding Maps to MP server

    I rented a server from Gameservers and for the life of me can't figure out how to add maps, any help would be greatly appreciated. idk if this is the right place for this post, I'm pretty new to forums.
  11. Only 8 servers

    For myself I can see all the servers but my friend can only see like 8 servers, is there a bug or something I don't know about?
  12. Hydrocraft Mod

    Thanks for the info.
  13. Hydrocraft Mod

    Do the Raincoats actually work for anyone cause I still get wet when I use them, haven't tried the poncho yet (made from garbage bag)
  14. How do you setup a server using either the PZ Dedicated server Steam Tool or the PZ Server .Bat File?
  15. [Abandoned] [Java] ModelLoader 1.16_02

    I figured it out, I'm new to the whole modding and whatnot so I was unaware you had to be registered on TiS forums to access download links, I'll have to remember that for future forum use.