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  1. As much as the OCD neat freak in me hates garbage. From a realism and immersion standpoint. Just litter.. Just drop trash all over the place. I know society has trained you that littering means you are a demon and dirty. But just take those dity rags, take those twigs and sticks and hammers.. And dump them in the middle of the road, in someone's backyard. Just anywhere. Make huge steaming piles of rotted garbage.
  2. No, I don't think this would work sadly. Likely you would need a much better knowledge of explosives then I posses to find a substitute for sulfur. I know it is used for fertilizers, but I have no idea how you would try to filter it out and what quantity you would get. I knew I should have gotten that Chemistry Degree lol..
  3. I think what they are going for is more realism. Yes, we could have Katanas, and I live in Louisville and own a katana wakizashi set and a jian. Sword collecting has been a hobby of mine. But that would be a exceptionally rare find. Especially given I would probably break mine while fighting during the apocalypse.. Your examples include a lot of arcade type adjustments, whereas the game is heading another direction. I doubt even armor will be included because the zombies are easy enough as it is, no need to wade into them in a suit of full plate with some kevlar underneath while holding a bag of grenades at your left and a desert eagle in your right, with a chainsaw at your belt. That is a very cool setup, but.... that doesn't really mesh with what the game is trying to accomplish. That is more something for Dead Rising. the same for special moves. I think you may be playing the wrong game. They already made several games for those who want to blast and smash and crash through hordes of zombies. Ammo types really are a thing, upgrades aren't. Yea you can put a laser sight on a pistol, but a sword is sharp because its supposed to be and that is reflected in its condition. Shields aren't really a thing, yes, I know Riot shields, but in this isometric top down game, a shield isn't going to end well for you. And armor, yea you can possibly get some football padding or some kevlar. And when NPCs are added.. i'd like some Kevlar. Last thing I need is to get shot. But other then some thick jean motorcycle gear, you aren't going to find much here unless you make it, and like I said, Full plate doesn't match the game and the game is already simple..
  4. The water looks ok I guess. I mean there isn't a wave effect really. If you aren't right next to it, then its hard to tell its moving. I go to a few resturants along the ohio and the only time I really notice it moving is when there is stuff floating in it.. like a tree. Here is a couple shots of the Ohio, the first is Waterfront park. A really popular place. But it was built in 99, so likely won't be in the game. Louisville was a pretty crappy place until they did all these upgrades downtown in the late 90s. New stadium, skate park, 4th st entertainment district, the waterfront, several other parks and a baseball field.
  5. I would see most people policing their brass in this type of situation. If you go to the gun range a lot, you will see a lot of people use nets attached to the weapons that the casings are ejected into. So they never fall to the ground and are already bagged up for you. But to make gunpowder, all you need is potassium nitrate (Basically saltpeter, people use this stuff every day), sulfur (This stuff is likely harder to get), and charcoal
  6. I don't know that formula or pretend to know it. I haven't played with the test build to know what it means. but I think that may help in this case as a first question, can a player just screw with the system by setting their height to 1 ft tall or age to like 10. Also, an age 65 retired guy doesn't need massive amounts more food then a healthy age 18 athlete. (Edit. I think i read that backwards, your forumla is - age isn't it. Which would mean setting my age to like 65 would be a good thing game stat wise. But still. if I was to make myself 10 years old. i wouldn't eat more then a aged 30 athlete.) Instead of age and height, more likely it should be based on Muscle and Fitness. That is what really effects how much you need to eat. If you are a couch potato you only need a few calories, but if you are a muscle bound hulk or professional runner, your base calorie need can be 3x higher. To make it more immersive, you can get bonuses or penalties to your fitness and strength based on how much you eat, and or protein. If you aren't eating enough protein then you won't build muscle, if you don't have your carbs then you won't be able to sprint for long distances. It sounds like rapid changes in food intake should effect things more like exhaustion, fatigue and stamina rather then your direct weight. I bike alot and on nice days I bike 30 miles a day, but if I don't get a full load of protein or carbs.. I don't make it some days, instead pulling only 10-15 miles before needing to stop and eat a power bar or something. So as for those, I would have the day to day eating involve your "hunger" level and your stamina. But not as much your weight unless you just aren't eating for a long time. I mean, I have friends in the Christian faith who go on 40 day water fast or juice fast they don't instantly "die" or anything. Yea they lose some weight, up to like 30 lbs or so, but they gain most of it right back when they start eating again.
  7. Here is a flood map from our city water company. Yea, the east side where I live doesn't have much trouble, but Valley Station which is the SW side of the map here is a flood plain. This PDF even speaks about the 1997 Flood. MSD Louisville Floodmap Here is that same MSD site which has a tab you can look over floods in our history MSD Site I know most people won't really care, but if the Devs wanted something to look at if they cared about water. No idea. I find it interesting.. now at least because I haven't really cared much in the past and this data is interesting.. lol.
  8. Honestly though.. I don't remember much about flooding. I know West Point flooded really badly in 1997 and 2011. They were even evacuating people, water up to the roof line in certain places. Good luck with your idea about knee deep water there. More like that one Christian Slater movie about the bank trucks and money. Louisville itself usually doesn't flood very badly as far as I know because of the damn and locks there. New Albany across the river has flooded fairly often. The city has been pretty good on building reservoirs to channel and hold water during floods. I own two pieces of rental property in Okalona which is on the south side of the city, its a flood plane there, but there are like 10- foot deep, 20 foot across storm channels for that water. It doesn't flood much there anymore, I think the deepest ti got was to the ankle. Maybe i'm a bad person, but I tended never to pay much interest to flooding and water unless it was around my properties.
  9. Look man... its hard enough to tend to my crops. You quit beating up on the little guys. Meanie.. they need love and not floods.. Occupy Clouds!
  10. You know I wonder. Right now the middle scroll zooms in and out. i wonder if functionality could be added to click in the middle wheel and then scroll and change "level" of perspective. To get what I mean. Go to the Zomboid Map and load it up and click the Change level thing on the left side. The Sims does this very well and makes the isometric view easy to use, but then again they also have camera rotation. With the sims, you can do. "No walls" "semi transparent walls" "full walls" and "roofs" That may help the views a bit.
  11. I've tried that, but it gets weird at times when you build walls and have multiple layers with unfinished roof sections. the guy starts walking all over the place. its really bad when trying to "Remove Grass" or place certain tiles when you are N of a wall. The guy keeps going out whatever door to the S and doing stuff there.
  12. Being at 52 total fractures since playing this game... (picked up a few recently) .. I can say a rotating camera sounds nice. But there are other possible fixes as well. And before anyone comments. How in the world did you break your leg 52 times.. I like building stuff. Lots of stuff.. and I'm ditzy and dumb.. And alot of times its hard to see what you are doing if you are building towards the SW, S or SE sides of the screen. Sometimes hard to see behind walls even if something would be directly in front of you at POV. And roofs... roofs... *shudder... So many broke bones putting roofs on structures...
  13. It makes me sad, I bought a few copies for friends and none have started playing yet. At least the Devs got the money.
  14. Some generators have a plug for putting in 12v as well as the normal 120 or 240v. Though normally the plugs don't match up to keep you from screwing stuff up. Also there are DC only generators. Here was an interesting guide I found from 1989, its an operators manual for a full line of generators https://www.westerbeke.com/operator's%20manual/35729_4.0bcg_6.5bcg_oper_man_ed2.pdf Now, repairing a generator. That should definitely need a manual for real repair. But I think it should really only come into play if you let it devolve into a "broken state" the idea of changing the oil or adding more, clearing the filter, replacing dry rotted fuel hoses. Those are pretty easy to figure out, Maybe based on your electrical skill for how well you can do repairs and how much repair you can get on it. Now fixing a generator with a seized engine or something.. Yea.. get a manual.. Actually.. I doubt the manual is really gonna show you how to fix it, most like you will need to learn some real engine repair techniques. but thats really based on your electrical, mechanical skill as "Most" engines operate the same way. I expect if you can repair a busted car engine you have a good idea how to repair a generator engine. *EDIT - as far as tile based. maybe someone without the manual can connect only like a 3x3 or 4x4 area with power, no need to connect, just "place" the generator and everything in 3x3 comes on, but not wall switches. but someone who has read the manual can connect a whole house, including the switches and .
  15. yea, its wiring a home where you can get into trouble, starting an electrical fire if you do it terribly wrong. But even in 1993 when there weren't many generators with built in inverters, I used that type of generator, in Louisville, in 1993, and you just plug a cord into it to a power strip and it works. A generator shouldn't be completely useless without a magazine. Even a complete idiot can run one. They have labels, there is obviously a place to put gas, obviously a place to plug a cord in, obviously a little level to shut it off. I mean, maybe you will have problems if you see an AC outlet and think..... Hmm.. maybe it cooks stuff I'll plug a grapefruit into it. But if its that bad... you probably can't read either, so the point is moot. The most idiotic things you can do are leaving the generator in a puddle or running your cords through water or running the thing in the house. But.. you don't need a magazine to tell you not to do that, they have little labels on them with a picture of a lightning bolt and a water drop with a slash through and a picture of it inside a house with a slash through it. Just let them kill themselves if that's the case. No need for hand holding... Don't run gas powered stuff indoors... unless you run an exhaust pipe out the window.
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