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  1. I've never really been into the Multiplayer aspect of the game but if it's pulled off right then of course this will keep players coming back for years
  2. Fair enough, seems like a lot of work into this project. I love all the housing designs and such. Even if it's it's own challenge map or something there seems to be enough to keep people busy. Hopefully Louisville will live up to expectation. Mash has delivered so far on the rest of the map so I don't have any worries on that. I'm just looking forward to surviving in a high rise building clearing out other apartments around me, I think the closest we have at the moment is the multistorey building in the old Muldraugh map.
  3. Oh man, that's such a shame but understandable. With the new animations and such this map would have been a wonderful place to try and survive in, there's obviously a lot of love that went into this. Is it possible to allow it to be an open community project that others are free to edit?
  4. Oh my god, I can taste it! Having never dabbled with MP I'm all for the SP release first, the animations/sounds/everything looks tight and amazing! It's been a very long wait indeed but I know it'll be worth it when I finally drops! Well done all!
  5. Amazing work! I was actually thinking this past week about the moaning of the zombies and whether it'd ever be tweaked. I remember watching the video of the original zombie sounds being created in a very unique way. (It's amazing how much of a fleshy pulpy sound you can get from stabbing and orange). These new sounds are very guttural if that's the right word? More akin to something you'd find from The Walking Dead or maybe even games such as Dead Island/Dying Light. Gives a very savage and animal like tone to them. I don't know if moving away from the moans completely would be good but then again I've been so used to the old sound effects that maybe I'm just used to the old sounding groans and mumbles. I don't want to sound stubborn but I absolutely refuse to play Zomboid until the new update. I'm teasing myself and I'll be damned if I'm going to cave now (Not that Zomboid isn't already in an amazing state) but I'm holding off... I've lasted since 2016 and dammit I'll last a while more (Well, okay I caved for cars for about a week but c'mon, cars!) The payoff will be worth it and to be honest this was confirmed to be the Zombie Survival game I've always wanted waaaay back before now. I've been following you guys since 2011 but as soon as that first Anim vid came out all that time ago I've held off for the most part, the wait will be worth it and I hope you guys take all the necessary time to make this update shine. Well Done Guys!
  6. I suppose the weapons swing method is pretty much giving me what I want, knocking just seems more character friendly rather than smacking a bat at the wall. But, yeah the mechanics are there at least.
  7. Hey Guys, Just a suggestion, it may already be a thing, but would it be a good idea to implement a door knocking system to test if Zombies are active on the other side of the room? If I venture out to my neighbours house after running out of food I think even in an apocalypse scenario I'd knock on the door ( I think I may be too polite to survive such an outbreak come to think of it ) and at least its a preventative measure to stop coming face first with a Zed without first checking who's on the other side. Thanks for reading! YGROY
  8. May/June has a good feeling about it to me!
  9. I don't know I still think that's too optimistic, I'm thinking May/June personally since they mention in their last few posts they still have a lot to do with blending and such, I'd like to hope 2019 is the year but I'm not holding my breath. The end result will be worth it but I'm not convinced it's just around the corner.
  10. Maybe 2019 will be the year? I mean build 40 was released quite a few months ago now and I doubt it'll be an entire year for them to release even an IWBUMS? (I'm going to be revisiting this comment in 2020 and sighing now aren't I :') )
  11. The new update will add more weapons from revolvers, shotguns, pistols, rifles and even a chainsaw for the suicidal.
  12. Unfortunately the kids idea is a no go from a ratings perspective, but as far as immersion goes it's the small things that help. On Fallout 4 I remember installing a child raider mod and thinking nothing of it until I encountered one. From a story perspective it was an internal battle as you're searching for your lost child whilst equally blowing away kids of equal age to get to him in the first place. If it's a mod then I'll consider it I suppose.
  13. Oh hell yeah, that looks amazing! Gives it the extra apocalypse edge we need
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