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  1. You've Got Red On You

    Deep learning rescale applied to PZ (Topaz)

    Gives the items a more watercolour-esque look to them, I like it
  2. You've Got Red On You

    28 Days Later Challenge!

    Wow, way to Necro this thread :')
  3. You've Got Red On You

    Animations will one day be released hype thread.

    I don't know I still think that's too optimistic, I'm thinking May/June personally since they mention in their last few posts they still have a lot to do with blending and such, I'd like to hope 2019 is the year but I'm not holding my breath. The end result will be worth it but I'm not convinced it's just around the corner.
  4. You've Got Red On You

    Animations will one day be released hype thread.

    Maybe 2019 will be the year? I mean build 40 was released quite a few months ago now and I doubt it'll be an entire year for them to release even an IWBUMS? (I'm going to be revisiting this comment in 2020 and sighing now aren't I :') )
  5. You've Got Red On You

    more weapons

    The new update will add more weapons from revolvers, shotguns, pistols, rifles and even a chainsaw for the suicidal.
  6. You've Got Red On You

    Whats the first thing you’ll do In build 41?

    I'm personally looking forward to the updated zombie models, having a guy missing an arm shuffle by the window with blood covering him will be an extra fright given the extra animated details. And I can act out my Shaun of the Dead fantasy of wearing a white shirt with blood spatters up the front, stumbling into my safehouse to make a nice cuppa'. I can't believe I've been waiting since 2016 for this, It'll be worth it though. I'm personally abstaining from playing and have been for about 2 years so I can fully soak in the atmosphere. It's been a painful wait but one that will keep me playing for a long time after it's done. 2011 seems so long ago since I got my hands on the alpha! Project Zomboid, Mount & Blade: Bannerlord and also LSPDFR for GTA V are my 3 games that will keep me happy for many months to come. (Mainly Zomboid since I love all things zombie)
  7. You've Got Red On You

    Having Kids

    Unfortunately the kids idea is a no go from a ratings perspective, but as far as immersion goes it's the small things that help. On Fallout 4 I remember installing a child raider mod and thinking nothing of it until I encountered one. From a story perspective it was an internal battle as you're searching for your lost child whilst equally blowing away kids of equal age to get to him in the first place. If it's a mod then I'll consider it I suppose.
  8. You've Got Red On You

    Whats the first thing you’ll do In build 41?

    Go full furry and take down zombies in my Spiffo costume.
  9. You've Got Red On You

    Zombie, it’s cold outside

    Keep pushing!!
  10. You've Got Red On You

    Crashed Cars Mod

    Oh hell yeah, that looks amazing! Gives it the extra apocalypse edge we need
  11. You've Got Red On You

    Men with Ven

    I've lost count the amount of times I've seen Rick Grimes piss himself mid zombie fight
  12. You've Got Red On You

    Men with Ven

    Throw the switch!! Well I'll be kissing 2019 goodbye to this game. <3
  13. You've Got Red On You

    Some Humble Ideas

    Wow this got brought back from the dead... Well, we have cars now in all their glory! Clothing/Animation is on it's way sometime either this year or next. I refuse to play this game until animations are added in and it's killing me, This is the game I've always wanted but I just need that finishing touch with the clothing and animations to make it. NPC's can be a ways off but it wont matter since I'll be catching up on all the things everyone else has probably already done. I've been sitting on this egg for 8 years now and it's almost ready to hatch!
  14. You've Got Red On You

    Enhanced Vehicles (WIP)

    Goddamn that's amazing!
  15. You've Got Red On You

    Death Cab for Zombie

    Well, I'll definitely be that one survivor that got a little weird and now roams the streets in a blood covered Spiffo-suit.