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  1. Feature. Use the furniture removal tool.
  2. In 41.51 (no mods), when playing split screen co-op some zombies fail to appear on screen for both players. Generally, if a zombie cannot be seen by one player, it can be seen by the other. I can't entirely prove it, but that's how it seems. Zombies will appear after having been invisible upon approaching to very close range (within melee attack range with a longer weapon) of the player. Both player 1 and 2 can be affected. Added a screenshot - 2 identical characters (no profession or perks) looking at the same door. P1 can see some door bashers, P2 cannot. Immediately prior to this, P1 could not see a zombie approaching from the letterboxes but P2 could. Additional steps taken: Uninstall via steam Manually cleanup steam leftovers + workshop files. Deleted ~/user/Zomboid/ Reinstalled. Problem persists.
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