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  1. Build 39: Vehicles released!

    We don't have 'tyres' in America. We have 'tires.' Also, whats the word on getting a temperature readout to read in Fahrenheit?
  2. Muffled Scream

    I know how to translate between the two.... doesn't mean I want to every time I look at the temperature. I said I was a loud American, not a dumb one.
  3. Muffled Scream

    Just wanna put this out there... Fahrenheit. Not Celsius when doing temperature displays. Yes, I know the rest of the world uses Celsius, but Americans use Fahrenheit, as would all of their temperature displays. I'm fairly certain you'd include an option to swap between the two. Actually most cars I've seen that digitally display temp have this feature in real life. But I wanted to be a loud American anyway.
  4. RELEASED: Build 37.14

    So how do you disable this?
  5. Build 36 Team up

    Hahahahaha. Yeah. Right.
  6. RELEASED: Build 36.4

    So if I right-click and "Walk to" an area and fast forward I'll stop? ugh. Terrible. So, will lighters have their "charges" increased? Will smoking a cigarette use less than it takes to start a fire? Because a full standard lighter will light literally hundreds and hundreds of cigarettes. (Hell, as it stand even when lighting fires in-game, lighters run out way too quickly. Again, a standard cigarette lighter will light hundreds of fires.) A regular "BiC" lighter will light up to 3,000 times. A standard full book of matches will light 20 cigarettes. That is to say, if using the lighter for this purpose will use any charges at all.
  7. Megatestin

    No. Just don't be like that to people. ALL. THE. TIME. That'd be pretty cool. Maybe you need another vacation? You don't have to encourage me to do anything. I come and go as I please with this game and the forums and rarely interact with you(for this very reason). But when other people have the misfortune of interacting with you, it leads to negative reviews and a "bad taste" for potential future customers. That's all I was saying. Although encouraging patience and understanding would work a whole hell of a lot better than condescension and snark. That's to say nothing of the whole "Be Lovely" policy. But you go ahead and do you, dude. I'm just pointing out why people might be reluctant to converse with TIS and leave bad reviews.
  8. Megatestin

    It's things like this that lead to reviews that say this. " the condescending attitude of the forum moderators have ruined it for me"
  9. RELEASED: Build 35.26

  10. RELEASED: Build 35.26

    Let me count the amount of fucks I give. Oops! Looks like I'm all out.
  11. RELEASED: Build 35.26

    I can only imagine it's to add artificial difficulty.
  12. RELEASED: Build 35.26

    No, you could always tie a sheet rope to them, but a barricade was the only way to make a fence impossible to hop over. So barricading the fences around the one with the sheet rope will prevent your character from stupidly choosing the wrong fence and breaking a leg.
  13. RELEASED: Build 35.26

    This is a fucking stupid decision. Being able to barricade a fence was infinitely helpful to prevent your character from hopping over the wrong fence. One step forward, two steps back.
  14. RELEASED: Build 35.26

    So, remember the problem with being able to upgrade second floor walls when they were facing south or east? Well there is a similar problem when trying to "Barricade" a wooden fence(the kind you can hop over or tie a sheet rope to) if it's on a second floor with no pathing to the "front". Barricading is good for preventing Wooden Fences from being hopped over, so you don't accidentally injure yourself if your character misses or chooses the wrong fence with the sheet rope.
  15. RELEASED: Build 35.26

    Me too! This is a cool option. The QoL has been doubled!