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  1. I've noticed in order for the "Smash Window" option to appear you have to be standing in the spot to make the green rectangle appear on the ground, indicating which door you're facing. I know nobody asked, but you can also shoot the windows of a car out as well. I use cars as barricades to make little kill-boxes and many times the spread of a shotgun blast will take out a car window.
  2. Sick Boy

    Do Open

    Post-apocalypse Grandma, here I come!
  3. "You have not been forgotten" - General John McGrew xP oh shit. F--- McGrew! F--- his lies! Cal Fairweather is responsible for this mess. Vote Mahoney.
  4. Sick Boy

    StreamZed III

    Well, good for them.
  5. Sick Boy

    StreamZed II

    Something classy, minimalist and "normal" would be perfect. Please don't make it a "zombie hand". Really there's nothing wrong with the standard mouse pointer, but I understand why you wouldn't want to use it. There's no "good reason" that I have to not make it. Other than it's something I personally don't want so, ya know, take the comment as you'd take any other recommendation that's a bit petty and kinda dumb. Also, strong Fantano vibes from the featured character.
  6. You heard it folks. EXACTLY 2 weeks.
  7. Sick Boy


    So, that sound is awful and horrible and grating and I love it, it's perfect for mailboxes and other small metal type objects. I hope the tree sounds get changed to something more mangled brush-rustle sound. Which it probably will, I did notice it said the sound effects were temporary, but I have to say, if you can differentiate between brush and more solid debris sounds that'd be perfect. The body sounded more "body rolling beneath the undercarriage" than "speed bump" which is awesome. But I might be imagining that. If not, that sounded pretty darn good.
  8. Sick Boy

    The Sound of Mucus

    I hate to be the negative Nancy in the group, but I think the zombie sounds are a bit over the top. Now, I do agree they should make the moaning and groaning and stuff. But the ravenous growling is too animalistic. It's too intense. Like they're mad at me. Loud is fine. but they don't seem like zombies when they make that much noise. They seem like angry cannibals.
  9. While not a perfect solution for your need, sometimes you can just swing your weapon in the air and a zombie on the other side of the door will hear it. Don't actually hit anything with the weapon, just whiff it through the air. Sometimes if I go into a house, I'll walk a couple steps in, swing my weapon and then count to 10. That usually brings them out of corners or gets them banging on a door they're on the other side of.
  10. Sick Boy

    Zed Snacking

    If you think you can just wave things like a comically giant pan and a skeleton dance party in our faces and expect us not to demand it...? Well, brother you got another thing comin'!
  11. I would like it if this function was tied to the "Erosion" mechanic. Meaning that Day 1 of the outbreak would look almost similar to the "clean" world you have... But over the weeks and months you might stumble upon a house that was a defensive structure or an overturned/burned out car wreck that wasn't there a month ago. I imagine something similar would happen with the inclusion of NPCs if they function in an independent type of manner. Maybe now when you hear the random gunshots, you can explore the direction of sound and find a corpse being devoured by a horde or having alread
  12. Hell even Reloading 3(which is more realistically reachable, even with ORGM) has a significant difference in reloading speed. And when highly panicked the reload penalty is extremely noticeable. I do not agree with your assessment of it being negligible. I agree it could use some finer tuning... Maybe a more all-encompassing gun handling trait instead of two categories for aiming and reloading so that way you can level them up rather evenly. That frees up room to include a gun maintenance trait for repairing and degradation. I like the idea of a maintenance trait.
  13. No. Also, Thunder is the sound. Lightning is the part that strikes people.
  14. So, I love the new "task" animations (self-care, taking pills, digging grave, pouring one out for a fallen homie, etc) ... But can I suggest to add a small animation in between opening the pill bottle and slamming the bottle into your mouth? It's a great "drinking" animation, but no one would ever take pills that way. Considering pills(especially painkillers) are supposed to be taken one or two at a time, maybe animate so the character opens the bottle and taps the bottle into their opposite hand to simulate "shaking one out" and puts the hand with the pill up to their face?
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