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  1. Sick Boy


    Man, that picture up top sure is cool. Whoever took that must be one cool, smart, handsome, talented and brave dude.
  2. Sick Boy

    Screen Shot Submission

    That's cool. I'm not sure if they fit any kind of theme or topic, but if they do I hope they use them. And if this is in the wrong section of the forums I can take it down.
  3. Sick Boy

    Screen Shot Submission

    One more I thought was cool that damn near broke my game because of the amount of zombies on screen was pretty insane, I turned on the ambulances siren and drove around the block a couple times until I was stuttering and lagging like crazy. It doesn't look like a lot, but they are actually layered on top of each other. If you nudge any part of that group with a car they explode into hundreds more zombies. .
  4. Sick Boy

    Screen Shot Submission

    Hey, I have a handful of screenshots I would like to submit for the Thursdoids for you guys to use. Do I just upload them here or do I submit them some where specific? They aren't anything insane but I think they have some atmosphere and style to some of them. Some have a "minimalist" quality to them which I like to think captures the solitudinous feel of the game. I'm particularly fond of the paused shot of the cop car with the Project Zomboid logo and the few zombies straggling about. A couple shots feature the new weather looks in the game and there's an "action" shot of a group of zombies on fire.
  5. Sick Boy

    IWBUMS VERSION - 40.37

  6. Sick Boy

    Light Drinker Trait

    Not true at all. Even in single player, I role play to an extent. If I had a "long day" or if I woke up scared, I take the edge off by doing a shot or two of whiskey and smoking a cigarette.
  7. Sick Boy

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    I have to say, I just started up a new game a couple days ago on the IWBUMS branch and I am LOVING this new weather system. I really like the fog effects. I will say it's weird that it doesn't start get dark until after 10pm. It's also weird that it only rained 2 times in the month of April though. I found it a bit insulting when I went 27 days without rain and thought "Okay, I'm gonna plant some carrots"(because they grow better in dry spells and when not fully watered) and IMMEDIATELY after I watered them up to 75% it started raining. This is a good update.
  8. Sick Boy

    Item duplication(Metal Bars)

    I noticed when you barricade a window or door with the metal bars, it requires you to have at least 3 in your inventory but you end up only using 1 and you're left with 2 in your inventory. Additionally, when you go to remove them from the window, it gives you back 2 bars, essentially giving you an extra bar. So if you have 3 in your inventory, and you apply bars to a window, it will only use up 1 bar. You will have 2 in your inventory still, and when you go to remove them with the "Unbarricade" option, it produces 2 bars, and you end up with 4 bars in your inventory. edit: This is in the most recent IWBUMS version.
  9. Sick Boy

    Build 39: Vehicles released!

    We don't have 'tyres' in America. We have 'tires.' Also, whats the word on getting a temperature readout to read in Fahrenheit?
  10. Sick Boy

    Muffled Scream

    I know how to translate between the two.... doesn't mean I want to every time I look at the temperature. I said I was a loud American, not a dumb one.
  11. Sick Boy

    Muffled Scream

    Just wanna put this out there... Fahrenheit. Not Celsius when doing temperature displays. Yes, I know the rest of the world uses Celsius, but Americans use Fahrenheit, as would all of their temperature displays. I'm fairly certain you'd include an option to swap between the two. Actually most cars I've seen that digitally display temp have this feature in real life. But I wanted to be a loud American anyway.
  12. Sick Boy

    RELEASED: Build 37.14

    So how do you disable this?
  13. Sick Boy

    Build 36 Team up

    Hahahahaha. Yeah. Right.
  14. Sick Boy

    RELEASED: Build 36.4

    So if I right-click and "Walk to" an area and fast forward I'll stop? ugh. Terrible. So, will lighters have their "charges" increased? Will smoking a cigarette use less than it takes to start a fire? Because a full standard lighter will light literally hundreds and hundreds of cigarettes. (Hell, as it stand even when lighting fires in-game, lighters run out way too quickly. Again, a standard cigarette lighter will light hundreds of fires.) A regular "BiC" lighter will light up to 3,000 times. A standard full book of matches will light 20 cigarettes. That is to say, if using the lighter for this purpose will use any charges at all.
  15. Sick Boy


    No. Just don't be like that to people. ALL. THE. TIME. That'd be pretty cool. Maybe you need another vacation? You don't have to encourage me to do anything. I come and go as I please with this game and the forums and rarely interact with you(for this very reason). But when other people have the misfortune of interacting with you, it leads to negative reviews and a "bad taste" for potential future customers. That's all I was saying. Although encouraging patience and understanding would work a whole hell of a lot better than condescension and snark. That's to say nothing of the whole "Be Lovely" policy. But you go ahead and do you, dude. I'm just pointing out why people might be reluctant to converse with TIS and leave bad reviews.