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  1. Funny that, I'm actually thinking of returning to England now. Tfw politically opposite to the rest of the forum.
  2. Stop lying to the 'Mericans about Koalas, you'll get someone killed.
  3. I don't wanna have to kill zombie Spiffo though.
  4. Foulmouth


    You must return here with a shrubbery... or else you will never pass through this wood... alive.
  5. Foulmouth


    Excellent, now I can sup with the devil.
  6. Foulmouth

    Operation Big Tree

    I can't believe everyone is ignoring the important question. Will these new metal walls be able to stop a dragon ?
  7. Granted, I give you the internet. I wish for chocolate, and apple pie. And also whipped cream.
  8. I always figured it was a news copter from outside the quarantine zone, they wouldn't care about you getting swarmed and eaten as long as they get good footage.
  9. @lemmy101 It can't be much fun getting all the flak you do about npc's, I have to resist blasting the bastards that comment on the facebook updates, It seems to me that a lot of people on facebook (and steam for that matter) are self entitled little shits. You guys have made an awesome game and during the 2 years I've played it's got better and better. I literally cannot think of any other form of entertainment where I've got 500+ hours for only 15 bucks, even if you guys stopped now (please don't though) the value would still be amazing. Keep your chin up man, annoying fuckers gonna be annoying fuckers.
  10. I use a similar tactic to this already, on my outer wall I have windows barricaded with 2 planks (so I can see how many zombies are there) and they always break the planks first then climb through. It makes it easier to do repairs and gives me more time to deal with them.
  11. Press R , It lets you rotate through objects on that tile.
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