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  1. My brother can read the 1000 page book in one day.
  2. When I run PZ normal mode and load save, I see UI on black background.
  3. After each loading, my character falls floor below with big injuries. Does anybody else have this bug?
  4. I have alarms in 50% - 70% of houses. Should this be?
  5. FPS is no problem now because newest build fix this. I kill process after few minutes of black screen when background music started.
  6. By writing "Now is better ..." I mean "Now in 0009 is better ...".
  7. In build 0008 game run only in compatibility mode and I can play with 3 - 5 FPS. In normal mode it show black screen. Now is better performance in compatibility mode but normal mode still won't run. I've never had performance problems and running the game in normal mode. Sorry if the text is unreadable, but I had no idea how to write it.
  8. I'm enjoy polish translation. I know it's WIP and it's not complete, but there is lot of mistakes. Otherwise, zombies was disappearing from field of view when I was look at them. Thanks, and good luck.
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