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  1. you can assign a key to pan the camera wherever you want. Personally I assign left alt for that, it's easy to use while driving
  2. many suggested this but I don't think anyone suggested an xp bonus, which makes sense because tin cans are way harder to hit since they're a smaller target than zombies.
  3. Could you post a pic, please? I've never seen those differences between zombies
  4. Yes it depends on the fences but actually it's already possible IG to break fences with cars, you have to try several times but it can be done even with tall ones (not sure if it can be done with all fences though)
  5. or you just place them on the campfire THEN lit it, but your suggestion is still valid
  6. I'm pretty sure that you automatically rest when you're in a vehicle, but still it could be useful because unlike the rest action you don't have the little loading bar telling you if you're done resting or not
  7. add a remote pipe bomb to the Horde Maker for more fun! I think the best way to use a zombie would be as a mule
  8. Yeah it looks like those cars have been in a car crusher
  9. That's genius! a very simple feature but really useful
  10. I'm pretty sure they will add horses at some point, after all there are stables already so it would make sense to have horses https://map.projectzomboid.com/#8572x8549x15701 Also I think devs mentioned it once but since I can't find anything I guess I just wanted to believe it.
  11. Sorry I wasn't very clear, for health I meant the same HUD as players and only seen after inspection (a right click action to get the health window), not constantly visible like a RPG health bar. If your dog is bleeding or close to death you would notice it easily with animations and sounds only, you can already see it with your character, they leave a trail of blood when bleeding, but for small injuries and to treat them you could inspect it which would bring a health window. Dogs can have a lot of issues and from the exterior you can't always determine the problem, you have to go to a veterinary to know what's wrong with it, that's why you would need some first aid skill. Of course I'm not asking for dogs to get all health issues possible and not need 8 skill points in first aid to do anything.., but not just bleeding. What i'm trying to say is that it's not always that easy to tell what's wrong with your dog (sickness, dehydration, starvation, infections...) and I feel like someone with better medical knowledge would do better than someone who knows nothing at all at identifying problems and applying adequate treatments.
  12. A HUD like that for skill points in obedience, loyalty... maybe but for hunger and health I don't think it would fit PZ, because it's supposed to be as realistic as possible, for health you could inspect it (like players being inspected by other players) and based on your level of first aid you would know what's wrong with your dog. For hunger you would know if it's hungry or not based on its reactions (animations and sounds like whimpering, barking...) and/or you feed it always at the same hour of the day. You better train your dogs really good before going out with them, because if they bark... I don't have to explain what's going to happen. Either than that yes those are good ideas, there is so much to do with animals and especially dogs.
  13. Nice, do you take wind in consideration for fire propagation? I guess you thought about weather and seasons effects too, fire would spread way more during summer than winter. Imagine a forest fire during a hot dry summer + strong wind, this would create a massive fire endangering towns like Muldraugh surrounded by forests, players would have to cooperate to stop the spreading by cutting trees, now we need fire hoses and fire trucks! I'm concerned about performance issues though, how the game will handle forest fires?
  14. Axezombie

    Its me again

    It happens only when your character is being overwhelmed by zombies and eaten alive (3 or more zombies attacking you at the same time I think). It's enabled by a setting called "Drag Down" in sandbox mode. It is on by default
  15. Yes it's annoying but the bodies rotting away is a feature made especially to increase performances, more corpses = less FPS and if you replace corpses with items it's gonna be way worse in terms of performance. What you can do in sandbox mode is increase a lot the duration of corpses, so you have all the time you need to loot them before they disappear.
  16. Enable debug mode and turn on noclip, or do it with necroforge mod
  17. I guess you are aware of it but many recipes are actually learnt by reading magazines: traps, engineering crafts, cooking recipes, farming, metalworking... What kind of recipes and skills do you have in mind? Carpentry?
  18. hemophobic trait (renamed fear of blood for some reason) causes stress which can lead quickly to depression, and maybe injuries are more prone to be infected with dirty clothes (not sure at all about that) but except that there is no disadvantage of wearing dirty clothes and you're right, the vast majority of people wouldn't stand having bloody clothes especially all day long, maybe after a very long time it would desensitize them though. But I feel like it would be really annoying to be forced to have clean clothes most of the time, maybe once a day you would have to get clean or every 2 days, some kind of balance to make it realistic with a new aspect to take care of without being too annoying AND having a way to protect your clothes like by wearing an apron, a k-way or hazmat suit so you have less laundry to do.
  19. I kinda agree with you, yes depression doesn't do much, it's annoying to transfer items slower but that's not a big deal compared to what depression can actually do but making your character losing all hope and letting themself die is a bit too much don't you think? Especially when you can make your character severely depressed just by eating some bad food but that's another problem. What I would suggest is that it could affect all actions, reading taking more time, slower and weaker hits, slower walk speed, taking more time to get out of bed etc causing anxiety, feeling sick, bored, tired, insomnia, pain etc Also having a really bad depression couldn't go away by eating 10 salads but by taking antidepressants for several days or maybe being severely injured and recovering from it (maybe what I'm saying is BS and you can't cure that easily but it's still just a game not depression simulator so...) Finally, I guess devs have plans for depression and other psychological moodles with the addition of NPCs (like anger which was present in first versions).
  20. Axezombie

    Walk in the Woodz

    Ah good, finally, hope they are not extremely rare though but a really nice touch. I hope there will be a rope or chain to tow cars with different kind of durability at some point.
  21. Birds love to eat maggots, so it's obvious that we should be able to use them as bait, it's like not being able to use worms as bait.
  22. They already are planning a lot of different walls materials, check this: https://projectzomboid.com/blog/news/2022/08/slapdashdoid/
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