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  1. Hey there lovely survivors! I have recently come up with something to add to the game and since no one seems to have thought of it before, I've decided to write it down myself. I think it would be cool that the characters produced noise whenever you use the chat feature to communicate with players. If the conversations are long, nearby zombies will hear the sound and maybe come closer to the source. If the player is using capital letters (caps) the character will be shouting, so more noise and more chances of attracting a group of zombies. What do you think about it? It would not make a big impact on the experience but it's something that contributes to it.
  2. I like your suggestions and want to contribute with some more: Kool-aid and powder milk could be introduced, in order to prepare them you would just mix them with water. Also, bags of different nuts could be introduced, they would feed you in a more complete way than just finding some peanuts but as a secondary effect they would cause thirst and/or boredom. Acai bowls would be cool too, maybe introducing a recipe to be able to cook them, they would be very nutritius but you'd need a good number of ingredients.
  3. I don't quite see the purpose of the knuckles, the rest of options would increase the amount of useful weapons which is always good. About the knuckles, I think they would be close-range weapons, even closer than a knive's range, which would lead to more chances of you getting scratched or bitten, plus, the attack itself wouldn't be so powerful.
  4. Hello there! Have you ever fallen from a window when you were actually trying to close it? Have you ever attempted an escape jump using rope, just to miss the rope and fall down a couple of stories? Well, I sure have and let me tell you, it's not pleasant. Trying to heal a broken bone is rather difficult, because the only way to do it is to create a splint, which is rather rudimentary. Pieces of cloth and sticks? Not enough people, not enough. My suggestion is to introduce plaster splints, which would provide more protection and faster healing, even though the movement would be slower than with a simple splint. What would you need to craft it? The materials to craft a simple splint + a bucket, water and plaster powder. For the recipe to work properly, I suggest level one of carpentry and level one of first aid, since a broken bone isn't as common as other injuries in the game.
  5. Hello there. Bleach cannot be used to clean water, but I think it is already possible to clean blood stains by using a towel and bleach on your inventory.
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