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  1. I'd prefer to be able to stop the end of the world but unable to see it. Would you rather be best friends with pepe the frog or date the troll face meme?
  2. From the Commonly Suggested Suggestions thread: The Big No's! ... [n] Children or babies ... I guess you didn't get the sarcasm but that's fine. But it'd be cool to have zombified children, it'd make the game more realistic.
  3. "Thank you for my dying wish, I never expected to be reunited with my chiwawa and my man! Also this pumpkin spice latte really hits the spot!" April Jr, Oletta Greene Jones later died in her senpai arms, only to be around the few things she truly desired in this world; Her chiwawa, lattes and her man! Truly a tragic death.
  4. Most public servers have rules. Most of the highly trafficed servers have existed for 4 - 7 months. Most of the public servers I've joined, I almost automatically get killed on sight.
  5. The main reason public servers aren't favoured is because they haven't got any rules. They'll kill each other on sight and then it'll start becoming a problem in the server, then the server won't be as popular any more. They'll get a few kind members left who don't shoot each other on sight, etc.
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