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  1. The best one that fits my personal play style would be "double click an item to equip it as primary" I know there are ways which is just as easy as what i have suggested here. We can move item from container to our side by 1) double click on it 2) right click and select grab 3) select and drag over to our side. We can move item from our side into container by 1) right click and select "put in container" 2) right click and select "drop" when you are looking at the container 3) select and drag Sounds like there are already plenty ways to do it, which is why i would like to suggest making double click a way to fast equip stuff. Situation 1: I have 10 trashbags in my bag, and i would like to take out only 1, but there is no menu for "unpack one" I can either: 1) expand the icon and unpack from there 2) drop one onto the ground and then pick it back up to my main inv 3) equip it as primary, which in my view is the best way to unpack 1 single item, after you equip it, you just press a hotkey for a weapon and the trashbag goes to your main inv and you are holding a weapon again in your hands in case of any emergency Situation 2: I have an axe and a sledgehammer in my inventory, i take the sledgehammer with me because i was doing some rebuilding n stuff. And then comes the situation when i wanna equip my axe to fight, i press the hotkey for 2 handed melee, the game equips the sledgehammer for me... So yeah, instead, how about open my inv and double click the weapon that i actually want to equip, it doesnt always have to be the "best" one that the game has decided on for me.
  2. Lazy Joe

    Shove and Stomp

    Any idea where the code is located?
  3. Lazy Joe

    Shove and Stomp

    Do the push and stomp attack from player have damage value? If so, where can i find them?
  4. Yea reading books is a horror when you play the longer days option in sandbox, also you get hungry and unhappy quite a lot in 1 day because it doesnt scale with real game time i wander why nobody created a mod for it yet to make long day length option playable. maybe ill try this one as my next project. Don't know about the unhappiness, but if i play 1 hour or 2 hour day length, hunger rises slower. When i play 30minutes per day i basically didnt do anything else beside making sure i dont starve, 1 hour setting totally fixed it.
  5. i made a recipe that allows me to craft a rifle i basically just copied the code of varmint rifle and changed its name. Ammo type, clip size and all other values remained the same, but it won't use up any ammo. After it is crafted, it automatically already has the .223 round in it, and never consumes it and i can't reload either. The Ammo Count line isn't in the weapon description when hover the mouse over it.
  6. im trying to do a little mod of my own which allows me to harvest meat from zombie corpses the problem is, the meat item i get from doing that, are fresh uncooked, i would like it to be rotten from the beginning. so i set DaysFresh=0 (how many days the item will stay fresh?) DaysTotallyRotten=0 (after how many days the item will become rotten?) the 2nd value minus the 1st value would be the length how long a food will stay non-fresh and non-rotten right? so i set it that way and hope that the item will be rotten right from the beginning ....and still got a fresh uncooked steak help needed.
  7. you can do that with notepad++ 1) let's say you want to change the weight of all items, not just ammo you would need to "search" for lines that contain the word "weight", and use "regular expression" instead of "normal" in the search window. you need to search for ".*weight.*" .* stands for anything, so basically with this, you are searching for lines that have "weight" in it, plus everything that comes before the word and after the word. and then replace it with whatever you need, in this case "weight = 0," 2) now that you only want to edit ammo type, for this, you will need to record a macro in notepad++ start at the top of the txt file, start recording, searching for "ammo", and then search for "weight" that comes before the "ammo" you just searched, replace it with whatever you need, end the recording there, and tell notepad++ to repeat those steps, and keep an eye on what it's doing. it can be a problem if some item's lines are not always in the same order, like if this item has the ammo line after the weight line, and the next item has the weight line after the ammo line, thats gonna cause you some work.
  8. did i understand this thread right? you are asking for some automatic way to write all the weight to 0 without having to edit them one by one? if yes i have a solution for you.
  9. Salt;1 will just decrease salt's hunger value by 1, instead using it all up i tried this on some vegetables recipe, the game refuses to read them it gets a bit confusing, when do i use ; : or = ? when it comes to the amount of ingredient or result.
  10. It feels like that 100 is roughly 1 second, but i would like to hear the official answer to this. And would crafting duration change depending on how long a day is set to? For example, if refilling a bottle with water takes 1 second in default day length, would it become 2 seconds if i set the day length to 1 hour instead of 30 minutes?
  11. I know the items and recipes are in the media folder, but thats the only thing im currently familiar with. All the "recipes" that need to be accessed by right clicking, i dont know where to find them, like filling up a bottle at a sink, or grabbing a corpse. If i can find those recipes, i can pull the name of the soundfiles from there.
  12. like the butcher sound, or shoveling sound, or saw sound. im trying to add the refill bottle sound to a recipe, and can't find any reference anywhere.
  13. For example, adding a line that makes ripping sheet add fatigue. Is it possible? Also, can a recipe have multiple results?
  14. for players who choose to start the game at 1 month after the outbreak, the radios and TVs kinda lost alot of purposes. beside, in the first week i'm busy looking for all different kind of carpentry tools and preparing for the population peak day, so i hardly ever stop for TV shows or radio. I thought it's only that area where the game takes place is infected and under quarantation, so i assume the rest of the world is kinda doing fine? why cant we continue to receive at least some commercials then. in that kind of isolation and danger i would be grateful to have anything to watch, even if it's donald trump giving a speech... hm... no, i would probably turn that s*** off....
  15. by "you will no longer see Steam in the lower righthand side of the title screen", you mean that "early access build32.30" without the "(steam)" after it? well i added -nosteam to launch option, i.... EDIT, i think i should run the game with this so-called compatibility-mode, by doing that, i dont see (steam) after the "early access v.32.30" and the local ip slot anymore. EDIT 2, oh nvm, other modes are without steam too now, dont know why it took them a while. EDIT, 3, alright, works, thanks alot!
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