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  1. @lemmy101 Ah, that's fair and a reasonable assumption. Fresh brand new players wouldn't be playing this branch right off the bat anyways. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Haven't played in a while, so I opted into playing the tutorial again and it seems that in this branch (for me at least) it soft locks during this stage in the tutorial. After killing the zombie outside the house. Though there may already be more worthwhile issues to be fixed instead. Just thought it should be brought up at least. If for some reason though, I'm not doing something right with the tutorial, let me know.
  3. PZ is generally also a resource management game (to me it is), so being able to save the overall carried weight when moving and making stuff (cooking/preparing food items) helps with the process which is why I'm suggesting it.
  4. Realistically thinking about it now, I do agree that it'll be a mess merging two bottle of condiments of the same type into each other, but it's still doable. I'd propose either of the following (separately): To merge two condiments of the same type, they have to be in both primary and secondary slots while merging is happening. This should also take a while for you to finish since you have to be extra careful and moving around at all while merging will definitely fail the merge and you would end up losing one bottle of Ketchup in the process. OR How about instead of merging a Ketchup Bottle with another Ketchup Bottle, we can place condiments into jars which would result in Jar of Ketchup, etc. Again, the two items above are separate ideas. I'd just really like to be able to save space since inventory management can get chaotic while attempting to cook and prepare multiple food items. The most feasible one would probably the Jar thing, since its the simplest solution idea I can think of. Btw, thanks for the replies guys.
  5. Hello guys, I'd like to suggest that we should be able to merge condiments (Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Marinara, Salt and Pepper etc.) of the same kind into a single item if their combined green bar does not exceed the maximum possible value. As of right now (IWBUMS 34.15), multiple condiments of the same type all have the same weight regardless of how many uses are left individually. Thus having multiple individual condiment items of the same kind that results to carrying more weight than necessary. I would suggest this under the respective IWBUMS thread I'm playing on but I'd like to suggest this to the game in general which is why I'm posting it here. I hope I'm doing this right and the suggestion itself is clear enough. I also did a search on "condiments" and nothing like this was mentioned in the search results. Lastly to the forum moderators: Cheers.
  6. Hello again, it's been a while since I last played so I may be reporting bugs that were already mentioned in previous threads. I'll be looking over the threads I missed but in the mean time, here's what I have to report. Sinks in the Motel building are floating off the counter top: Watermelon Fresh but is already very close to rotting (I may have not played long enough to know whether or not this is intended or not so might as well report it): And with the two images above, you can also see that any item in the secondary slot is off center.
  7. Well in that case, thanks for letting me know. I'm fairly new to the community and have only roughly gone through the last few ten version upgrades' discussion threads. Cheers.
  8. I'm on v33.19 and I think I found another bug that involves doors. In the image below with the wooden door with a crescent moon cutout, the door itself can't be interacted with nor does it have any effect on blocking movement. The zombie right beside me in the image just calmly came from inside the room, then after the screenshot it attacked me and pushed me through the door. I then realized that the door was technically not there physically. So I just pushed the zombie back and walked away, note that all that happened in between the tiles adjacent that door. This was on the Muldraugh, KY map. It could be just an glitch caused by the save conversion from 33.17 which was when I last played a few days ago. Anyhow I hope that's enough information, cheers.
  9. did you opt in for version 33.17? it should appear on the right like the floor. Yes. I event went through all the steps of agreeing to beta again. I am on version 33.19 and still no option to look in the bag. I'm fairly new to the community, so I could just be entirely wrong but does the issue still persist in a new map? Since from that image, you've said it was before you re-agreed to beta again. So that might be it, an issue with saves from older versions not working properly in the newer beta branch version. Then again I could really still be wrong. Worth a try at least.
  10. Awesome update! I noticed something's odd with the Doors that don't block sight(I really like that addition btw), these doors also don't block attacks. I'm playing solo in this 33.15 Build and I can hit Zombies with melee weapons from the other side of a door that has glass panels. I haven't tried with guns yet cause I don't have any atm. I hope that's enough information for now, cheers.
  11. In the 33.14 Build, at certain occasions the Locking Sound doesn't play when you lock doors that are positioned at a certain angle while the player is on one side of the door. In the image below shows the position wherein it doesn't trigger the locking sound. Although if I go outside this door and lock it from the outside, the sound plays. All other doors lock with the locking sound. If this is a issue that only affects me, let me know too so I can further diagnose whether it's because of the game or only my PC.
  12. Thank you for all the replies guys, I just figured the game would attract (even by a tiny percent) more players (while in EA) if the typos were fixed in the Demo build. That aside, I got the game already and I'm enjoying it a lot. So I probably won't be back for a while, haha. Cheers!
  13. Hello PZ Community, first of all I'd like to say that I've been eyeing this game for quite a while now and it has definitely piqued my interest. I have played the Demo Build 23 quite a few times too. I know that the developers are already multiples of versions away, but since the Demo is technically the first look a potential buyer will be able to experience I highly suggest that the demo build be cleaned up a bit. I'm not asking for bug fixes but simply correction on certain typos a hesitant first-time PZ Demo player can encounter in the Zomboid Survival Guide during their PZ Demo playthrough. I'd be posting screenshots of the typos below. In the first image, the typo would be the word "atatch" in the "To equip one and..." sentence. In the second image, the typo is the displayed <BR> code in the PRECISION paragraph. In the third image, the "A range of cooking, carpentry..." sentence is cut off at the end. In the fourth image, the "From here, you can..." sentence is also cut off at the end. There are other instances where the words are cut off but the next word moves on to the next line, which is fine and still quite understandable. I haven't bought the game yet, but I reckon these things could already be fixed in the newer versions. My only concern here is that since the Demo would be a potential player's first experience of the game, typos often breaks immersion/train of thought while reading and might reduce their interest in the game. I've browsed through the forums and also have done a search with the terms "demo" and "typo" but the search came up empty. I'd like to point out that I actually loved the way the Survival Guide was presented. The tone of the author, the jokes here and there. Thumbs up from me! I wasn't too bothered with the typos, but it would definitely be more presentable as a PZ Demo if the typos were rectified. I hope I'm not breaking any rules that I may have missed, or incorrectly posted this in the wrong subforum. I'll be getting the game in the next few days, so until then thank you for the read. Cheers!
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