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  1. OH Lookining good, and it's working. Thanks you really great
  2. My car doesn't spawn, so I decided to compare my model with example from the RingoD123's guide, but something wrong, when I'm trying to import txt file of my converted model. Although, the model from the Zaz968 mod is loading normally. And talking about 1,0 or 1.0 form, we all the same use 1.0 in pc
  3. >Heh. I'm guessing in your country, you would write a float in the format 1,00000 rather than 1.00000? Actually so. That what I've got: testObject.txt Thank you very much.
  4. Here we go. txt is applied too. testObject.txt
  5. I dragged testing file testObject.ply onto the PZ_PLYtoPZconverter.exe Then the following is my output: Bigger window: "Unhandled exception: System.FormanException: The input string had the wrong format. in System.Number.ParseSingle(lablabla) in PZ_PLYtoPZconverter.Program.Main(String[] args)" Lesser window: "Program doesn't work Something led to crashing. asf."
  6. I mean this There is no difference between a man or a woman (model)
  7. Pls, help. How can i get the model with "staying" animation? I mean, when model's hands down
  8. Help me someone plz. Size of my crowbar is too big and it does not depend on the size of model in blender. I repeat after videoguide and that is my result:
  9. What you think about bloody spots in PZ, When you live in some house you will be enraged this. Can you add this please?
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