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    Try to check actual server stats with 'showoptions' command
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    [40.43] Character doesn't lose weight

    Nvm, there was the drop. Wasn't aware of no more decimal points. Thanks. Thought also that this "arrow down" indicator shows me the weight tendency, but wasn't sure. @Devs a tool tip maybe ("you are losing weight")? =) @Pandorea since i'm playing on my own server i could be one
  3. Hello, my charater has a problem to lose weight, its now 18 days with much of running, carrying, chopping, fighting and not eating much (of course only vegetables) and its still 105, not even 104.9. We are playing on a dedicted linux server, on the stable branch. Is there some entry in the console i have to watch if there is some progress at all? Or maybe any kind of debugging/inspection with the admin account? Just to get sure. If it only takes longer its fine, but i remember from a previous session that a change should be already visibile. Regards, Noctem