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  1. I think for the sake of balance... if you used a weapon that was not as properly designed (like a butter or kitchen knife compared to a hunting knife) it would have a chance to get stuck in a zombie. OR if the durability of the weapon is low, it'd have a chance to get stuck in the zombie. Otherwise you just ramped up the difficulty x100 or x1,000% since you take away reliable weapons. Imagine you spent forever finding your first axe, "YAY I HAVE A GOOD WEAPON" you think, but the first time you swing it at a zombie when a hoard is approaching the random chance proc's and it gets stuck in the zombie. Good luck getting or finding that zombie ever again while your running for safety to retrieve that axe! All in all, it could be cool. I just think it'd have to be related to either improvised weapons or low durability.
  2. Omg yay mundane animations! xD So.. Then consider this a suggestion for the functions rather than the animations!
  3. Wouldn't it be nice if you actually sat down in a chair to reduce fatigue instead of a bar hovering over your head? Wouldn't it also be nice if you could lay down to help alleviate some nausea or illness so you could recover faster? That's the idea! I'm a stickler for the details, and the fact I can't actually sit or lay down bothers me. I got a major burn wound once, and I thought to myself the whole time I should be laying down and babying my leg for this! Something else that I'd love to see, is if you are sitting down - why not let people read books or do other activities while sitting down? I understand some things you simply can't do.. but some of the smaller scale crafting or cooking I feel it's appropriate to do while sitting down. In short: 1. Laying down in beds should help you recover from sicknesses and injuries. 2. Sitting down should allow you to do other minor activities like reading. 3. Animations for both so that you can free up the 'Floating Progress Bar' for productive stuff!
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