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  1. How to kill off a large horde with only melee?

    Fighting that many zombies with a melee weapon sounds an awful lot like suicide.
  2. MegaTest VII: So Many Subtitles [FINISHED]

    Untethered admin zombie murder.
  3. MegaTest VII: So Many Subtitles [FINISHED]

    Zombies stutter a bit in close quarters and totally ignore me at times.
  4. POI Fort Redstone, KY

    This looks amazing and I am going to love running around this. One thing though, military bases with airfields are not called forts but that's a very small like caveat. I love this.
  5. PAV and YOU - Civil Defence Guide (Document No. 2)

    You can use the map interface as a framework. Instead of a map it just has a sheet with text on it. There's some proof of concepts here.
  6. PAV and YOU - Civil Defence Guide (Document No. 2)

    Have you ever thought about writing literature for a mod?
  7. Did zombie just got buffed?

    The wheel needs to make contact with the zombie to kill it while its downed.
  8. Beeverdoid

    That was not just theoretical not mean't to be taken too literally.
  9. Beeverdoid

    Tank? Nope. Just a car with a significant amount of scrap metal covering the bumper, engine block, tires, and a thick metal sheet with narrow slits on the windshield. Maybe more like a Sunday cruiser to go to the country club in.
  10. Music on tape or CD and video tapes (Beta or VHS)
  11. Beeverdoid

    The problem with these is that, yes, aesthetically they don't match PZ because they pack too much flair and look too professional. Think function, think about whats actually important to protect on/in a car. Maybe you are trying to get past the national guard/bandits? They'll try to take out your engine block if not you outright, so weld a thick plate on the engine compartment. You can always duck, there's no time to be fancy with the windshield. It doesn't cover the entirety of it but it does the job. It doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to stop a 7.62 or two. Extra time? Weld onto the center of the front doors. Maybe weld a back panel so you don't catch a round to the back of the head if you have the time or material. Maybe zombies are the major threat and not people to you? That chain link for the front works just fine, but I would not bet my life on it. Those spot welds may not hold when you hit a zombie at 90 mph+ and it doesn't exactly go over the top. Why not have an up-tier it and compliment it with rebar after a while? If I may add one more thing, there's a real risk of being too safe in armored vehicles. I should not just breathe a sigh of relief as soon as I get in my death-wagon. Maybe put in a trade-off system for components? I have a zombie proof car but it can not stop bullets. I have an armored vehicle but all that armor plating makes it harder to open the doors by that much a margin that I cant just rapidly open and run out in an emergency or just straight out starve. Having a car with both attributes can leave you semi-protected to both but still susceptible. Maybe risk mitigation is all you were after? You'll do great either way, this is just some input.
  12. Beeverdoid

    That subtle, subdued backwoods banjo sound is so much better. It accomplishes this sort of melancholic feeling which is far superior to the overbearing middle eastern chants which is so out of place. I feel like the cars look superb. I still want that plow on the front of a box van so I can move my way through a horde or a few cars.
  13. "PAV" - The UK Outbreak Document/Timeline (Document No. 1)

    I'd really like for stuff like this to be added into journals or other lootable objects. I'd like to loot some place in Fort Knox and find paperwork like this in an abandoned research area and just sit and read this. I want more of this.
  14. Highway roads, military/SWAT grade vehicles and skyscrapers !

    Louisville is being worked on. Its going to be a city with skyscrapers and surrounding suburbs. Military vehicles are going to be in the game. I don't think the tanks you want will be in the game though. You'll be able to armor vehicles with the necessary skills, scrap metal, and time.
  15. How Resource Intensive WIll NPC's Be?

    So half of this if at all is not going to be answered openly by them. The only game I know with an NPC system that is near Zomboid's is the STALKER series. The AI in STALKER is controlled by a system called A-life that tracks off screen events within an interwoven metagame. There's hundreds of things going on off screen, only for them to flick on as you get near their zone to save performance. Generally speaking, this is what PZ will have. I am pretty sure you'll be able to run it when it goes out. There's going to be a million bells and whistles I wager that determines everything from hostility, spawnrate, etc. When it comes to them organizing into communes and trading/fighting each other- i dont know. I've come to expect it from then though. Its been a long time. For more info on a-life: