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  1. Just an FYI, i was digging through the files and stumbled on the fact that the Military Urban Camo Jacket has a texture but no actual jacket in-game. Intentional?
  2. I know its not urgent, but if you guys could look into automating smoking like you do with drinking water bottles if you have cigarettes and a lighter/matches that would be awesome. It gets really tedious over long periods of time constantly going through my inventory, finding them, and them waiting 5 seconds to smoke them manually.
  3. Just a heads up, if you use the GEAR mod or anything that modifies the functionality of weapon attachment, you will have your weapons between your legs.
  4. We are getting a ton of choices in terms of aesthetics (e.g. makeup, jewelry, changing hair color, etc) but if I am to suggest something:
  5. Use any gun that can go automatic?
  6. Can you guys look at fixing guns for this upcoming patch? They have had a bug where the longer they fire the slower the fire rate becomes until it actually starts to seemingly chug. Pistols are fine, anything thats fully auto or similar has issues. I understand this might be a B42 ticket but its infuriating.
  7. WIll you guys ever add support for custom vehicle scenes?
  8. Great patch, dropped weapons and dropped hats being rendered in 3D is awesome. One thing though, i dont think zombies being shot in the head should drop hats/glasses. Another thing, i think having a sling on a firearm should reduce the odds that you drop out of your hands.
  9. \\ Underwent a lag spike, and crashed into a duplicate version of my car with the same contents inside.
  10. Not all the guns will spawn with a magazine in them.
  11. I cant find it right now, but there was talk about adding an automated NOAA weather station (i think) to PZ. Fort Knox actually has a meteorological detachment in real life. Whether this is ever brought to fruition is debatable.
  12. I cant wait to climb over fences. Being able to be more mobile is going to be fantastic. Also, congratulations @Batsphinx for the new baby!
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