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  1. Certainly if it's added it should be a multiplayer server option (as in choppers give supplies on/off). Some multiplayer servers are all co-op or they may want the competition. You could even use it as a way to even it out if you could pick the choppers target.
  2. 883 - When choppers come and hover above you they drop supplies. That way, sure you have a massive horde of zombies to deal with but if you can take them out, supplies! Maybe even have them announce over the radio where they are going to be and when then you have to try to get there before the supplies are taken by other survivors (don't have to see them, just if you get there late it will empty supply containers). If you get there before the choppers arrive you can wait at the spot and when they arrive the sound can be centralised around a spotlight from the sky (so just a very bright circle of light) where the supplies are going to be dropped after a few minutes. Obviously this would pull in zombies like the normal choppers do when they hover over you but at least you can get some sort of reward out of all the chaos.
  3. 882 - Can we modify vehicles so they can burn and take damage when they aren't occupied? Right now my go to for clearing out an area is to drive a car with sirens around, collecting a hoard, park it in large open area somewhere, run off and hide, let the zombies mass around it in their thousands, and throw in a Molotov. Works great for killing a few thousand zombies with-out needing to risk too much but the first time I did this I was more than happy for the car to go, instead it's in perfect condition, no damage from a thousand zombies clawing it, no damage from the fire. While I love the mechanic it is a little bit over powered that you don't even lose the vehicle (either through the fire or the zombies crushing it, they don't even break the windows like they do when you're inside it). I did a search to see if this was suggested elsewhere but couldn't find anything, sorry if it's already been suggested. Also, just in case no one has seen this before (although this was done with admin on as the server was lagging hard due to, we think, a path finding issues with zombies stuck in the mall near by):
  4. Chained_Phoenix

    Hydrocraft Mod

    In addition to this we have a server going and the generators will "plugged in" but not powering stuff when we come back to the base, log out, etc. HOWEVER as long as none of us look in the fridges before we unplug and replug them (which brings on all the lights again) the fridges will act like they had power the entire time. If we look the contents of them though before fixing the solar generators it will all be warm, rotting, etc.
  5. Chained_Phoenix

    Help with Sandboxvars.lua and Servertest.ini

    It would need to be updated a bit. Also the best resource I found was this one, like most things it's a bit out of date but still very good:
  6. Chained_Phoenix

    Get current server stats (number of players)

    If you have access to the server cmd line then you can use "players" to see which players are currently online. Typing help on the command line gives you a list of most of the commands.
  7. Chained_Phoenix

    Ubuntu Setup Guide

    Additional things you may want to do: You can run the server and steamcmd from a user you create for that purpose. It's recommended to do this security wise but for me this is a container (virtual box) and even full admin rights all you could do is break the container it doesn't really make any difference for me. To make the user, throw these lines in after Step 12: Step 12b: adduser steam Step 12c: su - steam Then continue as that user for the other steps. You make want to install Steam to with-in the users home folder though so make sure you select that as your install location.
  8. Chained_Phoenix

    remove spawn location (specific house)

    You can get map coordinates from:
  9. Chained_Phoenix

    Linux Server Instructions are garbage

    I did up new Ubuntu instructions which may help. A lot of the current ones list stuff you don't need to do anymore, like you don't need to download the db file anymore.
  10. Chained_Phoenix

    Ubuntu Setup Guide

    Well after stuffing around and starting over many many many times I've finally got a full step by step guide for installing steamcmd and Project Zomboid Dedicated Server (Steam version). I did this with-in a container (Container Station on a QNAP NAS) but it should work the same everywhere: Basic Ubuntu setup, I'm using version 18.04, each of the steps will be a command to run and a bit below it to explain any additional things to do: Step 1: dpkg --add-architecture i386 Step 2: apt-get update Step 3: apt-get upgrade Step 4: apt-get install nano Step 5: apt-get install dnsmasq Step 6: apt-get install resolvconf Step 7: apt-get install lib32gcc1 Step 8: apt-get install steamcmd Step 9: apt-get install --reinstall ca-certificates Step 10: nano /etc/dnsmasq.conf ^This will open up the file, find the line "#listen-address=", remove the # in front of it and added in "" minus quotes then save the file (Ctrl+x, y, enter). Step 11: service dnsmasq restart Step 12: service resolvconf restart ^Steps 5, 6, 10, 11, and 12 are to fix the slow download speed issue with steamCMD (as Valve are too lazy to fix it). If resolvconf gives an error like "Warning: /etc/resolv.conf is not a symbolic link to /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf" you have to manually get each file to point to (they may oddly be pointing to I haven't ironed this section out yet but steam resumes from where you cancel it if the download is going super slow so jump out and try restarting the services again. Step 13: cd /usr/lib/games Step 14: ./ ^ Allow it to update, if it doesn't load, reboot your container/OS and start from step 14 again. Once in steam: Step 15: login ***USER_NAME*** ^ Replace ***USER_NAME*** with your Steam username. It will then ask for your Steam password (it can be a bit slow after each thing you type in but just wait, it is working) and then Steam-Guard if you use two step authentication. Step 16: force_install_dir ./pz/ ^ Change "./pz/" to whatever directory you want if you care that much Step 17: app_update 380870 validate ^ This should be pretty quick depending on your internet speed, if it's SUPER slow, Ctrl+C to cancel and try doing a few of the DNS fix steps above (reboot, 5/6/10/11/12). Step 18: cd /usr/lib/games/pz Step 19: ./ ^ This should then load and create all the other bits you need, it will ask you for a password (please note it types on the screen in plain text so you may not want someone behind you) and then be good. I recommend testing connecting to it, then quitting so you can change settings. Step 20: cd /root/Zomboid/Server Step 21: nano servertest.ini ^ I'll add a comment below this once I've finished writing it up with my recommended settings and how to add mods.
  11. Chained_Phoenix

    Multiple builds of the game on one PC

    My copy is on Steam and redownloading it constantly is overly painful. Again the reasoning is that I want to be able to continue existing games, and certainly multiplayer ones (the current build has MP disabled) so hence the need to swap builds.
  12. Chained_Phoenix

    RELEASED: Build 33

    Wouldn't it make more sense to be based on the strength trait? Maybe people with lower strength making more noise to move stuff? Anyway that's not a bug so I'll stop posting here about it
  13. Chained_Phoenix

    Suicide? and depression.

    I realise this would be a big game mechanic but what about a "sanity" system? Have a sanity stat, say 500 points to start off, and as you get terrified, scared, etc it slowly drops. Things like reading, watching TV, and doing stuff to secure your safehouse help increase it, running from zombies or cleaning out new houses decreases it and if it gets low enough you can do things like have night terrors, or just do something uncontrollable like run into a horde of zombies. I realise a stat similar to this already exists, I guess it's just expanding on it a bit and increasing the downside of it all.
  14. Chained_Phoenix

    Multiple builds of the game on one PC

    I know this may not be possible but I've been keeping away from testing build 33.1 because I've also been playing multi-player with some friends on the previous version. Is there, or can there be a way, to run two builds at once on the same PC? I know there are launch options for 64-bit or so is it possible to have launch options for different builds so I don't have to reinstall back to the previous one when I want to play multi-player? I realise things like Steam may complicate this as bit more as well and I haven't even looked into how your game is constructed to see if it's even possible. This maybe something worth doing if it is possible as it could get more people willing to help test the latest builds.
  15. Chained_Phoenix

    RELEASED: Build 33

    Oh I have changed it in Sandbox before but I don't feel it is developing at the speed they intended it to for Survival. Seems extremely quick. I personally am glad I have had no major horde moving sounds but it felt odd I was based in downtown West Point and still got none. I think I am with you on the food as well, I do want some variety (at least 1 potato in the grocery store would be nice lol) but I do like having some consistency. I haven't noticed that about electricity, but at least in the case of the apartments I checked, it was only the TVs that wouldn't work. Also, THANK YOU for telling me about the furniture breaking, I did not realize that. Is there a way to improve the chances of it not breaking? I'm not sure at the moment, but I'm assuming it would increase with the skill required to move it, so Electrician with Stoves and fridges, Carpentry with wooden stuff etc. Not sure that's realistic. Last time I moved house I didn't need a carpenter to move my wooden furniture or an electrician to move my TV