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  1. 4dcatman

    roofs in player bases

    thanks to the changes to the roofs and fade able walls and roofs and whatnot lots of player bases have become really hard to see inside. for example i have build a 10 by 10 hut and put a roof on it and when i go inside there is only a small patch of the roof (about 3 by 3) that actually allows me to see inside and in corners there is an even reduced cut out of the roof. its not a game breaking thing but it is very annoying as it is hard to see what you are doing inside in any way shape or form. please change the system as this has ruined my player base and i just wont use it
  2. 4dcatman

    beeping.... so much beeping

    i understand that the dead may have watches on. but can you please make it so alarms don't go off, as it means that most of the area around my base is filled with beeping corpses which get really annoying after a while.
  3. 4dcatman

    Causes of Death - The Statistical Study

    75% of the time zombie bites/scratches ... 15% starvation/thirst (genrally surrounded by zombies) 10% other causes (injury's non zombie, falling(yes i know shhhhh),)
  4. 4dcatman

    IWBUMS Nutrition Feedback - Official Thread

    the nutrition/food system is fairly good it is good on 2 levels 1 is that if you are a short term survivor aka you die alot it is not a massive worry however if you are a few months or so into the game it becomes a thing you have to deal with. sometimes having to even move to get to river etc to fish for protein