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    RELEASED: Build 33

    Oh I have changed it in Sandbox before but I don't feel it is developing at the speed they intended it to for Survival. Seems extremely quick. I personally am glad I have had no major horde moving sounds but it felt odd I was based in downtown West Point and still got none. I think I am with you on the food as well, I do want some variety (at least 1 potato in the grocery store would be nice lol) but I do like having some consistency. I haven't noticed that about electricity, but at least in the case of the apartments I checked, it was only the TVs that wouldn't work. Also, THANK YOU for telling me about the furniture breaking, I did not realize that. Is there a way to improve the chances of it not breaking?
  2. xyelmoxy

    RELEASED: Build 33

    First off, I think Project Zomboid is already my favorite game ever and can only go up from here. However, after playing a character through 16 days of First Week on Normal difficulty, I've noticed a few oddities. I hesitate to report them as bugs as I don't necessarily think they all are. - Erosion is developing way too quickly. By day 7 I had vines up all the buildings downtown and tall grass everywhere that was originally short grass. By day 14, the sidewalks have a lot of grass and its growing in the streets. The buildings are swamped with vines to the point of most windows being covered. - The food spawns seem far less random now. For example, in the large grocery store in West Point, after looting the whole building I noticed every cabinet had essentially the same items in it. One or two might vary but that's it. Every one had a chocolate, some chips, and an orange soda basically. - I have not heard helicopters or gunshots. A few dogs barking, two screams, (and my absolute favorite) a house alarm going off by itself while I was in my safehouse. - I have not found a single locked door in all of downtown. It's made my life easy but I doubt it's intended lol - Multiple tvs in the downtown upstairs apartments dont work - Picked up furniture disappears before I can place it somewhere else. Two bookcases and two wall shelves have disappeared into the abyss.
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    RELEASED: Build 33

    Maybe I am missing something, but I picked up some metal shelves to move to my safe house (same building, just down the hall), and they permanently disappeared. I managed to move a rug and some smaller items though. Btw, awesome update. I love the flexibility once this all gets working correctly.
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    RELEASED: Build 33

    I am going to test it again now that there has been an update, but last night my character never got sleepy. Is this intended for now or a bug?