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  1. Anything that I drop on the floor (bags, weapons, bodies etc) are blocked by the wall textures. They are visible just fine when the floor texture is behind them, but anywhere that the visible sprite would be in front of the wall, it isn't there. I can still interact with the items normally so I know it is just a graphical issue. This began when the fog/weather went into the public build (I played with it the whole time on IWBUMS with no problem). I have removed all mods, did a fresh install, and started a new game but it still does it. I know that I most likely do not meet the minimum requirements for PZ anymore but I have always been able to play with no trouble so I am hoping this is fixable. I am on Windows 7 with an Intel HD 4400 and 8gigs of ram.
  2. xyelmoxy

    Sprites of items dropped on the floor go behind walls

    You are the first person to tell me that it has already been noted. I have been looking for an answer for months and have found nothing. What I expected was a response of some kind from customer support. I was in no way trying to be pushy.. just trying to know if this was on my end or something I should wait on. Thanks for the response. Edit: I did not realize that is what the pie meant either, sorry.
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    RELEASED: Build 33

    Oh I have changed it in Sandbox before but I don't feel it is developing at the speed they intended it to for Survival. Seems extremely quick. I personally am glad I have had no major horde moving sounds but it felt odd I was based in downtown West Point and still got none. I think I am with you on the food as well, I do want some variety (at least 1 potato in the grocery store would be nice lol) but I do like having some consistency. I haven't noticed that about electricity, but at least in the case of the apartments I checked, it was only the TVs that wouldn't work. Also, THANK YOU for telling me about the furniture breaking, I did not realize that. Is there a way to improve the chances of it not breaking?
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    RELEASED: Build 33

    First off, I think Project Zomboid is already my favorite game ever and can only go up from here. However, after playing a character through 16 days of First Week on Normal difficulty, I've noticed a few oddities. I hesitate to report them as bugs as I don't necessarily think they all are. - Erosion is developing way too quickly. By day 7 I had vines up all the buildings downtown and tall grass everywhere that was originally short grass. By day 14, the sidewalks have a lot of grass and its growing in the streets. The buildings are swamped with vines to the point of most windows being covered. - The food spawns seem far less random now. For example, in the large grocery store in West Point, after looting the whole building I noticed every cabinet had essentially the same items in it. One or two might vary but that's it. Every one had a chocolate, some chips, and an orange soda basically. - I have not heard helicopters or gunshots. A few dogs barking, two screams, (and my absolute favorite) a house alarm going off by itself while I was in my safehouse. - I have not found a single locked door in all of downtown. It's made my life easy but I doubt it's intended lol - Multiple tvs in the downtown upstairs apartments dont work - Picked up furniture disappears before I can place it somewhere else. Two bookcases and two wall shelves have disappeared into the abyss.
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    RELEASED: Build 33

    Maybe I am missing something, but I picked up some metal shelves to move to my safe house (same building, just down the hall), and they permanently disappeared. I managed to move a rug and some smaller items though. Btw, awesome update. I love the flexibility once this all gets working correctly.
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    RELEASED: Build 33

    I am going to test it again now that there has been an update, but last night my character never got sleepy. Is this intended for now or a bug?