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  1. Thanks, tovarish! And, another question for you. Can i use arts of empty cans, for my mod? I can find no art at all, different from minecraft one, which doesn't suits style of the game's oun art. P.s. Can will be used for crafts, and no other of your mod's ideas will be used.
  2. Hello comrads! My name is Ivan from proud country USSR - country of great opportunities! That means, that my english isn't perfect, and your eyes may bleed. You've been warned! And, i have quite problems with changing stuff in base game - while adding something new is quite easy, i can change nothing in base game as a mod, without changing it files. Here is an example: Here is new item, that works absolutely fine and can be used for crafts: item EmptyTin{ Weight = 0.3, Type = Normal, DisplayName = Empty tin can, Icon = TinEmpty, } Then i make changes (as a mod file aswell) into the items of original game (soup can for example). I copy and paste all the code and then add my own "ReplaceOnUse" at the end of it. item OpenBeans{HungerChange = -30,Weight = 0.8,Type = Food,DaysTotallyRotten = 4,UnhappyChange = 10,DisplayName = Open Can of Beans,Icon = BeansOpen,DaysFresh = 2,ReplaceOnUse = EmptyTin,} But, after beans are eaten, can isn't added to my inv. What's wrong with this code?
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