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  1. Super Survivors!

    if you add this than you are official my hero
  2. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    i have same problem
  3. Hot Wheels

    i can imagin that the cars looking good with the new animations system. i really looking forward to see animation and cars in a video together . . support for dev team is always a good idea i think this is the right choice.
  4. Hot Wheels

    sounds good . . cant wait for the new stuff . . . keep on rocking guys
  5. Dead Territory

  6. Build 36 Team up

    yeah you are right we have to read between the lines. they told us they will only talk about things near to release. HYPE TRAIN ALL ABOARD
  7. Build 36 Team up

  8. You Survived 2016, You Have Killed 0 Zombies

    Awesome! Love this game Keep on going guys
  9. Don't Stop Me Now

    give us animations pleaaassseee
  10. What game should Indie stone make next?

    a space rpg