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  1. Thanks for the answer In my case that is not a big problem since I want to play with 2-3 friends and nobody from us wants to cheat, but knowing how to reset inventory is nice. Unfortunatelly new problem appeared: - changing ResetID=(some number) doesn't change anything - changing ServerPlayerID=(some number) will give the prompt "Player does not appear to have been created on this server" and freezes on the black screen forever PS:That's great the PZ has an option to play co-op! This is a reason why I actually wanted have it, I don't really like to play single player anymore and games market, even it's so big right now, is really weak on the side of co-op games
  2. Hi guys, I've been testing a server options and I just want to reconfirm what I observed - Buildings' positions and environment is kept on the server side in location Zomboid/Multiplayer/"servername" but player's location and inventory is kept on client side on their PC - even If I delete Multiplayer/"servername" folder on the server side, player after logging spawns in the sample place and with the same inventory don't you think is dangerous to keep players inventory on player side not server? That creates a problem if I want to restart server completely. I'm not able to force people to loose their items as they have inventory saved in their folders, and folders are created per IP of the server so changing the name of the server will probably not help.
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