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    Okamikurainya got a reaction from Хибити\Hibiti [BLR] in Vacation Islands (pre-Alpha 1)   
    Whipped this map of Grove Beach up in CartoZed using the Mapzoid Vacation Island colour scheme for anyone interested.
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    Okamikurainya got a reaction from MrHrulgin in Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread   
    1063: A recently leveled indicator next to the skill that just leveled up. Now that leveling is automated, it can be hard to keep track of what just leveled up and I think a little icon would help that.
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    Okamikurainya got a reaction from Massi in Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread   
    1034: Windchill moodle when driving with no windshield.
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    Okamikurainya got a reaction from bunpyre in Reduce the Rural Zombie Population   
    Population data for the region and time period exists, I actually started a mod for having realistic regional demographics a while back... Think I should continue that, though maybe drop the sex and race aspects out of it for now and focus on bulk population number... Would anyone be interested in that?
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    Okamikurainya got a reaction from numbersixthecat in Add shopping carts, wheelbarrows, dollies, etc   
    Fun fact, the game did actually have wheelie bins you could move around at one point and use to store a larger amount of items than you could carry.
    I imagine they'll be re-implemented and expanded on eventually.
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    Okamikurainya got a reaction from tommysticks in IsoZoid Tool   


    I struggled immensely with trying to make floor tiles for Project Zomboid, no image editor seemed capable of doing what I needed without warping the texture and breaking the seamlessness of the tile... So I made a tool to cleanly map a 64x64 flat texture to an isometric Zomboid tile (2x variation).
    I'm not a great programmer and there isn't really much in the way of a GUI, so you'll have to forgive me in that regard.
    Instructions for use:
    Replace the respective input.png of floor, wall or reverse with the texture of your choice and run IsoZoid. IsoZoid will then show you how the conversion turned out. Hit Enter to export the tile to the Output folder, hit Escape to quit. Clicking "Refresh" will reload the texture file.
    Floor textures work best at 64x64.
    Wall textures work best at 64x193
    Added "input_floor.png", "input_wall.png" and "input_reverse.png" for each respective type to use. 0.5
    Fixed a minor export bug with exporting flat textures. 0.4
    Fixed minor GUI issues Added a reverse mode for getting flat textures from floor tiles 0.3
    Expanded GUI Added blends for floor tiles Added ability to make wall tiles IsoZoid no longer closes after export. IsoZoid will adapt the texture if the dimensions are incorrect rather than giving you a prompt 0.2
    Spiffed up the GUI Tiles are now exported as transparent PNGs The tool recognizes invalid input tile measurements and will give you a prompt  
    IsoZoid 0.6.rar
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    Okamikurainya got a reaction from ulix in Occupational Items on Spawn   
    It does what it says on the box, gives you a starting set of items based on what your profession is, as well as a few determined by your traits.
    Based on the now unavailable mod called "The Professionals" by @Vinyl.
    I was surprised that there wasn't a modern incarnation of the mod, so I made one. Was good practice for learning to walk through the LUA environment.

    Profession Items:
    Trait Items:
    Let me know what y'all think, if you have any suggestions and what not.
    Direct Download:
    B40 Workshop Download:
    B41 Workshop Download:
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    Okamikurainya reacted to iuridosanjos in Improvement on how condition of items are shown in UI on primary/secondary/hotbar   
    I've already posted it on reddit, but I was in doubt if it would reach the devs there, so I'm posting it here.
    How I think the condition of items in primary/secondary/hotbar should appear in UI to be easy to see the condition of the items on hotbar and primary/secondary slots.

    Note: today (build 41) the game use a Star next to the item to represent the condition on items (I removed that on the image above). I think it's not a good way to represent that, it's not easy to see nor obvious for some players. The suggestion is to replace the "Star" with the above a "colored circle" around the item.
    Image of how it is today: 
    What do you think?
    Remember to react/like if you would like to see it in game!
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    Okamikurainya reacted to nasKo in PatchZed   
    It’s a slightly strange time currently. We’re updating/polishing the 41 IWBUMS beta, but waiting for work to be completed on big ticket ‘need’ items like the close fire and hi-res updates, and the more distant reintegration of Multiplayer. Things are ticking over well, but this Thursday blog won’t be a blockbuster we’re afraid.
    The weekly patch cycle still seems to be working out okay. Yesterday’s 41.22 contained stuff like:
    More and improved vehicle zed events to come across as you explore – roadblocks, crashed ambulances and such Moodles now shake and shimmer to signal combat being impaired by panic, injury and the like. Pressing one of the hotbar keys for half a second now displays a radial menu for choosing an item to equip in that slot. Healing items can be dragged onto the Health panel to treat injuries. All containers in the loot window now displayed in the 3×3 area around the player – which among other things makes corpse looting a bunch easier. Fixed: missing rust on cars, hotbar weapon-switch anims, ultra-fragile headlights, resetting sandbox loot options (yay!), car duplication (again!) and much else besides. The next patch will contain Turbo’s latest improvements/pondering on the temperature system, and hopefully some renewed fix/polish for the Sims-style cutaway system.
    Already in the internal test build, meanwhile, is some balance for clothing weight, trait balance and fixes to weapon-jamming – as well as a some work on zed footsteps and the new challenges. We anticipate that this, and more besides will be released in the first half of next week.
    Apologies for repeating ourselves, but so everyone knows – work is ongoing on the following for the more imminent of our upcoming patches.
    Zac is continuing his push on the zoom / hi-res model branch, and when work on this is stable will be moving over onto MP. The lighting algorithm has been rewritten, condensing the old twin-step color+lighting stages into a single pass. This fixes a myriad of flickering ‘light-leakage’ artefacts, as well as halves the fill-rate costs for buildings, floors, and terrain. This should also provide a performance boost, particularly on older GPUs where fill rate is a premium – though it’s not clear just yet how much of one. Yuri is optimizing his fire system, seen last week, and also making it possible for the PZ modding community to create their own effects. Modders will be able to set textures, shaders, particle numbers and parameters for how it all moves – meaning that ultimately people will be able to implement different fires, smoke, vapours, swarms, magic, geysers, blood eruptions and whatever else floats your boat. In more boring non-game affairs, meanwhile, that you may well still be interested in – we will also be using the full launch of 41 to coincide with a bunch of other ‘new’ stuff. New trailer, new website, new all-kinds-of-stuff – so there’s also a lot of activity in non-game areas of Zomboid too. More of which we will hopefully see emerge in the weeks ahead.
    Thanks all, hopefully a kickass Thursdoid next week when the stuff mentioned above starts to come online.
    Many thanks for all the bug-hunting and feedback the community has been doing for us too, by the way. There have been some really nasty gremlins eradicated that could only be exposed by the forensic reporting of our IWBUMS beta testers, and all your efforts have been very much appreciated. 
    This week’s image from Penelope Graves. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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    Okamikurainya reacted to ohgodspidersno in Rename some actions in order to reduce the chance that players hurt themselves accidentally   
    So there are a couple of menu options that have caused my player to give himself a really nasty deep wound or two on several occasions.
    The first is a pair of similarly named actions that are immediately next to each other in the list: "Remove glass shards" and "Pick up glass shards". If you choose "pick up glass shards" there's basically a 50/50 chance that your guy is going to crawl through a broken window and lacerate his thigh in an attempt to get to the glass shards that you've told him to pick up.
    The second stems from the fact that it is quite easy to forget that you don't have your main weapon equipped, which is all well and good until you decide to "Smash Rear Left Window" and your dude confidently hefts his own elbow and pile drives a nice fat shard of laminated glass directly into his basilic vein. So my suggestion is, if your guy is barehanded, make it so the action is "Smash window with bare hands" or something similar to remind the player that they should probably re-equip their weapon first. Or maybe even make it like a nested menu where it's "Smash window with bare hands" > "Confirm" to really put the onus on the player.
    Thanks guys!
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    Okamikurainya reacted to lemmy101 in IWBUMS 41.22 released!   

    - New way to spawn vehicle stories, now use zone intersect in chunk to be really accurate.
    - Added more vehicle stories.
    - Added weapon name on insert bullets in weapon context menu option
    - Added footstep sounds when aim-walking.
    - Moodles now shake and shimmer to signal combat being impaired
    - Updated some vehicles textures.
    - Fixed some missing vehicle damage overlays.
    - Increased cap combat speed for heavy weapons.
    - Pressing one of the hotbar keys for half a second now displays a radial menu for choosing an item to equip in that slot.
    - Healing items can be dragged onto the Health panel to treat injuries.-Converted strings for translators
    -Updated translations for Spanish, Hungarian, Japanese and Polish.- All containers in the loot window now displayed in the 3x3 area around the player.
    1) This allows us to add back "turn to face the container while looting", because turning doesn't change which
    containers are displayed in the loot window.
    2) Fixes some awkwardness with looting corpses, since often the player is visually standing on the corpse but
    not facing the square the corpse is on.
    3) It was always possible for the player to click on a container in the world and display it's contents in the
    loot window, even when the container was behind the player and didn't have a button in the loot window.

    - Fixed vehicle rust missing from Effects.
    - Fixed player being locked in place after starting to reload/rack a firearm while aiming.
    - Fixed sitting and thumping zombies being pushed by other zombies
    - Display the 'equipped' icon in the hotbar for items held in a hand.
    - Added "Quit To Desktop" main-menu option.
    - Player now faces vehicle door when attempting to unlock it.
    - Fixed zombies getting stuck in an animation after the player dies.
    - Fixed DebugChunkState error when a State wasn't exposed to lua.
    - Fixed sitting zombies sometimes facing the wrong direction.
    - Fixed the position of the "favorite" icon in the inventory window (it was clipping into the row above).
    - Fixed being able to throw a molotov without a lighter in the right hand, and the right-hand item disappearing afterward.
    - Fixed not being able to queue multiple chop-tree actions.
    - Fixed the Continue button skipping the profession screen when the player is dead.
    - Fixed hotbar switching animations.
    - Fixed the player's direction snapping when changing the player's in-hand models.
    - Fixes snapping when the player turns
    - Fixed dragging multiple healing items of the same type onto the Health ui.
    - Fixed clicking "wear" on a stack of items wearing them all
    - Fixed being able to open infinite Inspect Clothing UI.
    - Fixed right clicking on bullets needing a corresponding gun to allow insert bullets in magazine.
    - Fixed having clicking once bullets in inventory bringing "insert ammo in magazine" for every item.
    - Fixed not being able to clean dirty leather/denim strips.
    - Fixed bunch of overlaping text with garmentUI for translator, everything is now tied to various string width.
    - Fixed sandbox loot settings resetting to default when loading a saved game.
    - Fixed zombies not attacking players right in front of them when the "Day/Night Active" sandbox setting is not "Both".
    - Lighter doesn't run out of fuel if we use it as lighting source
    - Fixed Barefoot footsteps sfx not being softer than when wearing shoes
    - Fixed chance to catch fish at lvl 1 beingtoo high
    - Fixed professional clothes (for example Lumberjack shirt) disappearing from the combo when clicking "Random"
    - Fixed Headlights smashing too easily
    - Fixed Pin status for inventory menus not being saved
    - Fixed it not being possible to recover and repair a weapon used in Spear creation
    - Fixed dryers having Drink Option
    - Fixed lua error with Painting walls
    - Fixed Fishing with a spear having incorrect sfx
    - Fixed sound effect when a door is destroyed being too loud
    - Fixed incorrect high exertion moodle description
    - Fixed Trees/clothing protection system issues
    - Fixed dig Graves action not having SFX for all tools
    - Fixed vehicle siren typo
    - Fixed a farming 'Dig' being confusing due to different digging actions - now 'dig furrow' etc.
    - Fixed weapon SwingSound not playing (whoosh of baseball bat for example).
    - Fixed HitVehiclePartWithWeapon and HitVehicleWindowWithWeapon not playing, and it using hit-zombie sound.
    - Fixed hats falling multiple times off reanimated player zombies.
    - Fixed aim outline for splitscreen players being rendered on the first player's screen.
    - Fixed weather effects not rendering for splitscreen players.
    - Fixed the wrong clothing color being displayed in the character-creation screen when selecting items.
    - Fixed passengers not being allowed to read books in running vehicles (driver still cannot).
    - Fixed garage doors with walls behind in cells 22,33 and 27,33.
    - Fixed SmithingMag4 turning into SmithingMag3 when read.
    - Fixed possible nullpointer for RVSCarCrashCorpse.
    - Fixed turning again when already facing the direction when doing an action.
    - Fixed player animation snapping while turning in ISMultiStageBuild.
    - Fixed vehicle steering flipping like pinball paddles when the fps is low.
    - Fixed pathfind bug that resulted in "WalkTowardState but path2 != null" messages.
    - Fixed lua errors when pressing hotbar shortcut keys during game loading.
    - Fixed exception with PolygonalMap2.intersectLineWithVehicle().
    - Fixed lua error in ISRepairEngine
    - Forbid reading skill books that are too high-level.  The player will read for a bit then stop after saying "I don't understand..." etc.
    - Fixed IsoWorldInventoryObject sometimes using the smaller WItem_xxx textures.
    - fixed the car duplication.
    - Fixed vehicle headlights not getting removed when destroyed, emitting light when broken
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    Okamikurainya got a reaction from Ang in New Zombies   
    As of right now, there aren't any tools to do it easily. Perhaps when B41 goes stable and the devs release AnimZed, but for now we only really have round about ways of doing things.
    Modifying the models would require you to import the local model files into a program like Blender, I'm not very good with the 3D side of things, but here's a link to some scripts that may help you out:
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    Okamikurainya got a reaction from Crossbow7734 in Add shopping carts, wheelbarrows, dollies, etc   
    Fun fact, the game did actually have wheelie bins you could move around at one point and use to store a larger amount of items than you could carry.
    I imagine they'll be re-implemented and expanded on eventually.
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    Okamikurainya got a reaction from grammarsalad in Add shopping carts, wheelbarrows, dollies, etc   
    Fun fact, the game did actually have wheelie bins you could move around at one point and use to store a larger amount of items than you could carry.
    I imagine they'll be re-implemented and expanded on eventually.
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    Okamikurainya reacted to MrHrulgin in Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread   
    1073. When able to hotwire a vehicle, let any action that would otherwise start the car count as an attempt to hotwire it. With 4 ways to start a car (clicking on the engine, clicking on the ignition key location, pressing "w", using the radial menu), having only 1 work for hotwiring and the other 3 do nothing is somewhat frustrating. 
    1074. When you right-click to open up the vehicle mechanics screen, don't force the character to walk to the engine first, just let us open the window. If I'm replacing the back window of a car, walking to the front to just walk back around it is just silly.
    1075. Keep favorited status for a bottle regardless of filled status. I can't remember how many times I've put my water bottle away because it wasn't favorited any more because I'd finished the last of it.
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    Okamikurainya reacted to muscamole in Add shopping carts, wheelbarrows, dollies, etc   
    Currently, there are no ways of transporting large amounts of items without using cars. In real life we have things like shopping carts, wheelbarrows, and dollies to allow us to do that, but none of these items are found in the game. There is really no reason these items should not be in this game. These items would be very common in 1990s rural Kentucky. The lack of these items seriously detracts from this game's atmosphere and realism and makes the world feel empty. These items would be extremely useful in the game, serving as big mobile containers that don't require gas. This would improve so many in-game tasks, such as construction, wood collecting, and corpse piling. Shopping carts and similarly sized items could also serve as weapons capable of multihit. A person sprinting with a shopping cart at full speed could easily knock down 2 or more people. It wouldn't really be a fatal weapon on its own, but it'd still be really useful.
    I know this has been brought up in the past, and to a degree was incorporated in the Hydrocraft mod, but this should really be incorporated into the base game. It seems like it wouldn't be that hard given that cars are already in the game. It would require new models and animations, but essentially these are just new car types.
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    Okamikurainya reacted to Blake81 in Backpacks get bloody, but cannot be washed   
    I hadn't noticed this bug until I used the normal "Backpack" (same as the military one, but without camo), it gets some bloodstains on its sides (you can see them in the Zedsgiving screenshot even), but cannot be washed in the washing machine, as they never get the Dirty/Bloody status, and even though you CAN wash them by hand, nothing changes on them.
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    Okamikurainya reacted to Brex in IWBUMS 41.21 RELEASED   
    I think it'd be cool to be able to place stuff on tables. Like guns, etc. 
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    Okamikurainya reacted to Stormc12 in Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread   
    1071. Desire paths. Having trails form as a result of one specific path being continuously used by your character, vehicles, zombies (and NPC survivors in the future!) would be a nice touch and add a bit of post-apocalyptic atmosphere to the game, and could also help those holding out in locations in the wilderness only connected by meager dirt roads that are being threatened with becoming overgrown and unable to be used. I'm not sure how hard it would be to implement into the game, but it could solve the problem of "this dirt road I always use is covered in trees, bushes, and grass now."
    1072. A way to move vehicles without driving them. Some roads will be randomly blocked with car wrecks, which, in the case of vehicles that are nothing more than burnt out hunks of metal, can be disassembled for scrap, but intact vehicles seem to not have that option. Usually, you can drive around them, but some roads are narrow to the point where you'll have to drive through the grass, which can become a major issue as time goes on when bushes and trees begin to grow. Having a way to move these vehicles would be very useful. Towing them, setting them to neutral and pushing them, or some other method would be very useful, and it would also allow vehicles to even be used as barricades more easily without having to hope the vehicle has gas, working parts, and (if you can't hotwire) a key.
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    Okamikurainya got a reaction from Stormc12 in Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread   
    1069: Light Sweater and Heavy Sweater traits.
    IRL, I hardly sweat at all while running in the African heat, while my friend becomes a veritable fountain with the bare minimum of exertion, so it's very much a variable thing.
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    Okamikurainya got a reaction from Geras in Zedsgiving   
    The fire is looking really good! Though yeah, you'll probably have to work on it not looking like you're burning a block of magnesium in regards to just how bright and white the light given off of it is. 😅
    I look forward to seeing how it develops! Keep up the good work!
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    Okamikurainya reacted to nasKo in Zedsgiving   
    Hey everyone, here’s a quick update on where we are with the current IWBUMS beta process. We do hope you’re well, and wish all Americans a happy Thanksgiving today – even if many of the PZ team only really know of it via films and soft focus television comedies from the 1990s.
    41.21 PATCH
    We patched the current IWBUMS beta on Tuesday, which was a version that contained:
    Visible bandages A new ‘inspect clothing’ UI and improved tailoring Randomized vehicle events to come across on the highways of the Knox Event Improved Studio and Kingsmouth challenges Insulation/temperature system changes Loads of balance and bug squashes Annoyingly this patch also came with its own measure of bugs, and we had to spend a day hotfixing players who couldn’t survive through winter due to INTENSE SUFFERING and also a savegame issue.
    These issues should now be fixed, so if you’re still having problems with them then please double-check your system has the very latest version of the IWBUMS beta by verifying files or reinstalling. If problems remain then please let us know on the forums.
    We’re slightly behind schedule in our new weekly patch release schedule, what with the above issues, so the next patch probably won’t be quite as bumper as recent ones have been.
    However it should contain the return of rusty cars, more and improved vehicle events on the roads and a QOL looting improvement that displays all containers in a 3×3 area around the player – which should also make corpse looting a lot less fiddly.
    EP has also, meanwhile, been experimenting with a function that provides  a radial menu for hot bar slots – that then lets you choose an item to equip in that slot.
    Regular readers will recall that last week we were debating whether to put Zac’s work on the improved character fidelity and optimization into cold storage – which would then allow us to throw him into the mix on work on the much-awaited (but still not at all imminent, we’re afraid) Build 41 MP.
    However, in the past week he’s slayed a whole bunch of rendering demons and the whole thing is looking a lot more positive. Here’s a video from his branch showing where he’s at right now. He’s really made some headway in the past week, and the seams and fuzz that were cropping up are increasingly in check.
    Another big ticket item that’s on our list for the full version 41 release, meanwhile, are Yuri’s improved fire visuals. Working with assets made for us by a lovely effects specialist called Dan, this is the current look we have for in-game fire.
    PLEASE remember this is still work in progress – and currently not tied to the actual PZ fire and firespread system.
    Yuri is currently optimizing the fire for low-end systems, and is also implementing his fire effects in script, which will allow the community to easily upgrade and create their own visual effects.
    That’s about it for now, but many thanks for all the enthusiasm we’re still (still!) seeing for Build 41. The last month has seen the highest average player count we’ve ever had for PZ – beating the full vehicles release by quite some way, and the animations build isn’t even fully released yet!
    It’s great to see that people are digging it, and exciting to think what the MP scene and modding potential will be once it’s fully out in the open.
    This week’s image from MrSopal on Reddit. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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    Okamikurainya reacted to Caturday in IWBUMS 41.21 RELEASED   
    Temperature changes are awesome, just have to be more realistic.
    I mean, we have -9C now irl, and iam walking outside wearking long Tshirt + Winter Jacket + winter jeans.
    Just a small tweak so winter wont be "sit in front of the campfire 3 months".
    These "sit in in front of the campfire" situations must happen only in deep winter + blizzard with wind outside.
  24. Spiffo
    Okamikurainya reacted to tommysticks in Death Is Not The End   
    Located here.
    When your player dies a Death Token will spawn in his inventory. Consume this token to inherit his XP and recipes! 
    -There is a slight chance to lose some XP and some recipes, but it is a small chance and a small amount of XP due to retrieval of your corpse being pretty difficult.
    -Professions with stat boosts don't contribute to this XP, only XP that is earned is stored. Consuming a token counts as earning that XP.
    -Reading books will not boost XP earned from the token, though it did initially as a bug.
    -The lightning strikes are aesthetic only and will not attract zeds.
    -Death token can only be consumed if it's in your inventory, that means pick it up first.
    -Remember to make your character recognizable
     if things are looking grim for easier retrieval
    …also this kills the popup for IWBUMS 41
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    Okamikurainya reacted to lemmy101 in IWBUMS 41.21 RELEASED   

    Replaced tailoring submenu with an "Inspect clothing UI" which act like health panel.
    Added visible bandage models on character
    Changed the animation when building log walls, and hide hand models since no tools are required.
    Added a "world" attachment to some weapon models to position and rotate them nicely when they are on the ground. This is used so shovels and planks lie flat on the ground, for example.
    Added "Aim outline" display option.
    Player now unequips current item before equipping another when both items are in the hotbar.
    Fixed some bugs with the Inspect Clothing UI & added a condition bar.
    Finished bandages models (added dirty!)
    Removed "New Roof Hiding" option.
    Catch and log all Throwable errors when saving the game.
    Added randomised vehicle spawn events - car crashes etc.
    Introduced aspects of new challenges: Zombies are now active at night & inactive during day in Studio, you start with a torch at midnight. Tweaked Kingsmouth sandbox options.
    Improved transition to action animation to remove anim snaps
    - fixed bug that resulted in no catch a cold chance when conditions did apply
    - slowed down body heat generation increase/decrease rates
    - added advanced view and applied text changes on thermal tab
    - fixed temperature offsets of limbs to be more pronounced
    - changed a few internal values making fighting cold to be harder based on test feedback also including: the dropping of core temperature now affects total possible heat generated and the body ability to keep fighting cold
    - increased energy/fluid consumption rates a little bit when overheating/undercooling
    - added small increase in energy consumption when generating lots of heat.
    - changed skin temperature moves faster when its moving back to favorable levels, so it doesnt take that long to warm up again.
    - fixed bug that during heat made skin too hot too fast based on insulation
    - fixed a few clothing pieces insulation
    - changed hypothermia stage 2 kicking in at core 35, instead of 33
    - added a lower body heat generation value when sneaking.
    - added small incremental insulation bonus affecting high insulating clothing mostly
    - added extra lower perspiration rate modifier for clothing in colder temperatures
    - added water resistance to various jackets,pants,hats and footwear
    Increased a tad weapon spawning attached to zombies.
    Increased gardenning spray, scissors, gloves & butter knife spawn rate.
    Removed Belt being able to be cut.
    Increased thread spawn rate in kitchen.
    Mechanics window tooltips now display battery charge, amount of fuel in gas tank, amount of air in tires.
    Improved how day/night cycle zombies sandbox option works: when active, they get your sandbox options. When inactive, they're really slow & weak, but they can still walk/attack.
    Added slow shamblers zombies speed.

    - Possibly fixed walking-in-place zombies.
    - Fixed hotbar not updating when replacing a holster with a double holster or vice-versa.
    - Fixed custom weights for food and crafted radios not being saved.
    - Fixed "Clear Ashes" not being available.
    - Allow Shovel/Shovel2/SnowShovel/HandShovel to be used to clear ashes.
    - Fixed lua error in DebugChunkState displaying tables in modData.
    - Fixed the bug "vehicles sometimes disappear until you reload the game".
    - Fixed the player getting stuck when climbing a sheetrope and the way is blocked at the top. The player will automatically climb back down.
    - Fixed overlapping garage door and wall in cell 37,22.
    - Fixed Tailoring skill books disappearing after being read.
    - Fixed grime/overlays/etc from burned tiles.
    - Fixed the bug: the -Dnosave option throw a bunch of error
    - Fixed car batteries starting with greater than 100% charge sometimes.
    - Fixed picking up broken glass with the furniture-moving tool not cutting the hands as it does when done with the context menu.
    - Fixed red garage doors not being openable.
    - Fixed Transfer All not working when one of the items is a Moveable (furniture) item.
    - Fixed cold water being used sometimes when disinfecting bandages or making hot drinks.
    - Fixed Zombie Count sandbox option setting Population Multiplier incorrectly (since Very High was added).
    - Fixed wrong climb-over-fence animation playing when holding a handgun.
    - Fixed MEGA THUNDER bug after fast-forward
    - Fixed zombies springing upright when struck after climbing over a fence, instead of getting stomped on.
    - Fixed lua error when attempting to reload a magazine when there are no bullets in inventory.
    - Fixed lua error when crafting when items need to be transferred to main inventory. (Packing nails into multiple boxes).
    - Fixed not being able to wear items on the head with coveralls (FullSuit and FullSuitHead locations were swapped). This should fix welding masks disappearing when zombies die, if they were wearing coveralls.
    - Fixed being able to click on doors to open/close them from too far away. Now the player must be in the 2x3 or 3x2 squares adjacent to the door.
    - Fixed hitting trees through walls.
    - Fixed zombies runners not running toward a sound (breaking windows, TV..)
    - Fixed zombies runners running in circle around you.
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