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  1. If he's out to get me then why does he run away when he hears or sees me? ... He's also incredibly shy.
  2. Rumor has it, there is one NPC in the game, out to get you. When you think the coast is clear... he's watching. When you move to clear an upper floor, he's there, waiting, and gone too soon. Some players have reported seeing this mythical NPC wandering the streets, unaware of the player's presence - but any noise or attempt at interaction causes him to run off-screen. Someone tried to shoot him, once. He wouldn't die. His name is
  3. Hopefully they'll be better than in Cataclysm DDA.
  4. The power I'd want? TIme control. Simply put - The best power. Fact. The most useless power? Being able to tell what people last ate
  5. What did I miss?

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    2. acex222


      A few months, like, 3?

    3. Footmuffin


      The Sadistic AI director was renamed to the "Governor" and build 28 was released on the bums branch. Build 28 has a weapon overhaul, zombie population fixes, a rudimentary zinkle migration system, a greater selection of furniture to build (including beds,)a note-writing system with pages and paragraphs (more practical in MP,)burnable corpses (and movable corpses if you missed that in 27,) additional food improvements, fixed bugs, and some more news on NPCs in one of the mondoids.

    4. acex222
  6. Fried chicken has always been the underdog. But this day forth... He shall rise.
  7. That's kind of the bend space theory I was referring to, though not exactly what I meant. Like a wrinkle in time-space almost... Doe you mean kinda like this, where while light would have to follow the bend of space-time the tachyon just goes through it?
  8. Tachyons, from what I understand, don't exist, and don't even exist theoretically in the standard model of particle physics - Their discovery would lead to a rewrite of special relativity, which right now we're pretty sure is right, although something will probably come along and expand on it (alternatively it'll make the theory more specific). I don't understand using them to travel faster than light, I didn't know you could latch on to particles. I don't think you can. I can't find any documentation about the time travel, but I did find a cool article on a "Tachyonic antitelephone", which could make calls into the past. Which leads me to the question, if I order a pizza an hour in the future, do I get it free?
  9. Yes - see the video I posted called "A Universe from Nothing" by Lawrence Krauss Ah, I missed you posting it... My favourite conversation on science. No doubt.
  10. Does nobody else remember Laurence Krauss saying that empty space (yes, empty) with our current laws contains energy, and that energy can create virtual particles, therefore giving credence to the universe coming from nothing?
  11. Inside jokes are pretty stupid if the person you're telling it too isn't in on it which is what the mods do to 90% if the community. Very rarely in jokes. Often media/pop-culture references. Often riffed off of something a member has said, or has done, or is. example as shown here
  12. I think a lot of titles don't seem fitting, or have any justification behind them...
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