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  1. Tech support manager. You poor, poor, poor man. I shall pray to the Lords of Kobol that your end shall come swiftly and painlessly.
  2. http://www.wowktv.com/story/26640625/number-of-armed-teachers-to-increase-at-lawrence-county-schools http://www.nbcnews.com/news/investigations/f-firearm-more-teachers-authorized-carry-weapons-classroom-n208946 http://nationswell.com/kindergarten-cops-charleston-s-c-hall-monitors-guns/ Definitely plausible to find firearms in a Kentucky school.
  3. We've still got 20 minutes before they wake up over there, let's spend it shaking our heads sadly at the British.
  4. *cough*Magazine*cough* (This isn't an answer to your question, it's just that as a Texan I can't stand by while people refer to a weapon magazine as a clip.)
  5. Basically, think of this... Now, you use that melted aluminum to cast arrowheads. That would be a very easy method of "blacksmithing" that literally anybody could do. Aluminum is crap for most everything, but aluminum arrowheads should, in theory, work well for a single use tip to be used against human flesh or decaying human flesh. Or make chunks of aluminum, and machine them into arrowheads, if you have the skill.
  6. Also, I forgot something. The blood of America is also infused with Chinese food. Mustn't forget that.
  7. Kentucky. It's realistic, man. I mean, hell, at a Walmart west of Nashville down here in Tennessee, not only did we sell a crapload of shotguns and hunting rifles, but we even had an M4A3 (essentially. civilian version of military rifle.) semi-automatic, collapsible stock, ACOG or similar sight, with a 30 round magazine. For $900. A guy I knew up by Ft. Campbell had a closet full of firearms. Galils, G3s, M4/M16, M14, the frakking WORKS. Plus tens of thousands of rounds of ammo. Most of my neighbors have some sort of firearm. every few weeks you can hear some rifle fire, etc. Police departments are frakking loaded with military gear, and cops would be among the first infected along with other first responders. This is America, tovarisch! The land of opportunity! The land of brass and gunpowder! The land of suppressive fire, the "mad minute", stubborn southerners, damn yankees, evil half-canadians, pigs with wings, and women that shoot pool balls out of places I shall not name! You can buy a gun on every street corner and then turn it in at a police department's amnesty program for a $200 voucher to someplace you'll never visit! The blood of America is infused with gunpowder and whiskey, even more-so in Kentucky. Get used to it.
  8. NO! I shall start a campaign, we shall get the Undead National Weaponry Association involved, as well as the CIA and all of your mothers, to protest this outrageous violation of Kentuckian Teachers Rights. GUNS SHALL STAY IN CLASSROOMS, OR THE HEADS OF YOUR FAVORITE COMEDIANS SHALL ROLL.
  9. I think the problem is that you're forgetting that you're in Kentucky. Or, more generally, you're in the American south. In Kentucky the school board can give teachers permission to carry a firearm in the classroom. You just have to own it legally, obviously, and go through a safety course or something like that. Law enforcement doesn't even get involved in the decision. So, what you found perfectly fits the area the game is set in.
  10. I suspect the "Charged swing" is simply the devs way of simulating how much weight and speed you're putting into your swing. When you've swung and carved through flesh a few times you start tiring, can't swing at the same speed/weight you did with your initial attack, fairly close to what'd happen in the real world. I see no problems with that feature at all.
  11. If this happens, we're all going to blame you.
  12. The fire-extinguisher nerd's one weakness, a hooker-sniper, that blows up the canister in his face, giving him permanent acne/scars.
  13. Hmmmm... this looks very interesting... (Side note, as an American/southerner I feel compelled to tell you that while it technically may be a "Baking tray" it's almost always called a "Cookie sheet". )
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