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  1. Is it possible to put a melee attack priority to standing zombies ? and not the ones on the ground ... 😕
  2. YourRussianZombieFriend Your pict made my day !
  3. It doesnt if you have multiple same weapons and if one is not attached to the belt
  4. Is it also possible to have an indicator in the inventory to know which weapon is attached to?
  5. Farming doesnt stop in winter i think but crops should take longer to grow
  6. In sandbox you can turn the loot in very rare, as well configure farming and such
  7. NagashUD

    Thermal Expansion

    Insulation system seems like a bit complex but interesting as well !
  8. When i entered in the car, the board pannel disappeared and im stuck in
  9. When you need a pharmacy and finally found only groceries ...
  10. Pretty nice update, combat feels already better to handle, stomp is still a bit messy tho, and weapons durability goes down a bit too fast imo .
  11. NagashUD


    Need IWBUMS test !!!
  12. Well after reloading the battery and added some fuel it worked, seems like battery has be be around 60-70% to hopefully start the engine.
  13. hmmm ok ok so i'll try to reload it more and see, thanks for the reply !
  14. Hmmm having 8% battery loaded and 50% fuel, but i am unable to start (sport) vehicle. Swap batteries do not change anything; but attract zombies as a loud noise.
  15. Dunno if you aware of this bug but sometimes it seems to have some slow motion moments; no fps drops . (Solo)
  16. Why is the general sound so buggy ? like opening windows or whatever the action, it seems to be delayed and sound seems to be so far :/
  17. Maybe soon we will get frostbites
  18. " Add damage to player if you're carrying too much (capped so it's not too annoying). " 2 years i waited for it ! thanks !!!!
  19. Just a question about the car batteries, is it possible to reload them with electric generator? or an other way ?
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