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  1. After loading my game (fresh save from 41.60), some weird shadows appeared and when some zombies walked through, they became invisible on sight for a second :
  2. Hi everyone, Fells like this bug came back again, the top right clock is pretty small
  3. Ok i didn't know pressing esc cancelling actions in car; thank you so much for this tip, that's pretty annoying, hope the devs will fix it ! <3
  4. Hi, It's been a while i having this issue; while tranfering loot from inside the car, i can't exit the car until all the loot is transfered; I think all actions should stop and give priority to exit than keep continue to transfert and/or any queued actions. I died this way : i was transfering the loot from inside the car, i spotted a zombie, i tried to exit or start the car; then when the loot was transfered, the car started then my character finally exit from the car Much Love <3
  5. After the second time adding the fertilizer, the error shows up on each plant i try to add it on next.
  6. It happened again, so here is the console.txt ; Hope it will help (happened after adding the third time the compost on tomatoes crops) https://pastebin.com/Nh5WegCt
  7. Same issue here, especially when getting close to zombies
  8. Hi everyone, Dunno if i am the only one with this issue but it appears that starting to run next to a zombie changes the character's direction, means i start to run to the left and the character will run to the right if he's very close to zombies, made me get killed many times already. It is a very frustrating issue...
  9. Sorry for the delay, i don't use any mods, seems like reloading the game fixed this issue, i'll keep you updated if it happens again (my character died due to an animation issue); It happened on all plants.
  10. With compost actually, fertilize crops show some error and do not add the compost.
  11. Ah, well i'm sorry, it's the first times it happens to me; i never saw it before but thank you, now i know Sorry for the post then :/
  12. When i climb walls, my character drops it's secondary equiped item on floor.
  13. Yeah, sometimes it feels so saturated :/
  14. Gonna check this, thanks for the tip
  15. Why the cars became so weak ? (playing 6 month after apocalypse and on 41.54 i need to change the car almost everyday now , and i drive carefuly !)
  16. ok ok, well for now it just happened with the hoe on my side, hope the devs will fix it quickly
  17. Does restarting the game also fix the issue for you too ?
  18. (Just restarted the game and it fixed it )
  19. Update is great, some sounds feel like recorded from a cave, is that just me or ? <3
  20. The new hoe gardening weapon get stuck in inventory (i attached it to the back of the character first), impossible to remove, place or equip
  21. NagashUD

    MiZe en Scène

    Can't wait the release !!!
  22. I will (sorry for the delay, i was on the road for a while) ; restarting windows seems to resolve the issue for a while, but i'm sure you will get the file when it happens again ! Thank you and keep up the good work guys !
  23. Hi, Since a little while, i'm getting some small freezes then later on, the game crashes; I think it does this since a week ; (maybe due to a redistribuable update ?) Any suggestions ?
  24. Will hair spray works as well for the mohawks ?
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