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  1. On a whim I decided that since I had a boat load of ammo on me and I was at the train yard to try and clear the place out of zombies for easier looting. Well I used the permanent fence as a block and killed then through it. Now this was fun and helped raise my skills a great deal since there was no worries about the zombies breaking through to me, But this happened. To many dad zombies in one place. I can't loot them all since it goes off the screen as the image shows. Think it might be possible to have a sliding bar like we have in our bags when zombies on the ground grow beyond the set size? -edit OK. I think this still would be nice but I just discovered that I can scroll with the mouse to unseen zombies.
  2. While hydrocraft does well covering most things a chemist would do it would be nice to have a class that is specific to many of the things you can make from there. While an engineer can make things like bombs now think that maybe a chemist can take the same things but make them more powerful and use less materials in the making. They can also make many of the needed components from scratch.
  3. I enjoy this idea as well. As of right now I check the DOS box after pulling water from something to see how much is in there.
  4. This would be great to also help speed up recovery from wounds. IE a cleaner body heals faster than one covered in grime. But the added draw back would be that you would smell of soap and the zombies would home in on you for a few days after a shower. The give but take thing PZ is famous for.
  5. I myself have had issues with large amounts of zombies flooding an area after making noises. The first ten or so games I played after the update left me dead within a week of game time. This last game it was turning out to be the same results but I went all psycho on the mass of zombies where I could and just wittled them down by about a hundred. Alot of work trying to seperate small groups to kill but after I did this my area has been stragly quiet. I play a deaf guy so I am assuming they heard a sound since I seen them all wonder off into another direction. I imagine there is a large hoard waiting for me somewhere deeper into the town. In the mean time I now have two bases stocked and prepared. In the new game trying to get petrol from the station before the electricity shuts down is pretty much gone for me. Hope they get it so that generators run at the station instead of using the mod.
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