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  1. Very fun. - Looking for weapons and other stuff. - Someone talks about a mad woman with a shotgun - Make a safe house. Low on nails, search for more. - Find a neighbours. They're friendly and give me nails. back to my house to take a present for they... and surprise! A motherf***** burns my house! - Save my food and back with the neighbours. Me create a comunnity for few days. - Low on supplies go near for something to eat. - Find a house with a lot of food! Carrying 31 pounds os food for the others. - When finnaly come back. Something is wrong: A horde are sorrounding the house. What happend? - Run and enters the house, closing the door and... - The mad woman is inside and shoot me till my death. Yeah, the MP is better that you can imagine. Good Job!!!
  2. IT WORKS! THANKS Nullified for the help!!! (:
  3. Thanks! I'm updated the graphic card but the game frezzes at "Loading characters texturepack" screen and the console runs like crazy with this: what I do wrong??
  4. When I run the game it crashes this is a screencapture I have the last version of java updated.
  5. Thanks for read and enjoys the videos we make for the crowdfunding campaign!!!!
  6. Hi! My name is Hector Cobacho I'm a member of Walpurgis Pictures, a spanish independent movie company. Sorry if this mesage looks like a spam. We proud to show you our new web series: The last girl on earth, a survival horror tale http://www.verkami.com/locale/en/projects/7245 http://www.walpurgispictures.com/thelastgirl/index.html We stay in the middle of our crowdfunding campaign to start the project. We found Project Zomboid at the begining of this year and it was see our web series in a videogame. We purchased the game on Desura and play not only for fun, also for experience a starve situation. Even we think a Black & White mod, but we aren't games developers. If anyone want support us, thank you.
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