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  1. Hi! Hmm I don't think so because I don't really know what that means? How would I open the 16261 port? To answer your second question, I'm just trying to create a local server that a couple of friends (well..family members) can hop in and we can try survive the zombie apocolypse together ^.^ I'm not sure what dedicated mode means? I'm not starting based off an existing game file if that's what you mean - just a new world/game? Thank you so much!! Hi! Thank you for the link , but I've followed that to a T before and I still can't get it to work. It would get to a point where it would say while loading a multiplayer in the PZ UI somethin glike "Authorized with steam" to quote it loosely..but then after a while it would give me that "can't connect to p2p " thing again. *puzzled* Well, the first step to open a PZ server is unlock doors in your modem. The port 16261 is the default port the game to other people to access your machine (server), the other ports would be 16262, 16263, 16264 ... Starting from the port 16262 will open as may be the number of players you want on your server. Open doors in modem is a bit hard to explain because I do not know what your modem, but can pick up his model and play on google sure to find some explanatory video of how to do it. The next step, as pointed out by the friend "EnigmaGrey" is to run the server. If you do own the game files should follow the instructions:Go to the game directory and run the file "ProjectZomboidServer". It will start your server by opening a black window cmd who had asked him a adm password. You will choose a password and enter and confirm your password then. When you and your friends are entering the server should do the following:Open Steam, click the right mouse button on the library project zomboide; Properties; set boot options and write "-nosteam" without quotes. Now just start the game and have fun.
  2. Como fazer: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/16759-how-to-create-a-server-with-community-maps/
  3. First I would like to know if you opened the 16261 and following ports on your modem?Then I need to know if you are trying to open the server in dedicated mode or by the game files? answer this question and try to help you. Hugs
  4. living friends !!!!! After much effort managed to mix 4 maps and make them run on a server without errors. I go to prepare a topical teaching how to do. I will ask for help from any of you to pass information more clearly, since I do not speak English and google translate very badly.
  5. Very good. You got all multiplayer online?
  6. Hello friends! Yesterday I could not pass all the procedures I did, then I will try to explain now. I created a folder called "South Muldraugh, KY" and started later add modified maps inside totaling 4 different maps in the folder that were mentioned: Bedford; Rebuild; TheWallkingDeadPrisonV1.3 and even the South Muldraugh. I put the "south Muldraugh" by last so I could spawn there, once you create a folder for each file "spawnpoints.lua" gave error. So, I was spawning options, temdo only 3 in the file "servertest_spawnregions.lua" located in Zomboid / server folder: {Name = "South Muldraugh, KY" file = "media / maps / South Muldraugh, KY / spawnpoints.lua"}, {Name = "West Point, KY" file = "media / maps / West Point, KY / spawnpoints.lua"}, {Name = "Muldraugh, KY" file = "media / maps / Muldraugh, KY / spawnpoints.lua"}, The folder with the mods mixed put in PZServer / media / maps. And I put a copy of it in my game folder Steam / steamapps / common / ProjectZomboid / media / maps. So when I get into my server does not appear the mistake of different files. In the manner described above could come and play with access to all adcionados maps. But still can not test with a friend coming because yesterday all attempts my friends did failed. The folder you created can be downloaded from: https://mega.nz/#!F9F23bKD!6XA9oQSgc-vEzO0V_ZfntiGv9FO06Vmi7L1VJEaJMYI Pesso to help me complete this modification in the game, it would be really cool to have a server with all the steam community maps. Big hug for everyone !!
  7. Do you uhm.. Mind sharing how??? Hello friend, do not quite understand your question, but I think it is asking to share the inforção. Yes willingly. Come on.I made a mixture of mods in a folder, putting the files for the location of the buildings on the map (ex .: Mod TwdPrison = files 32_31; chunkdata_32_31.bim; world_32_31.lotpack) put all these files in a folder define the name of the folder as "South Muldraugh, KY" and adcionei arquviso other maps. It is a mixture of maps in a single map folder. Now comes the most imporotante. The file "servertest.ini" in line "map" put the folder name in which mixed modes, thus: "map = South Muldraugh, KY". Still in the same folder, open the file "servertest_spawnregions.lua" and acrecentei several lines, one for each mod that I put, thus:- This file was automatically generated When the server was first started.- Clients connecting to the server can choose to spawn in one of the Following spawn regions.- The administrator can add the many different regions spawn the he / she wants.SpawnRegions function () {return {name = "BedfordFalls" file = "media / maps / BedfordFalls / spawnpoints.lua"}, {name = "Rebuild" file = "media / maps / Rebuild / spawnpoints.lua"}, {name = "South Muldraugh" file = "media / maps / South Muldraugh / spawnpoints.lua"}, {name = "TheWalkingDeadPrison" file = "media / maps / TheWalkingDeadPrison / spawnpoints.lua"}, {name = " West Point, KY "file =" media / maps / West Point, KY / spawnpoints.lua "}, {name =" Muldraugh, KY "file =" media / maps / Muldraugh, KY / spawnpoints.lua "}, - Uncomment the line below to add a custom spawnpoint for this server.- {Name = "Twiggy's Bar", ServerFile = "servertest_spawnpoints.lua"},}endI was only able to rotate suits in "-nosteam" for the dedicated server, I can not get into my own server. But a problem arose, is showing an error for my friends, saying that theirs are different files of mine, even after they put the same files in their game folder, that is, added the folder "South Muldraugh, KY" on " common / projectZomboid / media / maps ". So the server ran with all maps, but I can not make my friends to play with me. Can I play alone and enjoy all the maps in the same game, but alone I went to sleep now, but re-read what I wrote. This talk of missing some commands, but post tomorrow.It is that here is too late (2 am) and I'm awake since yesterday trying to do that.
  8. Hi friends, just to update the information. I managed to make my server run on several maps of steam community, including those discussed above. It was a little difficult, but still seek a means of my friends do not need to add folders to your game files to get into my server. If anyone has any thoughts I am grateful. Good evening everyone!!!!
  9. First forgive me writing, I used the google translator. I wonder how do I later add new maps on my server, so that only my friends will get the map by steam (registration to download). I have visited the page where you teach it, but she is completely out of date, is 2014 (http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7897-build-26-custom-maps-spawn-locations/) the map that would later add are: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=524301139&searchtext= http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=524066677&searchtext= Or at least one of them. Thank you all for the attention!!!
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