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  1. thanks a lot man :D, hope my base surviveuntil winter XD
  2. Well I can play longer and only with some ocasional crash so im very exited about continuing to live this apocalypse. I setled south of cortman medical near the woods and im building a wall all arround my fortress, my principal concern is if zombies will take it down even if they dont see/hear me? any advices? or should i run deep in forest and build from scratch (i choosed this location cause low zed pop also everyday i go around and kill the few that appear before my scavenging rutine) been alive for 18 days 13hrs so far...
  3. my god, it says is my graphic card, and its 54 months out of updates... but intel said it was at day D: thats weird im downloading a booster and check it it works now
  4. any way to fix it? im not very good at computers but can i change the card? or is there a way to put some ram exclusively for the graphic card?
  5. Ibeen playing build 41.50 but it crashes on start or after like half an hour of playing, I loose loot and other stuff everytime is so anoying. already checked the fixing and donde everything, can anyone help me plz? by doing everything I mean: clean install updated my driver (graphic card intel hd graphics 520) instaled c++ 2015 cleaned cache on steam lowered all graphics tried x32 zomboid even deleted my username folder and reinstaled again my specs core i3 playing on laptop graphic card intel hd graphics 520 8gb ram
  6. Srry for caps on title but well here is my problem... im playing build 41 and i had and still have some problems with game crashing (is a less than before and myeb i can fix it lowering more the graphics but still happening) btw, now i cna play for 1 2 hrs straight without crashing but every time it crashes (no matter how many days ingame passes, or if i closed the game without crashing) it restarts the day on day 1 00:00hrs and foggy night... is there any way i can fix it guys? i forgot to mention that my safehouse stays the same, my character also but bodies of zombie
  7. omfg, this is the best game ever, cant zoom in or out, had to double check map and see where the hell i was and there are a fucking lot of zeds! I literaly had to flee my home ont he first 2 minutes and ran like 3 blocks avoiding zeds! im on an abandoned house without water and im thirsty sweaty planning my next move XD ITS JUST AMAZING!
  8. oh, looks like that was my problem, now its updating, i hope i can figure out all on this new world :D, thanks a lot guys! and one last thing... u know how to make some armor? i died 2 times due to lag and scratches the last time befoe update :S
  9. Looks like im up to date, still my graphics dont look smooth and dont know y the red box on my right corner counts some exceptions :S
  10. Hello guys, i been out for long and i was wondering how can i update my client? i noticed new sprites are smooth and also other stuff that maybe makes my red box mark errors (im an steam player btw) hope u can help me
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