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  1. Firechaser

    South Muldraugh

    Yea did that. Going to upload some fixes in a bit. I also have some plans on expanding the map to the west, but I see how much time I have next week. Been working on some new buildings.
  2. Firechaser

    South Muldraugh

    There seems to be an issue with some stairs not working proberly. Anyone have an idea what that might be?
  3. Firechaser

    South Muldraugh

    Its an overlay. I made it so you could just follow the highway north to get to muldraugh.
  4. Firechaser

    South Muldraugh

    Aw the spelling yes noticed that one a bit to late
  5. Ok i found it out myself but for those who like me didnt find it: There is a ModTemplate inside C:\Users\"User"\Zomboid\Workshop which help me out. And then in game click on workshop and youre good to go
  6. Hi everyone I just made a map and would like to upload it to the Steamworkshop so everyone can enjoy it. Maybe I am totally blind but I cant seem to figure out how to upload the map. Anyone have some instructions on how to do this?
  7. Firechaser

    South Muldraugh

    Welcome to South Muldraugh! This little Town is located to the south of Muldraugh (obviously ) direktly on the Route 31. This town is home to a once great Factory and the US Military. The map has an urban center which is crawling with Zeds but oviously has a high reward for those who manage to get there and back savely. Points of interest are: Big Factory to the South Farmhouse direkt by the creekMilitary Base to the EastServeraly isolated locations for you to set up baseAnd of course a once busy city centerSince there ist no map overlay yet you will have to find the POI yourself Credit goes to: This map project uses some buildings from the Forum so I have got to give credit to the amazing people who upload their buildings. Jela331 for the amazing buildings from RebuildSieben for the cool Military style buildingsVeged - Arma 2 FirestationcmseterBeastlyBeanI may have forgotten someone A couple of buildings are my own. I will upload them to buildings section for everyone to get their hands on. Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/60ect56clze21to/South%20Muldraugh.rar?dl=0 I will also be uploading to the workshop. But I find the forum should be a always have a link as well. Installation: Place "South Mauldraugh" Folder inside C:\Users\"Enter Username Here"\Zomboid\mods\ and enable in game! (Easier to just download over Steam) I will also be uploading to the workshop. But I find the forum should be a always have a link as well. Disclaimer: If you are interesed in playing this map give it a download and give me some feedback. Its still a working project so there might be a few bugs here and there . Post bugs here or on the workshop,
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