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  1. Had to scroll back to find my email conformation of my purchase April 8th 2012, Again back when it was baldspot and kate and the having the shelfs stocked with crisps and cans of pop, Its amazing how much this game has come on. Im pretty sure i was a pirate for a bit due to being a skint 17 year old
  2. I haven't played in a while, since new job n' stuffs but i always use the two story house just along from the one story house with the fences around it and then use sheet rope to go between levels of the house, haven't been over to west point yet, but i'd like to do something likewise.
  3. I knew der wus dragonz Keep on making the awesome map Blindcoder !
  4. Up near the warehouses is a good place to be
  5. The cake is a lie but i don't like pie
  6. 1. Has working on Project Zomboid been more stressful than you expected and has it been worth it? 2. Is there a bunch of secret features that you arent going to tell us about and make us find them ourselves?
  7. After gta i had a hard personal life but life is back to normal, videos shall be returning on monday/tuesday hopefully with even more content than before
  8. Sorry for the lack of videos, GTA took over my life the past week so more videos should start appearing today/tomorrow
  9. http://youtu.be/wvyjHKQkirI There may or may not be an episode tomorrow due to GTA V
  10. Survival, if i play on sandbox i'd probably only make the days longer or make the game easier, so i'd rather play a game type i can't change haha
  11. You won't be locked out, you still have pritority over whoever is using your games
  12. No episode tomorrow due to an interview but there will be one on satruday instead
  13. Griefing could be as easy as attracting a horde and leading them to a safehouse of anothe survivor I suppose but zombies are going to find you anyway :')
  14. also without the worry of not trusting them and getting you banned from online games
  15. Steam have announced that they are implenting a feature that lets you share your game libary with your family and close friends (Up to 10 people). Also if the owner of the game is playing it and the family/friend was playing it before hand they get a few minutes to buy the game or get kicked off. What i'd like to know is if you'd use it? If you think its harmfull to devs? The Pros and Cons to family sharing? http://store.steampowered.com/sharing/
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